com, where we do unboxings reviews and sexy b rolls and today, i’m. Finally, giving you guys my full review of the new realme c3 smartphone, which actually officially launched today here in the philippines. It packs the world’s first mediatek helio g70 processor and some design elements that break the norm of modern, shiny, glossy and fingerprint magnet smartphones out in the market. This new smartphone is also a testament that is not all about the megapixel count that matters most in a camera with that being said, let’s get into it all right, guys. First things: first inside the box, you’ll get a user manual, a sim ejector bin, a micro usb charging cable and a 10 watt power. Brick, we don’t have a protective case or an earphone. Unfortunately, now let’s do a quick parts overview and discuss about the design and construction of the rytmi c3. The realme c3 is available in two color variants: a frozen blue and a blazing red like what we have here today so in front. We have the 6.5 inch hd plus display with a resolution of 720 by 1600 and is protected by corning gorilla glass 3.. We also have here in what really may cause the mini drop pulse screen the 5 megapixel selfie camera in a very subtle earpiece, above that the bezels all around the edges are relatively thinner than most budget smartphones out there, which gives us a total screen to body Ratio of 89.8 percent. On the left side, we have the volume rocker, as well as the dual sim and micro sd card tray, and then on the other side, we have the power button.

Now the placement of the power button is a little higher than i would prefer, especially for my relatively small hands and you’ll also have to get used to having the volume rocker. On the other side, on the top side, we don’t have anything here and then at the bottom side we have the 3.5 millimeter jack, the main microphone, a micro, usb port and a single downward firing. Speakers now flipping the phone at the back. We have the so called sunrise design with this sort of light trays that are coming from the main camera. This brings a new design element to modern smartphones with a different texture, and finish that i personally preferred compared to most shiny glossy and fingerprint magnet designs out there. This one is fingerprint resistant and also has this nice texture on it. That also helps with the grip. We also have here the very impressive triple camera setup, albeit on a lower megapixel account later i’ll show you guys some sample photos, but as early as now i’m telling you guys that the image quality this camera can produce is actually pretty decent. So speaking about the cameras, we have a 12 megapixel main camera, a 2 megapixel for portrait and another 2 megapixel for macro now. I would personally prefer an ultra white camera than a macro, but it is what it is. Besides the triple camera setup, we have a small flash right here. We also have here tobacco fingerprint sensor.

However, i find it kind of hard to pinpoint exactly where it is, as it is not that recessed so there’s not much edge or texture to look for when reaching it with your finger. And lastly, we also have a readme logo at the lower left side and the dimensions of this phone are 164.4 millimeters by 75 millimeters by 8.95 millimeters and with a weight of 195 grams overall in terms of design and construction. Although the back side is made of plastic, it doesn’t feel cheap at all and, like i said, the sunrise designed with a nice texture, and it feels really good and gives you confidence when holding it even without a protective case. Now, before we proceed, let me pop the complete specifications on the screen so that you can check it out. Alright, now let’s discuss about the key features and specifications of the readme c3 in terms of the display, although it only has an hd plus resolution of 720 by 1600 it’s, actually quite decent. However, i find the saturation levels a bit muted and the sharpness a bit too much if you’re familiar with a sharp mask in photo editing, that’s. What i think about when i see the sharpness on this display, aside from that brightness levels, could also have been brighter, but since this is in the budget, category you’ll just have to set your expectations right on the other side being an ips panel. Viewing angles are decent and color.

Production is i’d, say, okay and should suffice any casual media consumption in gaming and with an aspect ratio of 20 by nine. Of course, you will get black borders on the side and when you zoom it in to fill the screen, you will notice the selfie camera here on the left side and then, of course, you will lose some of the details of the video. Now, speaking of media consumption, the realme c3 only has one downward firing. Speaker and the audio quality is i’d say. Okay, mids and highs are fine, but bass is almost non existent and it doesn’t get loud as much, but at least they retain the 3.5 millimeter jack. So you can listen to your music using your favorite headphones iems and what have you alright, now let’s dig in further to the actual performance of the ryzmi c3 let’s start off with some benchmarks. As you can see, the realme c3 powered with immediate tech, helio g70 produced very promising numbers, especially with our antutu benchmark. So in theory it should provide us with decent gaming experience. So let’s discuss about that. So in mobile legends, the gameplay is super. Smooth, no stuttering whatsoever at default settings and in asphalt 9 for the most part, is smooth as well with some microstatus at default settings and changing it to performance mode help a bit to reduce the stuttering. But of course, visual quality will be reduced as well. If i have to choose a stick with the default settings as the micro starters are actually not that often to be honest, but i definitely experienced some so yeah.

But what surprised me the most is on pubg mobile, the game detected high to be the ideal settings, and surprisingly, even at high settings, i was able to play an entire game without any hiccup. Of course, lowering the setting will make it much more smoother, but again even at high. It is definitely playable and after all these testings, the remyc3 did not warm up so much to the point that it gets uncomfortable so overall in terms of gaming, my experience with the rhythmic e3 is really good and certainly exceeded my expectations now in terms of battery Life as per my testing using pc mark work, 2.0 battery life with 50 brightness and maximum volume with earphones plugged in the realme c3 lasted up to 13 hours and 52 minutes and using the included 10 watts charger. I was able to charge the redmi c3 for about 2 hours and 15 minutes from 20 to 100 percent. Now, moving on let’s check out the user interface and features of the redmi ui, the new remi ui version 1 is based on android 10, which is nice, as we can take advantage of. The latest features android 10 has to offer the interface itself is pretty clean, not much clutter to it with just a few pre installed apps and useful features. Speaking of features here are some of the notable ones that i find interesting. First is the focus mode which i find useful if you’re, studying or working and want to listen to some relaxing music.

In the background, i also like the fact that there is a built in dark mode option that i am really a fan of now. It doesn’t work on all apps, but at least i don’t have to do any tinkering just to enable dark mode on this device. Aside from that, we also have the grayscale mode, which may come in handy in some cases, and we also have the usual eye care or a feature that eliminates blue light, which can be useful when using this device at night before going to bed. This should allow your eyes to ease out before sleeping. We also have here the real missha, which allows you to share files easily between devices from other participating brands like xiaomi, oppo and vivo, and to help you browse the user interface. We also have here the assistive ball which you can customize to your liking. Aside from that, we also have here a floating shortcut on the side that you can also customize a bit too much and might add some clutter on the screen, but if you’re a power user, then these features might be valuable to you. We also have here the one one handed mode feature which may come in handy in some certain situations now i’ve already seen some of these features on other phones but it’s nice – that we also have it here on the readme c3. Aside from all that, we also have the kids space, which might be useful for some parents out there.

Essentially, you can restrict the apps that your kids are allowed to use and other parental controls that might be useful. As for the kids at heart, we also have here the game center, which is realms version of a performance, boosting feature that optimize the device when being used for gaming and, lastly, realme also included their own app market, which i find redundant. Since you already have. Google play store, but maybe you can find this useful in one way or another like if you want something different for searching apps in different categories, top ranking, apps and whatnot overall in terms of the user interface apps and features the realme ui is pretty decent. Not that cluttered and bloated and has some cool features that might come in handy as for the performance when browsing the ui, it is smooth, responsive and before it even becomes laggy with too many apps. Your 32 gigabyte of storage will probably become full first before that even happens now, let’s check out a couple of security features of the realme c3 first is the fingerprint reader and, like i said earlier, it’s kind of hard to feel it at the back, because it’s Not that recessed and there’s not much texture but other than that the performance is actually quite snappy and instant, as you can see here. Aside from that, we also have the face unlock feature, which is also quite fast and reliable. However, unlike the fingerprint sensor, it is a two step process.

After recognizing your face, you have to swipe it up to open the home screen now. One thing i’ve noticed is that even on an extreme angle, it can unlock your phone, which could be helpful, sometimes, but could also be less secure, depending on how you perceive it alright case last, but not the least before we end this review, let’s check out the Camera quality of the rhythm c3 so again in front, we have a 5 megapixel, selfie camera and then at the back we have a 12 megapixel main camera, a 2 megapixel portrait and another 2 megapixel macro. Now this triple camera setup on paper is not very exciting, but, as per my testing, this can actually deliver decent quality photos and a testament that is not all about. The megapixel account check. These photos out guys well, of course, on extremely low light situations like this. The camera and its tiny sensor suffers tremendously with noticeable grain in both photos and videos, but in ideal low light environment, let’s, say a restaurant or other indoor areas with another great lighting. The real me c3 can actually produce usable photos, as you can see on these examples. On the other hand, with an ample amount of light, the realme c3 can output decent quality photos using the 12 megapixel main camera and even with the mirror 2 megapixel portrait camera and the 5 megapixel selfie camera. Unfortunately, we don’t have an ultra wide camera, so we’re stuck with the one x, 2x and 4x hdr also works quite well.

As you can see here, it was able to balance out the shadows and highlights background. Separation is also decent with minor miscalculations on the edges. Overall, in terms of camera quality, even with a relatively low megapixel count, the realme city’s camera is quite capable, especially in good lighting conditions. So, to conclude, the realme c3, in my opinion, is in a very good position to be one of the best budget smartphones out in the market right now, especially here in the philippines specs wise. It packs the capable mediatek helio g70 that perform well in both our synthetic benchmarks, as well as in our real world performance test. The gaming experience is smooth, as well as the basic browsing of the user interface and day to day media consumption. Camera quality is surprisingly better than i was expecting, and the overall design and construction are equally surprisingly good and different. Of course, the real me c3 is not perfect, display quality and speaker volume levels could have been better and design wise. I would prefer placing the volume rocker and the power button on the same side as well as an overall, better texture and feel on the fingerprint sensor. Other than that, i can definitely recommend the readme c3 to anyone in a heartbeat and there you have it guys. Thank you for watching make sure to check the full article link below huge thanks to real me for sending this in. You can get these from their partner stores link below as well.

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