It covers all parts, performance, labor and two way, shipping at no cost and even includes a free battery replacement. And if you happen to accidentally damage the phone – and you just want to replace the screen. It’S only a ‘ dollar flat fee which the company straight up loses money on, but it’s the price they say, they’re willing to pay until they can scale up the business. So, as you can see, the packaging is essentially just a cardboard box with hardly any ink or branding, because all of that stuff that may make for a good first impressions. An unboxing video is not very good for the environment, so we have some Terra cubed branding on the front and a couple of stickers around the box and that’s it inside will see hardly any plastic being used here. They’Re, even trying to reduce paper waste so we’ll see a card that has a QR code for you to scan and view warranty and setup information. I think this is really cool. More smart phone companies should adopt this format. It also features a message from the CEO thanking you for your support and talking about the company’s environmentally friendly approach with this product. Next we’ll see the Terra Cube smart phone itself with a pre installed silicone case, even though it’s nothing, fancy it’s, always nice to see a case included in the box and along with that, we have a screen protector to keep this phone scratch and crack free, and We also have a SIM card ejector tool underneath first, there is a pair of earphones with removable, ear tips, there’s a USB C charging cable and last but not least, we have a 5 amp USB wall adapter, which is a kind of a bummer to see.

Since this will not support any sort of up to date, quick charging now, if we peel off the protective film it’ll, reveal a thin 7.7 millimeter, thick glass and metal, build that feels like a mix between like an iPhone 8 plus with the glass back and rounded Aluminum frame and a pixel 3xl with the rear and fingerprint sensor you got that notch and clean Android software that we’ll talk more about in a moment. We’Ll see there is some Terra Cuba branding on the back towards the bottom, and it says designed in Washington and assembled in China similar to an older iPhone, and there is a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack up top and a splash of color on the side in the Form of a red power button, we also have a micro SD card slot to expand upon the 128 gigabytes of internal storage. Overall, this phone, it feels pretty comfortable in the hand but it’s on the big side, so you may need two hands to comfortably navigate the entire device there’s a 6.2 inch 1080p LCD display that has pretty solid viewing angles fairly: vibrant colors. But I will say it does pale in comparison if you compare it directly against something like a Samsung OLED display, but that’s, just the nature of Samsung and they’re. Super sharp high resolution displays, thankfully, while the shape of the notch is similar to the pixel 3xl it’s. Nowhere near as obtrusive – and you can hide it if it bothers you in the settings – it’s also nice – to see the display stretched to almost all four corners.

The exception is a slight chin on the bottom. If you’re a fan of pixel phones, I think you’ll really enjoy the extremely bare bones near stock. Android software out of the box it’s running Android, 9, 0 PI, but Android 10 is coming any day now it’s slated for spring 2020. So it should be here any day: we’re gon na see a super pure version of Android, with hardly any added om features. I think this will help make the phone run fairly, smooth with its you know, middle of the road MediaTek p60 octa core processor and 6 gigabytes of RAM. It should also make it easier for the company to send up updates, because, after all, Tara cube is supporting this phone for four years and there’s no custom skin, that Tara cube has to design and change with each new Android update. Now, up to this point, everything is looking pretty good for its price, but where I see this phone, having issue is with the cameras: there’s a 12 megapixel main and five megapixel depth sensor and a 5 megapixel selfie camera images from the main camera. They lack. Quite a bit of detail and they tend to come out a little bit. Overexposed and subjects will come out grainy and low lighting conditions. Of course, this is first impressions. We should see maybe some updates to the camera made over the next few days and weeks. The selfie camera is even worse, though, as I haven’t been able to capture any detailed selfies.

They are almost all coming out blurry. The speakers are also fairly poor. They are bottom facing and they sound like an AM radio station that just doesn’t get very loud. I will say, though, the 3400 milliamp hour battery should last a full day with some light to moderate usage and while there’s no wireless charging or any quick charging support. Perhaps the redeeming quality is that it is covered by the warranty and it can be replaced for free, so it’s a little too early to recommend this phone, since it really comes down to whether or not Tara cube is true to the word and supports this device. For the four years it’s claiming only time will tell, but if you’re willing to take the risk – and you are looking for a phone with no bloatware a premium design and you don’t plan on taking a lot of photos, you can pick this phone up for an Early bird special of about 200, which is a hundred and fifty dollars off the suggested retail price I’ll place a link down below to check it out. If you’re interested with that said I’m curious to see what you think of the terror cube. Smartphone is the four year warranty something that really interests you, or do you think that’s just too long to hold on to a phone before upgrading? Let me know, as always, on buh HD from phone calm.