I want to tell you about main features of this mobile device. Alcatel wp5 is a ragged smartphone with ip68 waterproof case 5.5 inch display hila a 22 chipset triple camera. On the back and eight thousand dimma battery. The price is very attractive. You can buy this van on ill, express your best band guilt and other Chinese stores for only 100, so this smartphone looks very good, but let’s not jump to conclusions as usual. There will be four videos about Alcatel, WP pipe on original tag. Brothers. The links to all videos will be in description. You can also subscribe to our channel not to miss new videos. As you can see, the new smartphone, the prom monkey devil, comes in a simple white box. There is only company logo on the front side and a sticker with the specifications on the back inside the box. You will find the smartphone with factory film user manual and warranty card 10 watts, power, adapter, USB type c, cable and OTG cable. The design of Alcatel WPF is quite standard for rugged films. This smartphone has only 5.5 inch display, but overall size is quite large. 152 by 73 by 17 millimeters. This is abou. It is about 295 grams. As you can see, the phone has quite big bezels on the top and bottom of display. The corners around it and covered by rubber as the back panel is also made of a soft rubber. You know this is done to protect the film from damage during drops and bumps by the way, Alcatel WPF is not afraid of water, but remember to close the rubber plug at the bottom.

On the rear panel, we can see triple camera, flashlight, fingerprint reader and speaker at the bottom. The site faces on smartphone a made of metal. There are a power button and a volume rocker on the right side and microSD seam slot on the left side that’s. All. I can see both design of Alcatel wb5. This is a typical budget, rugged film. It is quite bulky and heavy, but it is protected from water, Paul’s, shocks, dust etc. Talking about display, it has 5.5 inch diagonal and HD resolution 720p. 1440 pixels. The screen is coloured by Corning Gorilla, Glass. Actually, HD resolution is not problem for me. I don’t even notice that before comparing HD and Full HD displays, Pocky is time to talk about hardware. Alcatel, WP v is a budget smartphone, so it is powered by entry level. Healer 892 chipset, as if iran also has 3 gigs of ram and 32 gigs of internal memory micro SD slot is available. I will publish a video with performance tests of Alcatel WP v in coming days. Zoeng will be in description right now. I can show you and do the benchmark sim. It is 3000 points. This is a good result for budget film. Bulky. Delwp v has a treble camera on the back yeah. This sounds impressive, with smart phone and a 100. However, I think did the 2nd and 3rd sensors are fake. I will check it out in the next video with camera test.

The link to it will be in description, the main camera Alcatel wp5 as a pseudonym pixel sensor. Well, the front camera is only 5 megapixels. Perhaps, as a battery is the main feature of Alcatel wp5 is a new smartphone is equipped with 8000 m AA battery. It is really big, so you can expect a longer battery life. However, there is a 10 watts power adapter in the package, so the charging will take a long time. I will test as a better life and charging time in the next video most likely. I have already posted a video, so you can look for the link in description. Alcatel, WP v has a speaker on the rear panel. The sound quality is just the key. You can listen to the sample Music, Music Applause Music. Although alkyd lwp wife was released in 2020, it is a purchase Farhan, so it doesn’t support 5g. However, you can use a dual seam in 4G networks. There is also GPS, Wi, Fi and bluetooth support. So the main features of Alcatel wp5 is durable and rugged design, big battery and low price. As you understand this part, one is not for everyone, because it is quite heavy and bulky. It is almost impossible to carry in jeans pocket. However, if you want as a smartphone that will survive at the pole, heat or depends of water, then Alcatel wp5 is a great option. In addition, it has a big battery. You will not have to charge it every day.