You can actually buy in 2020. But despite that, ruggedness that serious durability. It hasn’t compromised in certain other areas like the performance, and it was opposed to a massive 6300 milliamp battery, which supports wireless charge and even the Doogie r68 probe will cost you two hundred forty quid. If you grab it from Amazon, don’t call it. You can actually pick it up than just 219 US dollars via the Dewey website right now, let’s get it unboxed all set up. Take a tour of the whole room, the software. So you know what to expect and for the list where it’s tech please do poke, subscribe and ding that notifications Bell cheers first up, of course, let’s see what you actually get in the box, so you got your pokey pin device structure. You get your sim and the thing you’ve got your bit of instruction manual action. Great three pin plug adapter all comes in there very tightly. Indeed, and of course, your USB charging cable it’s a bit types, irreversible action, always good to see screw that micro, USB nonsense and then, of course, the phone itself. So, as you can see there, the doogie s60 8 pro is an absolute Godzilla of the smartphone world. As you kind of expect from a durable handset, you’ve got a Templi screen protector, just how to protect the the doogie’s display during transit and everything. It looks like there’s. Actually another screen protector underneath as well, which looks more of a permanent screen protector.

Unfortunate it’s kind of bobbled up in this top corner here, so I might just take that off as well. There we go and apart that you’ve got a double layer of Gorilla Glass. 4. Here on the doogie s60, it pause display anyways. I should hopefully help to prevent any scratching, cracking and so on. I will be doing a full drop test in a bit so stay tuned. For that this thing certainly looks like an absolute tanks. We should be able to put up with all kinds of punishment on the move, nor worries actually got a rubberized finish around the corners and the back felt just help to absorb any impact. If you do happen to drop it, you’ve got a titanium, aluminium alloy engine as well just to provide an extra bit of structural integrity, see ya, Doogie reckon to be able to drop this thing for the distance about 1.5 meters with nor hauntin. As I see it, I’ll be doing a full drop test at the end of this video so have a quick whizz around the hole of the design of the doogie s 68 processor here on the right edge. Of course, you’ve got your power button and your volume rocker down below you’ve got your charging. Ports actually covered up with a little rubbery flap thing that’s, because the phone is ip68 water and dust resistance, such as helps to prevent any water from getting into that port. You’Ve got a similar flappy thing here on the left edge just for your SIM card and your microSD memory card, and, oh, my god, is that stiff as anything.

You know to try using some bonus tools to actually get this thing up and come on. My fingernails are already destroyed, but I mean really very cold Jesus, as you can see. Even once you’ve got this little rubbery fluff up and you’ll still need to stick a paper clip in there to get the little drawer out and when you finally eventually get that tray out you’ll see you’ve got room for two SIM cards and a micro SD memory Card, as for the rest is designed well it’s, a nice chunky monkey with a good bit of heft. Of course, as you can see there, you can grab it in straight of black level, as you can get this flame orange model, which, as you can see, they just adds a touch of color, makes it a little bit more interesting. It of course, have a rear mounted fingerprint sensor slightly indented in at the surface, so it’s easier to find just beneath the camera shy see, there seems to be a good position and natural fit for the fingertip and, as you can see there bit of NFC support As well grand okay, it looks like we’ve got a bit of power in there already so let’s get it all set up and have a bit of a tour of the hardware. The software look Wow that was unnecessarily loud, alright, so all set up here on the doogie s 68 corner. First up, as you can see, the fingerprint sensor works in absolute charm, just tap your digit to that scanner, and you immediately are unlocked into your desktops and you’ve also got a face, unlock feature as well, which you can use if, for instance, your fingers of in Gloves or covered in muck or whatever so just get that enrolled and then we’ll be able to test out pierce and lock feature so let’s.

Give that one a go just power on the device and, as you can see, boom straight into the desktop is very little hesitation. Indeed, so yeah seems to work a charm and the duke es 68 ball can illuminate that screen. So if your are in a dark environment, hopefully it’ll still be able to scan your face and get you unlocked in a jiffy, so it’s a good bit of Android action. Obviously, but it is the older Android 9. Unfortunately, here on the s60 8 poor, not the fresh new Android 10 OS, not sure if an update will happen. Hopefully at some point. But I wouldn’t hold your breath exactly as you can see. It has been skinned as well to just change up some of the icons. The look in the field diving at the sense it’s a strangely monochrome vibe to it all as well. They’Ve really bled the colours in there. As you see, you’ve got all kinds of bonus tools on there as well a dedicated flashlight more to turn on that incredibly bright area, flash diamonds, the tool bangs you’ve got the likes of a level magnifying option: sound measurement, height measurement, all kinds of stuff that’s. You know handyman or anyone doing a bit of dye DIY. It would find useful. You also have a custom key here on the left edge below that’s, a rather pesky sim and micro SD flap. So if we just dive in here, you can enable it at any point and the one press function.

You can select your favorite apps let’s, see it let’s, have that open up the camera and then, if we long press it let’s, have it opening up a phone app see it so let’s give that a go, and then, if we’re, just in our best tops or Whatever give it a quick tap, you open up a cam, rep, brilliant and a long press, and there goes the four and up great stuff, as well as the screen goals. That’S a 5.9 inch IPS panel with a full HD resolution. As you can see quite thick chunky, bezels around the edge and as you kind of expect from a durable handset let’s just give this a go, so the visuals are certainly perfectly crisp. Thanks to that full HD resolution. The fact that it’s, not a massive panel, is worth five point. Nine inches is actually one of the more compact efforts that I’ve checked out recently on top right intercepts that you find should be fine for outdoors use and the rest viewing angles and the rest are absolutely York here. Colors, definitely a little bit more subdued sort of. Definitely on the more natural sidewall and the more poppy side, because that’s absolutely fine for your everyday use for just boost up and the volume to maximum it’s, a mono speaker setup here on the doogie s 68 pro, and is this tiny rear mounted speaker here? If you cover that up – and basically everything has muffled up so you’ll have to make sure you don’t accidentally cover it up with your fingers or anything when you’re clutching the thing there’s something more headphone jack here on the doogie s, 68 por si obviously stuck with Bluetooth, you want to collect spare headphones or whatever.

I have fun that the wireless connectivity can be a little bit rocky on some of these durable devices, because, obviously they’re quite heavily encased in order to protect them, touch. What I’ve connected to a Bluetooth speaker and that connection is absolutely fine. The Wi Fi connection is coming through nice and strong and stable as well. So a video streaming all that’s been absolutely fine, as well as for the performance. Well, it’s a Healey or P 70 chipset from mediatek stuffed inside the doogie s60 air pro that’s all comparable in terms of the performance to the likes. The stuff around 660 typically found in smartphones around the sort of 200 pound price point. So I’m expected an everyday performance to be absolute. Flying on this thing, if you’re just gon na be you know, checking your meal checking websites streaming a bit of media stuff. Oh, that should be absolutely find the old, stutter and stammer. I would imagine probably a light, but a game and we’ll be fine as well on the likes of pub G and such forth that perform. You should definitely be helped along by these six gigs of RAM stuffed inside. As for the storage as well, you get 128 gigabytes of storage onboard, as you can see. Most of that is free for use, and once you booted up for the first time and you’ve, got that my crusty memory, Cod support as well again up to 128 gigs they’re, giving you a total of 256 gigs to play with plenty of space.

What are the other highlights of the doogie s60 airport? Besides the durability and everything has to be the battery life, this thing has got a 6300 mini amp sells stuffed inside of that Robert gigantic friend, deafening full use of that space. That should easily give you a couple bit even three or so days of use between charges. You’Ve got the usual battery saver, more than everything, it’s sports 24. What fast chargers, for hopefully an hour and a half two hours at the plug, will fill up that massive capacity battery and it even supports wireless charging as well, which is pretty much unheard of at this sort of asking price got 10 watt wireless charger. You can even do a bit of 5 watt reverse wireless charging as well. If you want to power up something like a pair of headphones or something that supports wireless charging, just slap it on the back job done and the last bit technically to check out before we dare to do the drop test. Is that rear mounted triple lens at camera, of course, so what you’ve got as a rather unusual 21 megapixel primary lens and that’s, backed by an 8 megapixel ultra wide lens, adds an 8 megapixel telephoto lens, which gives a 2 times optical zoom, not totally sure how To make the most of those telephoto an ultra wide angle, lenses, you can tap here to go to a five time, zoom, which is obviously a combination of the optical and just straightforward digital and then tap again to go back to 1 times as much out.

Actually, you ties the ultra wide angle, all the telephoto lenses you can kind of pinch zoom but I’m, not sure how to zoom out to use that wide angle lens. As I see it, looks like you can shoot up to 1080p resolution videos there’s no 4k option. Sadly, we’ve got a Bakke a portrait mode as well. If you just want to blur the background, make your subject really stand out. You’Ve got face, Beauty more, like certainly use a bit of that. As you see, you just have a bit topless little icon down here. Can get you a nice and white? I don’t need to be any whiter. I think if I was any white, so I’d probably just be invisible. I can smooth out some of those wrinkles and everything and to even slim, your face if you’ve been hitting the pork pies a bit too heavily and then, if you swipe down, you’ve, got access to a variety of other bonus, including and might mod for pro controls. As well, if you want to mess around with ISO levels and white balance and exposure levels and the like so right, leave options. I’Ll be perfectly honest: I’m not expected to produce particularly stunning photos and video irregularly fairly perfunctory stuff. Absolutely five! If you just take some everyday shots but yeah, I tip putting be quite limited as far as the photo and video chops go. Alright, there is the doogie s 68 port in a nutshell, as you can see a pretty decent little durable Hansa.

If you want something, that’s gon na be super rugged, ip68 and drop resistant as well with a massive battery to keep you going for ages and all sort of respectable display performance, all the rest of it, then this will do the job for a price that won’t Break the bank and now it’s time to go and drop the hell out of it and see if it actually survives right here, I am outside in the rain, got the doogie s 68 pro all set up and everything let’s drop it from a height of around About 1.5 meters, which is what they reckon it would survive. So yep drop the duty s 68 Pro about five six times from head height and every single time. Absolutely fine eclis actually see a single scratch or scuffle little chip or dent or anything on it anywhere. So it definitely seems to pass the durability test, so you have it. That is the doogie s. 68 Pro and a nutshell: please do leave your comments down below what you think of this bad boy. It’S Sully looks like it will survive the test of pretty much anything really and please do poke subscribed in the notifications bar and have yourselves a lovely week.