This is the blue color. It also comes in black on the bottom compartment. We have a warranty card, a Quick Start Guide. We can see all the 4G LTE bands that it supports. Here we have a standard, 10 watts charger, a USB type, c cable and, lastly, the sim ejection tool on the front. You have a six point: three 5 inch, HD plus IPS LCD display with 19 by 9 aspect ratio. On top of that display, you have a punch, hole that houses a 5 megapixel camera on the back. You have a triple camera setup, a delta, megapixel main shooter to VGA cameras with flash, a fingerprint sensor and olla branding on the left. You have a hybrid same tree that houses two 4G LTE nano Sims or one same and one SD card on the right. You have your power button and volume rocker on the top. You have what I thought was an IR blaster but turns out it’s the proximity sensor on the bottom. You have a microphone a USB type c port and a speaker so no headphone jack on this guy, the olivine. I pro spots, your classic modern design. It is beautiful to look at and it will be hard to tell it. Apart from the likes of Xiaomi and Samsung, the back and frame are made from a plastic beaut and it’s. Definitely the shiniest plastic I’ve ever seen on a smartphone. It is very light on the hand, but not slippery at all.

The blue color looks more greenish and blue on the front. The punch hole makes it look quite premium and the bezels may not be the thinnest, but it is not too thick either. Hd Plus display is pretty standard at this price point. So no complaints here it’s got great viewing angles very bright outdoors and is responsive to type on. This comes in Ted’s 2, gigs of storage and 3 gigs of RAM. You get about 25 gigs of available storage. It shipped with Android 9pi the settings kind of look like stock Android. However, it does come with a ton of bloatware that cannot be deleted and some of these icons will take some getting used to. My suggestion would be to download nova launcher from Playstore and customize. It as you see fit. We have adobe captivate in the quick settings and this performs the same task as a screen recorder in terms of performance. This uses the Helio p23 octa core CPU clocked out 2.3 gigahertz it’s, a fairly old chipset. That really does outperform more recent quad core chips in terms of launching apps and smooth running of day to day tasks like messaging, social media, web browsing, etc. The fingerprint sensor is pretty accurate most of the time, but it is not fast and the same can be said about the less secure face on lock. I wasn’t really expecting the fastest unlocking speeds on this guy to begin with here’s how the speaker compares side by side, the techno spark for about the camera outdoors.

It does look moderately okay, but indoors. Very little can be said about the quality of photos. The bokeh effect is not applicable for selfies and for the primary shooter, the portrait shots aren’t, exactly usable Music. It records videos in 1080p for the front and back camera. I have a is turned on in the settings, so this is the front facing camera of the olivine I Pro and here’s what the audio sounds like when it comes to gaming. As usual, I clip pop G on default settings. The game runs smoothly for the most part, with the occasional lag here and there some things haven’t changed, but it is definitely playable. What I noticed while playing pop G is that the heat around the back was very minimal about battery life. The ’00 milliamp hour battery on this guy took me six hours to drain while playing pop G alone, but for the sake of the standard, ish battery test and it’s, a mixed medium to heavy use all on Wi Fi – and this got me through a full day With 30 left to spare, this gave me 12 hours of screen on time, which puts it in the battery based category. It would definitely get you through a full day of heavy use. It took me 1 hour and 52 minutes for a full charge with a third party, 30 watt fast charger, and that can only mean one thing that it supports fast charging. Overall, I think the olivine I Pro gives you very good value for money if you’re on a budget – and you want an octa core processor in a modern looking shell, if you can live with a few shortcomings, like absence of a headphone, jack and underwhelming camera quality Indoors, you should definitely consider this guy other than that.

The competition may not be selling new octa core phones at its price point anytime soon, and therein lies the veenai pros greatest strengths. It is priced at 32 thousand IRA which converts to 90 US dollars and you can purchase it on jamia, finet and other major retail stores in nigeria. I believe in a link in the description box, should you wish to shop on jamia hope you enjoyed this video.