I sincerely appreciate your time and support. Thank you for subscribing to this channel here’s. Another video brought to you by banggood an online retail store where you shop with form and the offer lots of freebies big discounts and deals at attractive prices as low as 0.01 dollars. Religion, mobile brand has been doing a pretty good job in religious Mullins, le with some little specifications and flash ship design at very affordable prices. I’Ll go with me, the world’s most affordable under 10 smartphone, the Amidah ga3 has, which is a maliciously test until level smartphone. I was launched few months ago in december transmite same there’s, also the pricey fashion, the immediate 3x, which has energy display. We got three gigabytes rom and this mala 2200 mah battery size put. The III has an ATX, a good upgrade from the a3 and a2. The pro we similar prices and design respectively, moving on to the unboxing yeah, the signature books, I love, are compacted T’s with the red amici logo and the spiral controls at the back of the box. Are the specifications on paper and it’s surprising that all this cost about 70? This is quite unbelievable, but ideally compromises or sacrifices are omitted er to perform in order to dish out this much fun at this price. Well, stick to the end of this review to find out openly box. We are greater force with a thank you note, expressing our TV qualities the build a great phone on a budget and thanking the fans for making it possible.

There are always big giving with so you can follow me. Do social media to participate and win let’s see smartphone, showing the key specifications, which are the stock Android sent system a gap is a jewelry camera, 4000 mAh battery and triple cut slots. The phone is kept inside the robot case. Next is an envelope the houses, the sim ejector pin and user manual in six different languages, there’s a 5 watt charger. I try to do this, but any force a charge on a 70 smartphone. Funnel idea is the signature red color, microUSB, cable, that’s, all in the books, a la comdie de paid attention, the details when design in this case the rough structure, the back and size comes in handy and it’s also asked to strap post for carrying the phone with A rope there is nothing interesting about the front design. In fact, the big top important business might be a deal breaker for some of you box. I can’t complain at this price, although the notch in the a 3 X makes it better. Looking at the front side, the choice is yours, there’s also a pre installed plastic screen protector. The bug design is where dat hair shines with his elegant and premium glass finish as well as its premium metal frame design around the edges having a premium metal glass classic design at this price range is amazing, nice job Emma DG, like any other gloves, but it Is a fingerprint magnet and cambric, so it is good.

Yes well designed rough texture, robot keys in the box, but I don’t think if you covered his beauty, you need to show it off to your friends and I won’t be surprising. The quality of hundred dollar iPhone at first glance. This is a midnight green, color there’s, also the space great color, but I still prefer the good color of the Italy and Italy poop ID right side of the metal frame at the poem volume, metal buttons. The left side I’ll see the triple cast lots. I love when you phone has the triple cast lock, because it saves you stress, of switching between SD card and seconds impact due to the support for Jeep vu healthy in both slot simultaneously, and it has a global 4G LTE band support, which means you can connect To any of your favorites 4G network in any country, including blue 4G, there is not a lot it’s offside. Finally, at the bottom are the headphone jack microphone, microUSB and speaker. This is a 5.7 inches HD plus 720p full screen display with an asprin ratio of 18 to 9. It is a good display with Glavine hangars. It also supports IKEA on night light mood which protects your eyes at night. The phaser lock is faster than expected and you get to play around some settings, one of which it is great few lights to airport in dark environments, and it works. Fine you lit downside is that it activates in delight to improve the unlock speed and it’s consumes more battery in the long run.

Solution is to turn it on at night and off during the day. The fingerprint unlock speed is also good. As expected, it is pretty cool that it as a fingerprint says, despite all the amazing specifications and elegant matured glass design, but as usual, it is always advisable to use only fingerprint security, because the future lock is not really secured. It is quite surprising that at the price of 70, d3 has as a big system. Megapixel main camera with a 5 megapixel depth sensor and low LED flash at the front is also a big that 10 megapixel camera, but unfortunately he has no LED flash in the camera hub. You get to mess around with some beauty mode filters. The front and back cameras. Take pretty good and clear pictures here are some sample photos immediately decided to cut costs with the overall quality of the system? Makeup is a camera. The image sharpness reduces faster than normal when zooming him, but it does not up on with the selfie letsa. Makeup is a camera lens. Maybe this might be a so to issue. Another cost. Cutting measure is with the portrait mode. This is the opposite of portrait mode. It looks like a smart blurring effect. This is also same error with the selfie camera. I hope immediately fixes this through a software update. The video quality is quite clear and sharp. It does pretty good in strain on focus. Dele downside is the lack of stabilization let’s pie to file it as an electronic image stabilization.

Overall, the camera quality is quite good for the price. A loss won by fans happy day to you all thanks so much for watching this video. Yes, he hold you on video quality of the humidity Atria’s front, facing camera, trizzie, 13 megapixel camera. So far, I think love the video quality, but let me know what you guys think about the audio and video quality of this phone thanks so much for watching yeah. This because it Applause Laughter, Music, wg8 3, has comes with the new budget: king quad, core processor, from Agra tech, the allele, a 2212 anumita chipset clocked at 1.8 gigahertz. This is a 30 improvement in performance from the chipset in the a 3 and a 3 probe. It is paired with the 2 gigabytes ram as a single byte of storage. My overall experience has been good. It can undo your delicious immediate tax. Well, baat chali has passed some locks, which is naama in a budget processor, especially when running the latest Android 10 system. There’S not really too worried about both the under test. Software has taken up about 1.3 gigabyte RAM and so there’s about 700 megabytes room left for use which contributes to the occasional lags random up, losing and effects money, taxing performance, although for my users most times it does well in managing the RAM usage and also retaining Hubs in the background for reasonable amount of time, so it is not a deal breaker. I need to enjoy a browsing and chatting also this talk under 10 software with no bloody way F to improve of a month.

One of the advantages of the under 10 software is the system white duck mood with new school. It does not affect the call and message up both Instagram YouTube and system settings all good up. The important advantage of the dark mood is to extend battery life and a 50 battery level. The dark mode is automatically activated to save battery life. Speaking about battery life, the a3 has as enlarged 4000 image battery size, which is why I chose it’s over the a 3x with a smaller 3200 mAh battery size, while losing out on the RAM and much display the photo image. Battery performance is good. I was getting about five to seven hours screen on time, with 4G mobile data turned on and browsing most times at both on the percent and 0 screen brightness level. For those who cares here are some test results and break down the battery performance when playing music watching YouTube watching movies screen on time with Wi Fi. A stamp I’d sign took me about 3 hours, 10 minutes to chat from zero to hundred percent. With the 5 watt charger, it also has a charging led, which is read while charging and turns green at 90 percent of what lately this does not serve as a notification LED. All you get is just an indication sound. I can’t complain at this price playing to the gifts like Subway’s of Sonic and temper on performed. Well, but you have film drops here and there you still enjoy the gameplay as fertility gifts like pop G.

It play pretty well, but with random frame drops, which is not too disturbing it. Just sensitivity of the display is very responsive which allows you to take fast actions resulting in smoother gameplay here’s. The I asked graphics settings, but I played on the lowest for many monologues. Yeah the battery life performance when playing the poverty mobile game. Let me know what you think: yes, the NT 2 and big bells cause. It has pretty good scores for a budget device. Yeah. The same sauce is supports. It is pretty much updated for a budget device. There’S also game mode setting, but does not improve the game performance. It only reduces the amount of disturbance you get by playing around these. Do not stop settings. There is no it unless you like gaming. There are also some other cool features like the screen recording with a maximum record time of 30 minutes. The three point settings which allows you to use three fingers for screen shot and also for split screen. Finally, there are three system navigation settings which looks cool. You can so double tap on the power button to launch a chimera hub, the cuckoo assistant and Google, and also works well, and it is responsive. There is a super magic, a screen shot mode where you can customize your screen, shot, size and shape. This is cool. I also received a wireless update which claims optimize performance and fix box. This mysterious is future proof call.

Quality is also good. I can hear the other person loud and clear a conclusion. The Medici 83s is a compact smartphone that supports one under the pressure. Although it’s a little bit heavy due to his metal body ballistic comfortable to hold and operates with one hand, but advise use two hands to avoid sudden drops because of the glass block, I recommend this phone because it sparked lots of value for your money. It gives you the latest and return software a manageable turn on the meter quad core processor. This has cameras fast, fingerprint on face unlock full battery life, brilliant leukemia and glass body triple cast loads with blue bar for GLC support 2 gigabytes of RAM og updates. All these are male killer price of less than 70 nice job me DG. Let me know what you think about this: smartphone, only click on the link below to get your own immediate 3s or a 3x at bank owned for 70 and 80 respectively. The ship worldwide and shipping time is between 10 to 35 days. You can always check out Banco does come whenever you want to buy a smartphone, because you have a good prices and discounts thanks.