This is the doji s90 seen in jail, so you can buy it on for 200 bucks 200. This is flash the promotion, which is three more days three more days in just so use this promotion. This is, in my opinion, probably the best target smartphone that you can buy for this price tag and also it’s a modular smartphone rocket smartphone, because you can buy additional more expensive package, which is 107 60 more expensive. You get extra battery, just a minute. Focus focus let’s see here, so this is what do you get with the modular if you’re gon na go with that ninja, you can get aget game mode. You’Re gon na get gamepad you’re gon na get walkie talkie. You can a get additional. Basically, a battery pack headship power mode or night vision, camera mode, like you, see, BellSouth crazy, crazy deal for 160. You get these for more gadgets if you are into these things and if you need a really interesting and versatile rugged smartphone, this is a really great great package for 200. Without these packages, still the best buy my opinion let’s begin now with an power unboxing and see what do we get inside of this huge box, we’re gon na just some manuals from the og company user manual, so you get types USB cable! You get the charger! Let’S check it out, it is 9 volts, equal let’s, say you, 12 volts equal to embers or seven volts, equal 3, amperes or 5 volts equal 3 amperes, not bad, so it’s, a fast fast charger.

Ninjas remember: hail, Haley, P, 70 that supports fast charging, pin top and our sim tray. Here we have the smartphone, so let’s put our hands. Oh my god, that’s bright screen over there are we gon na. Just here is the Beast: like you see myself, it comes with a notch, not bad, not bad. Again. You’Re gon na have here the sensors and the earpiece, which is really interesting anyway. Also has these four orange colors rubbers, probably they’re gon na protect and also your screen, so this is also really nice touch and well let’s begin Sony just what are the main selling points of this device? The DOE GS, 9 TC 6. Point 18 inch full HD plus screen here: AP 70 chipset armand g72. Three core GPU, we clocked at 900 megahertz, is very powerful GP for this price tag. We have four gigs of RAM 64 gigs of storage, ip68 ip69k and mil std 810 great shockproof certification. We have face face unlocking and we have a fingerprint sensor on the back. Like you see myself, I’m gon na just show you in a minute full net come support, 4G sort of the survival sauce for a pack. We have dual cameras on the back and front selfie camera eight megapixel front, selfie, camera five thousand and 550 MHz 3 and we have a 10 world wats wireless charging, past NFC, so this device has vilas charging support, NFC and 5050 mAh battery with a quick, quick Super turbo charging mode – this is really impressive.

This really impressive for 200. What do you get anyway, so let’s see here regarding the buttons on the back on the right side? Wait a minute is this: here: is the camera shutter? So this is the SOS SOS button. We have heared the SIM tray. You can see myself, you can open it SD card support. You can also put SD card. If you want, we have one two, three, four skewers. We also have rubbers around the corners. All four four corners have rubbers. Also, basically, they have two screws screws, which is really interesting there. This is really great. It is heavy this device that is happening just it’s about 250 grams, and we have volume, rocker and power button on the right side, and also we have the camera shutter button. This is obviously for the water water water function when you are inside of the river sea lake, whatever you are in type C report, which is covered. Remember that you can’t still it’s really difficult to get the rugged smartphone, which has opened waterproof port that’s, used B. Port that’s really really hard to find for this. My stack sensors proximity, light sensor, 8, megapixel front of the camera and, of course I can mention it. Is there the what we mentioned there? What we mentioned? What did we mention? 8, the earpiece? Yes, dual cameras on the back fingerprint sensor and has quad love light or to dwell flashlights. You can see myself very interesting and we have mics.

It seems on the back plus we have the part for attaching the modules like the walkie talkie additional, like I showed you, the night vision, mode, exact setup, so let’s go now immediately here quickly to show you the settings and which the which annoyed version this device Is running about the smartphone we’re gon na go down there and check the Android version? Is a nine and three security patch is from December, so it’s around three months old, and just remember that not bad, I mean not bad, not really great, but it’s. Nice still not bad, do it version PI there you go beautiful anyway. Let’S now move to the display test here. Gon na just sit. This play is Wow. I have to admit really amazing for this price tag. Again, you could get AMOLED panel in a standard smartphone, but this is not emulate panel for 200, yes, there’s, a shaman me a three example: 200 bucks. What else we have? Okay, we don’t have that much smartphones with AMOLED panel. We have maybe older ones from two three years old if you’re going to use a secondhand one anyway. So we have a six point: 18 foot HD install screen, so this is install screen adjust. It has Corning Gorilla Glass for protection, so it’s gon na include like last for protection. Have that in mind is not cooling cooling like last five Full HD plus resolution 403 PPI in has also glow mode enables so you can use glows, but remember that special close, which can be used with the smart phones which offer this feature.

You can’t use every single glow, so just have that in mind, okay, which is really interesting. I didn’t know that we have been traveling with my friends and on the gas station they gave us special glows for the use of for usage with the smart phones. You know randomly random, I mean I’ll, discover that anyway, the screen biters. Let me to show you if I can do it from here there go. I wish they could go to more minimum. This is really bright for a minimum. The lowest brightness is really really bright. For the indoor use at the night, so this should maybe fix it and make it lower, but for now I completely I’m completely satisfied by the display a really nice colors color production. The brightness is also decent. The screen viewing angles are also more than good. This is insert technology. This is not IPS LCD. This is in cell technology images more advanced. Obviously we have those older IPS LCD panels, but right now the IPS LCD is getting better and better, and also in doing we do have. We do know that have the LPL TPS, which is also close to the ambulance ambulance squeeze in regarding the in the screen, viewing else the viewing angles beautiful every let’s go next. Also using here. This split screen option works only flawlessly here and don’t feel any lag whatsoever using the gallery on the bottom and using the YouTube on the top.

No lags hey. Lupe’S 70 is really great, as we seen remember that suggest. Let’S go now with the speaker test. All your test speakers on the back, what somebody stopped it let’s go: next: Music Applause, Music, Wow, nice speaker; yes, for 200 it’s, a really nice speaker, the loudness from one to ten I’m, giving it seven the quality from one to ten I’m, giving in eight I’m Completely satisfied by this speaker quality, I remember when you’re gon na have it in the water. You have to use a hair dryer to blow the water inside of it or just wait – maybe a few hours, but just have that in mind that the speaker quality will be different after you take it out from the water. For now, I am satisfied good job doji. Yes time for the mic test, I recorded something from one to ten I’m, giving it seven I’m giving itself or a rocket smartphone. This is decent, not the best in the world, but it’s decent. He just is decent ever got time for the benchmarks and the score. Of course, the chipset, the performance mode of the doji s90, see here a P 70. I reviewed this is probably my tenth smartphone with this chipset. This is like super soft. This is the score for the hill of peace: 70, not bad, not bad, for a rugged device. Here we have the Geekbench f5 also here the P 70 of the core chipset clocked at 2.

0 Giga Hertz’s, but on tonometer FinFET processor chip, rmally g72, three core GPU, we’re gon na test. Also a pop G in this review. So please make sure to stay tuned. We have four gigs of ram and 64 gigs of storage. Also the GPS signal locks at 2 meters, not bad again. The signal is not that strong. But again this is kind of a rugged smartphone it’s not like Samsung S, 20 or 1, plus 7 or Xiaomi 10. So don’t expect are clearly amazing. Gps navigation with this one regarding the strengths of the GPS, but accuracy, it’s good as two minutes locks at 2 meters. Ok, we can test also here right now, you just we’re gon na go through a device information after that we’re gon na tell the speed test and opening reopening the apps and the RAM management of the DOE GS. 90 see you can pause this video. If you are interested in more detail, detailed specs, of course I don’t know – I can’t talk about everything, because the review will be like more than half hour, maybe even one hour. So we can just pause this video for interested in more in depth. Details the sensors. Yes, this device has also gotten into an gyroscopes magnet approximately light and accelerometer, as the car support is up to quarter of terabytes, so 256 gigabytes available anyway. Let’S continue next now we’re gon na go to do. I have here either 64. I have a liter 64.

I’M gon na go show a little bit eat a 64 specs here: informations 12 nanometer chip technology, OpenGL ES 3.0 version; okay, not bad and thermals. For the regular use permission is not available. I’M gon na give you available today: okay, not bad a normal normal there’s. No more heating here issues and when let’s go now quickly here with opening reopening the apps, I mean: are you opening the apps check it out? They are already in the RAM management and check it out how fast it is interesting interesting. I have to say that this is really interesting. Animations check this out. That is so fast honestly. This is really fast. I don’t know what it done either software, but this is the first time I’m, seeing these kind of animations that it looks like you are sliding it’s like a slideshow of the apps open in the RAM management check it out. That is very impressive. How quick this is crazy, crazy, impressive! I think you’re most of you will agree with me that this is really amazing for the rugged smartphone under 200. It can open these apps in this style, and in this speed I mean that’s. It let’s go now with the face idea: fingerprint sensor. Okay, I set up the face ID let’s begin one: two: three: okay, not bad and just it’s under maybe zero; six, seven zero point: six seconds: that’s that’s, fast that’s that’s for rocket smartphone for a dodgy device.

Also let’s go with the fingerprint sensor on the back. Okay, okay, I can feel the vibration here, but sometimes I do have miss miss so it’s, not like it really true. 360 recognition feature, but not bad from one to ten I’m, giving it a ninja’s okay. Now all of them are successful. Interesting at the beginning, it wasn’t successful again from one to ten I’m, giving it a score for face ID and fingerprint sensor if there, so you can use it. Okay, just so a little bit through the settings cell. Remember Android 9pi! We have it you’re, not gon na want 99 you’re, not gon na, have Android an update with this device for sure and if you support Bluetooth, let’s go on to continue next apps and permissions battery display regarding the display can use here. My revision, you can use the my vision. If you want to go brightness level night levels you can use. Also the night level turn it on. You can see myself always use this option at the night. Let’S go back. What do we else? We have top screen display, which is really interesting. You can hide the high screen top you can see, but somehow it looks like just kind it. What else we have in the font, size display, size and screensaver navigation bar? Also, there is no navigation bar can be hidden, but there’s no option to use the off screen caches new. Just you, can’t use optical meshes with the doji software.

It seems Android skin of the software of this doji. Anyway, a storage memory advanced features one handed mode. We have also custom key function, which is on the left side. Now, for the emotion system, motion was smart. Of course, this is the gastrin emotions as well as coal. Sorry, for that, this is the SOS call. This is the custom button over here, which is also using to use probably by the afforded camera. Let’S let’s just enter it. Camera yeah, not the camera. I just took the picture in soy. Dora speed, security on location, accounts, accessibility, gastro, wake up. You can also use the double tap wake up. If you want to use that so let’s just test it there you go, I unlocked it. Let’S go back, get you up down. You know these ones. These are standard from Bluetooth from the Android six fingerprint sensor performance mode. This device also has. This will cause excessive power consumption. Please turn it on when using a large application. So, like gaming, I don’t think that’s gon na help at all and when you just decide regarding, I showed you here the lay language. The language is usually act with doji and the EULA phone telephone. You get all the languages in the world, so you don’t have to worry about that battery life. Five thousand five thousand and fifty mhm mhm battery in just a really really impressive battery for this device. You can get around watching YouTube.

They say dodgy set around eighteen hours, but in real life it’s around 12 hours, New Jersey, twelve hours, gay gaming, they say – can get 10 hours impossible in real life it’s around 6 hours. So again, I don’t know why they’re giving fake information I mean that’s, really impressive. Even this is still really impressive. Battery life 5050 image, but it’s really really impressive for the price tag itself. So I’m gon na be satisfied. Two days of views with the Doge es 90 see for sure heavy heavy use one day for one day, Laughter, funky, selfie camera test see what’s up, oh my god, what a camera lens after it Thanks, so why that is so unbelievable. But this is pretty fitting. This Odyssey, might we have this really great things abroad or such a device budget device, doe GS, 9 TC, babji, test carriages 60 FPS unlocked using the tf x tool. Bravo, Bravo. Bravo! Team Music! He killed me how bro about four of them there. How is that possible rod? I’M? Getting nice, then it’s very smoothly. The peace aunty is a really great chipset. This is amazing, gameplay my opinion, nice. What a kill, what a kill brush head, shot: Music, Music four kills: bro nice Navy, Pier 17 2020 in 2020. After dimension, it killed me call of duty with a doe GS: 9 TC, rugged smartphone killer. P. 70 speakers are really loud here with the while gaming satisfied. He came from a new song.

I could hear somebody let’s go next to the bomb invincible who killed him.