This is going to be another cheapo phone review and once again it’s another phone off banggood after uploading, the c 17 pro video keto pan over a bang good said to me. Would you like to have a look at another device, and I said yes and I was offered the Yuma DG power 3, which a lot of you guys in the comments actually said for me to have a look at so I now have it. So we can now finally have a look at it so currently on banggood, it’s 150 US dollars or two hundred thirty four dollars Australian, not too sure would it be in euro or British pounds, but the specifications that are listed for this device is extremely good for The money before I continue with the listing I just wanted to let you know that there is a link in the description below to purchase this device straight from banggood. However, it is an affiliate link, so every time you do, click it and purchase said device. I will get a small Commission so I’m, just letting you know there will be a disclaimer down in the description as well. So, just letting you know, if you don’t want to click that link that’s fine, you can go google it or whatever takes you fancy, but I just need to let you guys know that it’s, an affiliate link that’s all stray off about the Yuma DG power 3. Promises a six thousand one hundred and fifty milliamp hour battery with a team like charging and a 10 watt reverse charge so already straight away better than c 17 pro we have a 48 megapixel main camera, as well as a 16 megapixel selfie camera.

A six point: five three inch: full HD plus full view display with a hole, punch, camera, a Helio, P, 60 chipset, four gigs of RAM 64 gigs of storage, NFC and, of course, Android 10. So shroud away what appeals to me, the most is the 6100 50 ml 12 hour battery. That is certainly a capacity that you do not see in flagships, but this sub hundred 50 or smartphone opposite so that’s, pretty good. The four gigs of ram 64 gigs of storage, the Helio p 60 processor and the four rear cameras. The main camera is a 48 megapixel one with an aperture size of F point 179. We also have a 100 degree ultra wide angle, camera that’s, a 13 megapixel one. We have a depth sensor, camera which is five megapixel one, and we also have a dedicated macro, one, which is five megapixel and, of course, the selfie camera is 16 megapixels. So all of that for 150 bucks is a too good to be true. You guys have said in the comments that you mean DG. I hope announcing it right. You Medici, you guys have said that they make really decent phones and I’m really hoping they deliver on this promise. I’M. Not gon na go too much further into the listing, but I just wanted to mention that they call this a monster like seven times in this listing. They say that this is a monster fire and so yeah that’s that’s fair.

I guess I also chose red because red looked cool, I don’t know red just looks cool now. Obviously, there’s going to be a very in depth, review, of course, which is what I usually do if you want to just skip through it, there’s timestamps in the description as well as the first pin comment as well. But if you want to watch the whole thing, that’s, fine or if you want to watch another video that’s straight to the point simple and stuff, there are plenty on YouTube to have a look at, but this is just my take on it all. So I hope I get to cover everything that I need to cover in a reasonable amount of time. Anyways well let’s get to the unboxing alright. So with all that being said here, it is here this took only seven days from China, so that’s pretty good. For me, as you all know, some stuff from China has been delayed recently, but this arrived in seven days so can’t complain about that. Alright let’s open it up and see what we get. Oh get a little travel adapter included it’s in another bag bag exception props to them also for including this foam on the box so just protects the contents during transit and stuff, so that’s all good. Is there any way of getting this off clean, probably not that’s? Fine, Oh oh man, that is a fancy box, so we have the humidity branding there.

I’M hope I’m saying that correctly with a red accent which looks really nice and then yeah you’ve got this textured groove like a record sort of thing, like a vinyl record. That’S really really nice, I don’t even know how it opens yet, but there’s nothing on the sides of the box, except for up the top. Here we have the UM EDG power. Three color is red because that’s what I chose with the QR code I’m, covering up the Iommi eyes, because I actually want to use this device that’s all. Oh, okay, so yeah you just slide this off. It feels like I’m unboxing, a premium smartphone like a super expensive smartphone, but that box is nicely textured and then on the back. We also have all these specifications, so we have the mtk Helio p60, which is the octa core processor. We have Android 10 Ram, 4 gig and the storage is 64 gigs Sports 2, nano Sims and 1 SD card the 6150 milliamp hour battery is just going to be a beast test. So can’t wait for that 6.5 3 inch, full HD Plus display as we’ve seen listing the 48 megapixel camera, plus the 13 megapixel plus the 5 megapixel, plus the 5 megapixel and the front one being the 16 megapixel. So I’m hoping I’m like the oukitel or we could tell I can’t – remember how you guys said to pronounce it sorry. But, unlike that, one where I tore it down and seen, the cameras were, unfortunately a bit dodgy I’m hoping that this one is actually what it promises.

You guys have sworn by this brand and said that this brand is an absolute beast of a manufacturer when it comes to bang for buck, smartphone, so I’m hoping that’s the case for this one. The package contains the human digi power. Three phone powered up to USB cable manual phone case use only the human digi approved batteries and all that sort of stuff which, obviously, that is what is installed, and I don’t think I’m gon na find a 6150 milliamp hour battery laying around anytime soon all right. Let’S go ahead and slice this up now. I don’t really want to do this because the oh I’m gon na stab myself, anyways that’s, okay till it’s true premium. For me this is too premium hey. That is awesome. Building a great phone is hard enough. So building a great phone on a budget should be infinitely more difficult, big thanks to all who made this super phone super awesome by contributing valuable time and developing hardware software and other developments thanks for choosing Yuma digit products. Thanks to your support, our value can be realized and we can constantly move forward to create smart devices with better user experience. That honestly just hit me in the fields. That is a really awesome touch you guys over a humidity. That is an awesome touch to put in the box. You don’t know how good that makes someone feel knowing that you’ve purchased a product with your own money, and you know every other manufacturer says like hey.

I buy it they’re giving you a card to say. Thank you. We appreciate that you’ve bought our item and we appreciate you using it. This is something that’s really appreciated and it should be included in a lot more devices. You know just a card from the manufacturer just saying. Thank you, that’s all anyways. We have the massive power beast itself and when I say beast, it is a thick boy, but look at the case included. That is a it’s, a fake leather case but it’s. You know it’s got that leather texture to it, but anyways we’ll come back to that. Soon, because we’ll have a look inside the box linked to the world once look at this it’s true premium, it’s, true nice for me, I’m, a cheap boy. What is this? The instruction manual which says all the information and all that sort of stuff in here? A diagram of the cameras I’ll just go to the English part, so I’m, not missing anything, so all the instructions there which we’ve pretty much covered already. But if I get stuck anywhere, I can always this later on. We get the USBC cable, which is a nice red accented one if I can get the plastic off and that is actually branded with Yuma DG’s logo just on there as well and there’s. Also, a 1.5 meter, USBC cable, so that’s perfect for every scenario, oh and on the go USB cable, whatever small things that are included as bonuses take for granted.

Now the reason why they include the travel adapter as well is because this isn’t for my country, unfortunately they don’t, have Australian plugs, include your straight in the box, but I’ve chosen, the European one I’ll probably just use a normal Samsung one to charge this up, but This one here is a 5 volt, 2m 9 volt, 2 amp and 12 volt at 1.5 amps. So it does have quick charge, support which is good. It is a bit heavy as well. Definitely have some weight to it so that it’s good to see anyways let’s go ahead and just pack everything nicely in set box. Alright, here is the Beast itself. It does weigh a considerable mat which was shown in the listing. You know, obviously with a massive battery that’s in this thing. Obviously it’s gon na be thick and taking the case off the device. We can see our court camera set up there and every lens looks different, not one of them. Look the same I’m really hoping we can take some really cool shots with that quad camera setup. We’Ve got a fingerprint scanner on the back, and then we have an information about the SIM cards, an SD card slot. I have no doubts that this is running exactly what it says in the listing. I have no doubts because you guys have sworn by human digi so I’m, not doubting anything for a second, but you never know. You never know, though, I’m coming to the front, we do have a pre installed screen protector.

I hope it’s a pre installed. One pretty much has all the information pre loaded on here and Android 10. I can’t wait. You know having Android 10 straight out of the box on, you know a cheap device when a lot of manufacturers out there are still running Android, 9 and haven’t updated anything to enter a 10. Yet so you know during our on the device we have our SIM card slot, so we’ll just open that up as per the listing micro SD card and two nano Sims: dual forgery standby. Now. Obviously, this phone is not water resistant, so there’s, no little seal around these same card slot or anything like that, so be careful around water. Of course, that goes with any phone really now coming to the top of the device. I noticed that in the instructions it said a second microphone here, but that doesn’t appear to be a hole here. So I will have to investigate that during the teardown. But the camera does have a slight bump to it, and it kind of reminds me of the Google pixel, for maybe the iPhone 11 Pro max as well. Also the Samsung is 20 only. This is going to be the common thing with cameras. Nowadays is just a big square chunk with multiple cameras laid out in them and on the side we have our volume rockers, as well as our power button at the bottom of the device. We have our speaker grilles our type c, USB port microphone hole and a 3.

5 millimeter headphone jack, which is always welcome, got a lot of phone in 2020. That still has a headphone jack now do want to also quickly touch on build quality just to make sure so. The rear of the device is all plastic, but it actually does have a nice rubber coating on there. You can see the tiny scratches that I’ve made in the back cover, but there’s a rubber coating that goes over it, which just makes it nice and smooth makes it feel more premium. I guess the back camera lens is made of glass, so it’s not going to be scratching and all the lenses are covered, except for the flush that is made of plastic and on the front, obviously is going to be glass, and here we go. Let’S, take the front off it’s, always satisfying and peeling. That off reveals that we do in fact have the preinstalled screen protector. So anyways let’s go ahead and power on this device and see what the Yuma DG power three has to offer. So I do have to set the device up, which is good. Yes, you can see the bezels but they’re, no bigger than what’s on the s10 hole punch camera which doesn’t really have much of a black circle around it it’s quite minimalistic, which I like, and you can just see the earpiece grille just up there as well, and The proximity sensor is somewhere along there just there. I believe I can see it alright.

So let me go ahead and set this up and see what we can do and there it is booted up and it feels pretty solid straight out of the box just there. Alright, so I haven’t put an SD card and SIM card in, as of yet so I’m gon na go ahead and do that and we’ll go ahead and test out this device and see what it’s capable of also there’s a sound that plays anytime. You interact with the device, it’s kind of cool, ok, so it’s been like a week and a half since I was last filming here is the device. Now I have put two SIM cards in it: I’ve put an OP 2 sim and etosha sim in there and they both have 4G. The 4G signal strength on both seems to be about average, for where I am so that’s. Ok, but that’s. The great thing having dual 4G standby, so I’m gon na test the call quality very quickly just to see how it sounds. Then we’re going to go on and explore this device yeah that’s pretty funky. Well, I can hear myself. Ok, cool quality seems pretty good. It does sound fine and I don’t think you’ll have any dramas with that let’s go ahead and just change the wallpaper really quickly. Whoa let’s pick something with a lot of dynamic contrast. Having a look at the screen up close and personal. It looks very, very, very clear if it’s 1080p like it says it is which I’m pretty sure it would be, then that is quite an excellent display.

My camera usually picks up quite a lot of pixel flicker depending on the device, but this seems to be pretty good and just a little bit of a close up for the whole bunch camera there there’s a little bit of a shadow just around it, but the Circle surrounding it is not that intrusive and it’s about the same size as the one on the s10 to be fairly honest, here’s, just a quick comparison with the s10 with the hole punch camera. That is just the difference that I want to quickly show. Okay, now it’s time to finally see these stock applications that are loaded on the human duty power 3, so stray off the bat go straight to Google. If you swipe left and right, we have a Google folder straight on the home screen, which has Google Gmail Maps, YouTube, Drive, YouTube music, play movies, photos, calendar and that’s it. We have geo settings, Play, Store and then we’re firing messages, Google, Chrome and camera, and if we scroll up, then we get access to everything else. We have the calculator calendar, camera, chrome, clock, contacts, Drive, Jareau files, FM radio, Gmail, Google Maps messages, firing photos play mirrors, play store, settings sim, toolkit, sound recorder, Wireless it’s, a megaphone, ok, YouTube in YouTube. Music looks like on the wireless our while it’s emergency loads. Ok, the first time I’ve ever seen that on any device. Ok, so basically what you’re looking at is stock, Android, 10 there’s, no bloatware or anything which is good.

Even the launcher itself is pretty much. I would say, stock all right. Jumping straight into settings now have a squiz at what we can see in here so network and internet Wi Fi I’ll connect that in a second mobile network, is my Optus sim at the moment and coming into sim cards. We also have the toggle option where you can change, which ones you want active if you want both them active, if you want only one active, etc, etc, but it’s Jill Forge a standby which I prove off in connected devices, we compare a new Bluetooth device and We also have NFC, but I want to just test the NFC all right, so I got this little tiny. Like credit card thing, I don’t even know where I got this from just trying see if it makes noise weird where oh there we go so it’s located about here somewhere someone we did. The teardown we’ll see where the NFC area actually is but seems to be about there. I believe granted that’s, not the best NFC tag I have, but you know you get the idea of it in absent notifications. We can basically just see all the apps loaded basic daydreams what’s that I don’t know what basic daydreams is: probably a live wallpaper or something most likely, digital well being, which is in Android 10 by default, yeah music FX, which is a media tech built in thing, Media Tech phones always have that built in arm best audience sound booster stuff, so we’ll try that as well.

It seems to confirm that this is completely stock, which is much appreciated. Smart assistant, navigation bar style. We can change that to have gesture navigations, which was on by default. I believe – and I had to change it to 3 button navigation, because I am hopeless at using gestures to navigate a device that just rather the buttons I’m old school, okay there’s. A three point of setting so three points slide anywhere to take a screen shot. Okay, that works pretty cool three point: a split screen, three point: a slide up, split screen it anywhere yep that works sure just do that pretty convenient and you even have a built in screen recorder by default, which is good because if you wanted to do gaming, Videos on this or whatever you can record a stray off of the device. I could even do that for the gaming tests, but I’ll do it the old school traditional way, but yeah that’s actually fairly good, and you can do five minutes 10 minutes or 30 minutes. Yeah that’s quite handy to have actually saves you go into the Play, Store and getting a third party app and stuff when it’s just built in and game mode settings. Obviously we can toggle this on and, while I’m playing the games later on, I can toggle any of these to block notifications all that sort of stuff coming into the battery itself. Where are 84 percent with more than two days remaining now I can’t exactly tell you how long it’s going to last for but considering we’re dealing with the 6150 ml air power battery, I would say, you’d probably be able to get three days out of this easy Out of a full charge I’ll have to.

I fly that and added it into the video later on, to show you guys, like the quick charge, specs and all that sort of stuff, but as it is for now more than three days remaining sorry that’s pretty cool in display. We have the brightness level night line, adaptive brightness. I will leave it off for now, wallpapers, which we’ve already gone through dark theme: mmm yep I’ll. Stick to that, though, just for now an advanced screen timeout. What I rotate screen. I think we’ll put that on screensaver colors whoa. So, instead of an always on display, you have a screensaver which basically the same thing, to be fairly honest, lock screen display to show all content and lift awake. Hang on lift awake, oh yeah, okay, yeah, all right! It does come on, sorry took it took a little bit but yeah books in sound. We have all the volume sliders and all that sort of stuff and those will put the media volume just up there. We carry do not disturb shortcuts phone ring tone, beep Locker that’s, a that’s, a bit of a strange name but yeah pretty funky busy Carter. Oh okay, yep. I know that one advanced. Do we have the scent yep there we go best loudness. But yes, this is the built in media tech, one which we all have come to know and love. Otherwise, let’s keep going to storage. Here we have 64 gigs of storage available with my microSD card being 8 gigs in total, so yeah 64 gigs, which is more than enough.

I would say for most of you out there, security we’ll come back to that accounts. We’Ll also come back to that. I’Ll have to add an account face unlock. We will also test that as well. This is a well being which, if I’m correct Android 10, introduced the whole digital well being stuff, so it’s good. To have this honestly, I do like having this to see how many unlocks you do on all the notifications and stuff to tell you to put your phone down and go outside so that’s, pretty good Google services and all that good stuff. All there jurist Nokia device does anything with media tech. I think what are you doing? Okay, anything with media Tech has Giroud, which it just restricts background activities, that’s what it says. Sorry we won’t use this dropping into system. We just like the languages gestures, all those other South gestures are just junk. Camera prevent ringing fare reset options all that good stuff let’s go into about where we have the wilds update. The device name is power, three RAM four gigs and ROM is 64 gig. Sorry, just hiding my IMEI info, I would do have Android version 10, so go ahead and tap on that and pop open, the easter egg – Hey! Oh, oh, oh, I actually didn’t know what the Android ten Easter Egg looks like. So there you go that’s pretty cool! You know this reminds me of if anyone ever played Super Mario 64 before you actually start the game you can play with Mario’s face and like stretch it in every direction and stuff.

This is kind of like what it reminds me of just doing this playing around with it. You know moving them around and pretty cool, and the kernel version is actually January. 12Th. 2020. So, like fairly recent and build number human digi power, 3 I’m gon na enable develop options. Why not actually that’s not gon na work? Why are you not working so that was everything in system settings so now I’m going to just go into developer options and just choose the window animations down to 0.5? Oh they’re, already at 0.5, okay, well, that’s, fair! I don’t have to do anything then. So the next thing I want to do is now test the security staff fingerprint screen lock all that good stuff, so let’s go ahead and start doing. That will do the fingerprint first, all right so just go ahead and you roll it done. Okay, there we go not the fastest one in the world I mean it’s, pretty responsive it’s better than the s10 Zadro sonic, one where you have to just sit there and press it a billion times before it actually recognizes it. So yeah look that’s, fair and, of course, we’ll try the face unlock as well. Can you unlock with my camera cuz that’d, be pretty cool I’ll enroll my face? Okay, try that oh okay, that was pretty fast yep, so conclusion of the face unlock a fingerprint or works pretty well fairly, solid. Alright, now, during the unboxing I’m sure the on the go, cable – and I didn’t know at the time, you could actually use this for reverse charging, so I’ve gotten a pyrene o5g here so I’m, just gon na connect that up.

I can connect that up and it does it charges. The opposite is happening. The Reno’s charging, the power three. I need another phone. Yes, ten. Perhaps all right try another one. Okay, so connecting up to a very bad condition, one plus three: it does charge it’s all in all. It does work it’s, just very finicky, with whichever phones you want to reverse charge, because if the other phone has reversed charge and then it reverse charges that phone, it is very confusing all right. So I’ve connected my Wi Fi to this device and I went to the wilds update and it’s coming up with, whilst update it’s, now downloading it’s going very slow and it’s only 66 Meg. But I came out on the 16th of January this year. Reverse charging optimized slow motion and panorama mode at it: that’s pretty cool bouquet mode, optimized in camera, so that’s pretty cool, alright, well, we’ll. Let that do its thing, then all right! Well, I’ll! Let this do its thing and jump straight into the camera test. Alright, everything is updated and ready to go so let’s continue on now. I’Ll go ahead and open up the camera and there it all. Is there yeah? You get a lot of options now. I have taken some sample photos and I’ll. Show you guys in a second but let’s just go around this whole little configuration and show you what’s going on so we have photo. We also have a two times optical zoom.

I would assume it’s optical. There is also the ultra wide mode, which does all of that. You can see what’s going on so, unlike the c 17 Pro, this actually has the dedicated functions to just switch between all different cameras. We have a DeLorean here and honestly. It autofocus is very fast it just snaps quickly, but if we go into macro mode we can actually see the tiny itty bitty text that’s printed on the miss diffusion contraption on the back of the DeLorean here you can actually see the text on it. So the macro lens actually full on works, but it would be very interesting to see what some of the shots that I take later on and I’ve turning out like, but so far it looks pretty damn good. You can change straight to the 48 megapixel mode and that does that kicks in so that’s, obviously uncompressed raw shots. I would say portrait and you can change the bouquet effect and all that sort of stuff panorama and beauty mode which mmm it may make things look prettier or make you look like an alien. It really depends. We change to video mode as well as slow motion. I’M, not sure what resolution we can do. Oh okay, so that’s slow motion, but we’ll go video okay. So we can do the video quality as 1920 by 1080, 720p, 480p and 288 P, which that would look good, but we can’t change anything else.

We can’t do any AAS or anything and we can’t change the frame rate by default, so it’s, probably gon na, be 30fps or around that margin and then the photo settings we can then do the also anti shape. So you can do a is here picture size. You can change that from the 48 megapixel to 12, megapixel, etc, etc, and you can do a watermark as well. I’Ll probably do a watermark for one or two shots, but we’ll see how we go. The camera layout reminds me of the Hawaii 30 pro setup sort of thing, because you can do like the AI settings and stuff and HDR as well up here. I think it’s, the Hopi 30 pros sort of camera settings that look exactly like this, be you can do AI and all that sort of stuff, HDR, doesn’t toggle automatically you’ve got to do it yourself. Well, the stock application seems pretty packed full features and stuff. The only thing that I’m not seeing, though, is a pro rode. No doesn’t seem like there’s any pro mode which it’s strange but okay, unless it’s hidden somewhere, but I probably won’t use it. I’Ll just use the automatic stuff, anyways, okay, so coming to photos. This is just a random photo that I took while I was at my car. I just decided to take a quick snap and there was a bunch of birds hanging around. I can’t remember what they are, but did them things and they were everywhere.

Sorry that’s fully zoomed in and look the contrast is a little bit muddy and the lighting was exactly the best for this price point: it’s, not too bad, and then I done a two times optical zoom just here, and you can see them a little bit closer. They’Re, very very blurry, but you know you get the sort of idea of the whole optical zoom stuff. So now I stood in the exact same spot and I done an ultra wide shot and a normal shot. This is normal that’s ultra wide, and you know detail is sorry. Sorry there’s a lot of noise happening at the back here, but you know what a cord camera setup on the cheap it works, so we’ll jump into the usual camera test now and I’ll. Show you guys what pictures I can manage to snap out of this thing. Music, Music, Music, all right testing, the video quality on the MDG have a three remember: fun, let’s, just going through they serve on the folks here. It’S a bit laggy and doesn’t seem to be any AOS on at the moment. We can do a two times optical zoom, and we do have autofocus working quite well to sweep off the brick wall as well. So you can see all the details random bolts, installed on now why it’s a very depressed looking face. Finally, we have Stuart the NARM I’ve decided to call him Stuart after a viewer said to call him Stewart after passions it’s a tribute to him per se.

I hope that’s not offensive questions it’s now the time of the year where the birds nest, they God not, and his lemon tree still needs to be destroyed or okay in testing Lee from video quality for the humidity Palfrey seems to be pretty good. It looks like to high definition. This is no beauty mode or anything like that. I don’t think that yeah it’s picking up everything quite well, including me, you, if all went well you’ve, seen some lovely photos and stuff that I took with this device. No, I would say that they’re gon na be pretty good, but future may correct me if I’m wrong look, I would say, they’re fine, it takes pretty decent shots and it does have all the dedicated lenses that it does say. So I am very happy with that. Not too strong for your quality, though sorry let’s just say that it’s good next up, we might as well do the YouTube test. So I’ll go ahead and open up YouTube. No, I wish I had right before my videos. They love me inception. Yay I’ve always wanted to do this again, so YouTube test plays at 1080p and it looks fairly clear. Alright, so the speaker isn’t the most clearest one in the world. We don’t have dual speakers. We only have the bottom firing. One it’s, not the most latest thing in the world, there’s another most clearest thing in the world, but it does work and it’s, certainly better than some of the past ones.

I’Ve had a look at anyways, but YouTube at 1080p will be absolutely fine on this thing. No doubt about it and let me have the browser it opened up out of the human digi website and then I clicked on the power 3 and it’s taken me to Aliexpress, but it is on banggood for pretty much the exact same price, yeah, quad, camera monster, That’S, what it is quad camera monster, but yeah. You know what browsing is fine, obviously, four gigs of ram chips, two full years of storage and even switching into desktop mode as well, and see the colors and all that sort of stuff on the screen, which actually looks pretty good. And I have no doubts that internet browsing is going to be perfectly fine on this thing and then this is sort of branching off the YouTube chest will do the speaker test using McGowan’s BFG division from the 2016 doom game which doom eternal come on? Man it’s? Something like 16 days away just come. Wait, wait, come wait! Okay, so we’ll bump it to like 40 seconds or something put it at about do half way. First, use my little sound meter, Jigga my thing and let’s see how it goes. Applause all right now, we’ll bump it up to football Applause, Music, all right, so we got some 101.7 decibels, which is mm, hmm I’ve, seen louder and I’ve seen more clearer, but this will do the job I mean when we tear down we’ll, see how big the Speaker is inside of this unit, but you know what, for the most part, it does the job.

Fine one commenter will add, though, is that from 50 to 100 there was no increase. It’S like 50 is the absolute max and then 100 is just basically 50 still. I don’t know just just agree with me: I’m gon na plug in some headphones and see if the sound enhancement kicks in alright, so playing through headphones feels a little bit flat to me, but it could be just me there wasn’t enough sort of bass and it Sort of just sounded a little bit muddled but, as I said just could be me, but I don’t know, depending on the type of headphones you use, it might change the audio effect, but changing the best loudness or whatever it is that’s in the settings. Didn’T really do much anyways speak wise, it’s, acceptable, let’s. Just put it that way, all right time to see the capabilities of gaming. On this thing with a big screen, a big battery life you’d think hey she’ll be out of place in games on here. For quite a while, so let’s do exactly that. I’Ve got a Call of Duty minecraft only the trial version. I know cheaper and I’ve got asphalt 9, which some of you guys said to test that instead of Navy speed, so I’ll do that so let’s go ahead and load up Call of Duty and see what that looks like all right, full of duty up and running Let’S change the graphics to the highest, which we cannot.

Okay, I let’s put depth of field on and realistic dynamics will do realistic. Ok, I know I’m running around in circles and it’s only a practice. I our match whatever but it’s, running super smooth, it’s medium settings, which seems to be good. Nice, yeah, no I’m, not really good at this at all, but uh. You know what it’s definitely playable. I just walked into a poll. I just walked into a barbed wire fence. I just walked into a truck I’m, really good at this I’m, just gon na walk into a house and get killed. Are you camping? Are you camping you mind if I join sweet, all right cool got some coffee nope. Just throw a grenade out the window didn’t, you yep, you just jumped out the window. All right, no worries call the Judy at medium settings basically ran flawlessly without any dramas whatsoever. Just it plays, and obviously it’s playing at 1080p because said, screen is 1080p colours. Look very vibrant, so I’m very happy with that. So let’s go ahead and try minecraft and see how that goes. I think that would be pretty much the same as Call of Duty around. Quite fine back of the device is actually fairly cool, unlike some other previous devices who have had a look at where it feels quite hot on the back because of playing games, it heats up. Obviously this it’s warm but it’s in a hot and here’s Minecraft, yeah I’m.

Terrible at this sorry I mean that’s. Looking like 60 FPS, I would say: that’s jump. My bad dig, dig, dig, dig, dig dig! I can’t dig because I don’t have anything to dig: dig dig with Minecraft. Definitely playable 100 playable. I just don’t, have the full game: yep! No! Well, that’s perfectly fine, all cows, hello, hey! We should invite Peter for the BBQ. Ok, minecraft is a or ok, so let’s go with asphalt and see what we can see. Oh it’ll, be cars, racing around and stuff game off, hi member Gameloft also. Presumably, this is like one of the most demanding mobile games at the moment, but if you guys have any other suggestions for games that I should try on here, except for pub G cuz um, I don’t really want to go into pub. He matches and kind of like bail on them and stuff. All this could be copyrighted. I’Ll have to fix that yeah. Let me know in the comments, if there’s any other games that are like a super super difficult to run on you know, mobile devices that are usually high requirements runs ROM. I Drive Ferrari. Okay, yes, I just pulls it and you’re sound okay, music. Sorry, just in guys it’s copywriters, you know oh Jesus wait. Do I even have to control the call okay that way, all now that’s impossible? Okay, well, asphalt works I’m used to need for speed, no limit, so that’s just kind of not my cup of tea.

I think I don’t drink cup of tea, so it’s all good, a little bit laggy in some areas but, as I said, if you guys have any other games that do require a decent phone to play. Let me know down in the comments and I’ll be sure to try it out on the next device that I have anyways let’s go ahead and try Geekbench. Now this is game. Bench 5 nah kink bench 4, which is the old version it’s the newer version, which means that we should get the proper scores this time around and we have the CPU, which is the MT 6, 7, 7, 1 V C, which is part of the Helio P. 60 chipset. Alright, so let me go ahead and run the CPU benchmark and while that doesn’t sing I’ve got time to make myself some noodles. Ok results are in now have 292 was a single core score and 1389 for the multi core score: 2 gigahertz frequency. For weeks Ram all that good stuff, so yeah, I think the c 17 was. I can’t remember our last splice it in here because I’m, not too sure what it was on a c 17 Pro, but I think that’s fairly good I’m, pretty sure that’s fairly good anyways. Well, just in case I have downloaded droid info just to see these specifications and see if it comes up with anything info about the camera, yeah sure that’s, fine, it’s, that’s fine.

I trust in well here display 2340 by 1080 yep, all good Helio, P. 60. Chipset. All the cores running Molly G semi to render our 4 gigs of RAM 64 gigs of storage, the camera 48 megapixel, 1.9 megapixel plus thirteen point four megapixel. 1. Point: 9. 12: megapixel! Ok, ok! So why is there five cameras listed for there, but one camera there’s? Not six cameras on this devices only 5 – I am confused. Ok, let’s just nod and agree, no worries, Phil doesn’t show anything. Battery doesn’t show much senses actually have a decent amount of senses going on here. So yeah that’s, pretty cool. Look I’m pretty happy with the specifications of this device. As you guys have said, human did. She doesn’t have any reason to lie about their specifications or anything like that. I don’t know here to prove them wrong or anything. I just want to make sure that what you are paying for is what you’re gon na get and it’s absolutely correct. Now what I want to do is I want to tear this down, because I want to see just how big the batteries inside this thing if it takes up, you know that much space or if it’s I don’t know I just want to see the layout inside This thing and give my final conclusion – and I think call this video because it’s getting on the longer side at the moment, so let’s go ahead and power.

This thing off, it’s, not a thing it’s a year, Medici power, three and that’s. It prepare for a teardown. Honestly, I’m wanting to see the camera setup that’s my main sort of priority. With this I want to see the camera setup. I wan na see if there’s any thermal stuff going on underneath here, we’ll see what happens anyways as we’ve already talked about the rear of this foreign is all plastic, which I guess is good in a way, and you get the case as well, which will protect It if you drop it and all that sort of stuff and there’s no glass on the back so it’s, not gon na shatter unlock the front. If you drop that you might get a couple of cracks in it, but that case is there stop anything from happening now. When I first actually looked at this, I thought it said a quad camera, but it says a eye quad camera, so that’s, my bad anyways, with no notable screws to pop off. I believe we just literally rip off said cover and get into it. So let’s do that and it’s literally just as simple as popping the rear cover off, and then we have to find out where the fingerprint sensor is connected and take that off. So, in order to remove the back cover, I’m gon na have to take off the back screws here. So let me go ahead and do that and then we can have a look at the internals.

Are, alternatively, just do that because it’s a lot easier, but there is a rear of the phone here, as you can see or plastic does have some contacts for the antenna bands going around here, which yeah nothing out of the ordinary all right? Well, let’s have a look at the battery, then so there it is there the 6150 milliamp power battery. That is a big boy we can’t get to that. Quite yet, because we need to take this off and there is the NFC just there, which I said when I was testing it, that it be there somewhere all right. Okay, taking the rear casing off the device, we can see that the flash is just an independent module itself and it just communicates by the board via three contacts just near that camera just there. I also have some more signals just up there, that’s, probably where the secondary microphone would be, and in the instruction manual I did say that there’s a second microphone at the top here, but doesn’t appear to be. Unless that there is one I don’t really know anyways. We can now take the fingerprint sensor off which hopefully I didn’t damage. We can now disconnect the battery and let’s see if the battery is removable there’s. These convenient little pull tabs here. Other batteries about to just fly out, but that’s, okay, yeah that’s, our big boy. There, with that out of the device it now feels cheap, but this with this in it it’s all the way to it, but that is the human digi, 6150 milliamp hour battery, my god and that’s easy to just reinstall back in just slow it back in and Put the sticky back over it or if you want to put some more adhesive there, whatever but uh it’s serviceable.

So if you do have any battery issues within the warranty period, obviously humidity will replace it. You might be able to replace it yourself if things go wrong. This was made on the 15th of the 10th 2019, so yeah do not required to discharge before recharge doesn’t, make much sense. Don’T disassemble battery by yourself, well, I’ve taken it out. So you know can’t! Stop me now: the Flex ribbons themselves are actually branded, which is pretty cool, and they just go show up here. Oh that doesn’t, look really good here! I’Ll show you guys that there is just I that’s the the display yeah it’s, the display and it’s just sort of crumpled in there I guess it’s, okay, but that dent in the flex, cable or a man that feels bad before we get to the cameras. I just want to take off the bottom speaker area and just see what’s under here once they are big. The speaker is, should be just the normal box type one that we’ve seen on many other devices, but hey you never know. I just realized that a little coat on here power through corresponds to this device. Being the human did you power three whoops there’s a speaker. There it’s actually fairly big, no more the little details there, no waterproofing mesh or anything it’s, just pretty basic. Coming to the rear PCB. We can see the type c USB port no waterproofing seal around it, and that goes for the headphone jack as well.

The bottom microphone is just there and the signal cable leads directly up into the top PCB, but otherwise yeah that’s fairly basic there’s. Nothing really to see, go ahead and put this back on and then we’ll come up to the top PCB to have a look at what we hear I’ll. Finally, look at. Obviously I want to take the PCB out so let’s go ahead and do that and lifting the boy out of the frame shows we actually do have a dab of thermal paste shown there, as well as a little thermal foam piece just over it’s, a bit sort Of misplaced but that’s okay there’s also been a thermal goop on the main camera. Just there that’s a bit of a strange one. At least it has thermal paste to help with some heat dissipation, which is always something that I was wondering with these cheaper phones. If they’re ever going to have that, and while here it is so that is extremely good to see, and we can also see you cutout for the front camera just there as well, has a little gasket just around there to protect the camera from you know sliding Any where the earpiece is there, as well as well as the proximity sensor and all that sort of good stuff, a little tiny vibration motor just there and the little context for the power buttons and all that sort of stuff. Alright, alright come on let’s show you the guts and let’s go over the cameras, so the top here we have our depth camera, which is a five megapixel one.

Then we have our main 48 megapixel one here which has some movement to it. Not a lot, though I don’t think it would qualify for having any OIS that’s, definitely a pretty beasty camera there. Then we have our 120 degree ultra wide camera just installed there, and then we finally have our little 5 megapixel macro lens, adjust here now the macro one connects just here: the ultra wide connects there. The 48 megapixel one connects on the back there just where this thermal paste is just randomly located and the depth camera is just connected just there, but every single one is an individual camera. There’S no BS going on. It is just exactly what it is. It is four cameras right there, you see it, I see it. We all see it well done you Medici. There is our little 16 megapixel front camera and he’s just a little guy, but he will do the job. Just fine, that is the motherboard of the Yuma DG power 3 and it’s good to see all the cameras, all modular you pick up, cheers look. I would put it back in and say you know, take one out and see what it does. But honestly, I don’t think it’s worth it. They all do their separate functions. They all do something different for a budget phone with four rear cameras, that’s just crazy. That is good stuff. I definitely admire the engineering that’s going on here and, finally, just for an added bit of stability to the actual structure.

They’Ve actually put a metal frame just in here, it’s, not plastic or anything that is a full on metal frame to the LCD there. So if I do a bend test on it, I’m sure it’s not gon na, do anything catastrophic because of this holding it together. So there you go. That is a teardown that was actually fairly interesting to see that now, I’ve got to put it all back together. Phones back together and I’m happy to report that everything is working as good as it should, except I forgot to put one screw in so I don’t know where that went: that’s. Okay, it still works anyways. If you do want to see the spec list here, it is here feel free to pause the video and have a read of all of that. But that is what you are getting for: 150 USD, which i think is a very, very good dealio, which brings us to the pros and cons of this foreign sauron and put that over this side and redo my pros and cons so for prose there. There are so many pros strength about excellent features for the money, excellent specs for the money as well very fast and reliable stock Android 10 with zero bloatware. As far as I could say, there’s like zero blade way. It is just like stock. We got a Helio p6 d octa core 4 gigs of RAM 64 gigs of storage, dual 4 J standby as well it’s expandable memory up to 256 gig, a very respectable 6.

5 3 inch, 1080p display with a hole punch camera, which I found to be absolutely perfect. While using this, the quad cameras set up on the back of this device gets a double band, aided thumbs up from me and combining all of that with the stock camera app, which is more than usable for everyday use. The massive 6000 150ml amp hour battery that’s in this thing can last for days depending on your usage. Of course, even if you are a heavy user, you should be able to get at least two days out of this no problems. This is a solid performer with games that I tried call the dirty Minecraft and asphalt played them with no problems whatsoever. The bonus thermal paste added for better heat dissipation inside of this device, and he added a thermal stuff inside of the device, is better than nothing. Usb type c and a headphone jack, which in 2020 a lot of phones, don’t, have a headphone jack anymore and you have to buy little adapters and stuff, for this still has it, which gets another point from me. Quick charge support a full charge from this device. Took about three hours that’s from my test, I didn’t use the original charger. I used a Samsung charger and from 0 to 100, took about three hours, which i think is pretty reasonable, fingerprint and face. Unlock are also very nice and fast and very responsive and an unbelievably good unboxing experience that thank you card is just it’s it’s, excellent, that little detail.

There alone is just like a major positive from me coming to the cons. The loudspeaker isn’t, the greatest in the world you’ll find that it’s pre sort of muffled and it’s not exactly the most clearest thing in the world, but for most everyday tasks it will get the job done. The NFC can be a bit if you I’ve tried it with a few different things, and sometimes it reads, and sometimes it doesn’t read depending on the location, but it is up in this sort of area here so that’s, where you’ve got to sort of aim it. If you don’t like thick devices, then this definitely isn’t going to be for you and if you don’t, like heavy devices, this also isn’t going to be for you, because it weighs 218 grams, which is heavier than the note 10 plus, I believe, but the thickness is Due to the massive battery that’s added in the device, no optical image, stabilization on the main 48 megapixel camera, which is a bit of a letdown, it would have been nice if they did implement that. But we do have a is and that works for the most part and with the stock camera. If you want a pro mode, you might have to go with open camera, which I have installed open camera on this, and you can switch between all the cameras and all the different functions and stuff in here. So that is all good, so you can change front camera.

You can change to that. You can change to that. You can change that. You can change that. I tried to do 60fps and no, it didn’t work. So there you go, but if you need a pro mode, I’d go with open camera or some other third party application. All up for this device, though it’s a solid performer for 150 us there are fines from Xiaomi, Oppo and all that sort of stuff. That will offer the same specs, maybe better for the money, but altogether for the first time, looking at an uma DG phone, I am very impressed with what has been offered. The cameras are solid, the performance is solid. The battery life is amazing, and I found this to be the best phone I’ve reviewed on this channel so far and I’m glad I got the opportunity to have a look at it. If this is what you mean, DG offers 150 USD imagine one of their top tier ones. It would be an absolute beast to have a look at. I can’t say anything that is negative about this. To be honest, like I love this device and uma did you deserve some love for making a phone that is free of bloatware and offers everything you need for a hundred and fifty US dollars. So with all that being said and done, I think that this review has come to an end. Finally, I know it has gone on for so long, but I wanted to cover everything that I possibly could about this device and I think I’ve done that if I’ve missed out on anything, please let me know now in the comments, but I want to give a Big THANK YOU to kiddo Pam for organizing this sample to be sent out to me and for me to have a look at this.

This is an amazing device for money and I can’t say anything bad about it: it’s it’s, good man. It is actually good. It plays games, it’s got four rear cameras, it just it’s good it’s, good. I like it. I definitely had a positive experience with this device and look the bezels as well. I mean you can see them, but they’re, not that bad at all. As I said, it’s. Basically, like yes, 10, this is 150 US dollars. You know once again, you can check this out in the description below, as well as the first pen comment. However, as I said, it is an affiliate link, so once you do click out, I think I get a small commission for clicks and purchases. So if you’re completely against that that’s fine, you can go google it and go use. Another link, if you want to, but if you want to just go straight to that that’s fine, whatever way, is easy with you guys. If you think that you want to purchase this device to just play around with and stuff, I mean it’s, yeah it’s, a very positive. You know thumbs up from me to plastered band aided thumbs up from me, so you know that’s good anyways. I hope you all enjoyed this video review for what it was. I know it went too long as I said, but this is what I love to do, and this is helping my mental health considerably. If I keep doing this, I feel good at the end of the day and no matter how many negative comments that I do get on YouTube.

I just have to keep my head held up high and say I’m doing something good I’m doing something that I feel good with and just remember you are worth it. You can do this and if you are going through a rough time, just remember that you are more than enough. You can do this, and that is what I have to tell myself every day that I can do this and I can be a youtuber it’s gon na hit you right in the fields, but trust me if you’re feeling down and stuff like that talk to someone It really does help honestly, it really does and just keep your head held up high, ignore the negative comments, ignore the negativity and just keep doing what you love, and that is exactly what I’m doing so that’s enough for me.