I could already check out this phone for you guys and today in this video I’ll. Let you know if it’s worth the money or not, but talking about money. We are doing a little challenge today. So guess how much this phone will retail for and write it down below into the comments now whoever’s guessing it will get his or her comment pinned as long as it’s, not rooms, so let’s go alright guys. So there we go here’s. The brand new Huawei p4 delight and, as you can see, this here is the green version and it’s the main color for my country, which is Austria by the way greetings to all my Austrian friends and well, as you can see, it’s looking really beautiful, so it’s Available in different colors, but yeah I’ve got the green version right over here, but before we have a closer look at the phone let’s check out what we can find inside of the box because of well this time. The p4 delight also supports some higher wattage quick charging and, as we can see right over here, it has a Huawei supercharger, and this is the 40 watt supercharger, as you know, from other Huawei phones, really huge and well it’s, pretty cool, because the light series is A cheaper version of the P series, but still it packs the same battery technology, so a huge battery. By the way we have here inside a four thousand two hundred million BIOS battery, so that’s quite a lot for that six point: four inch full HD plus screen with the keyring 810, alright guys.

That is what you can find inside of the box and now let’s. Take a closer look at the phone, so, as you can see the display right over here, it’s six point: four inches full HD, plus it’s called a punch full view display because well we have here a front facing camera. That front facing camera is 16 megapixels and we have a quad camera on the back. Now the quad camera it’s not like a branded, so that’s um yeah, always on the light series, so they’re using some cheaper lenses but still I’m. The same Huawei technology inside and the camera on. This phone supports a 48 megapixel, F, 1.8 camera, so it’s the right upper one. Then we have a 2 megapixel bokeh lens who have 2f 2.4. Then we have a 2 megapixel macro lens with F 2.4 and we have an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle, lens with F 2.4, so that are basically the quad cameras here on the Huawei p4 delight, so nice shiny backside attracts a little bit of fingerprints but it’s. Looking really gorgeous to be honest, and what do we have here? A side mounted fingerprint scanner which acts as a power button. I will show you the fingerprint scanner, just in a second because well it’s, actually really fast and reliable. Talking about other specs of the phone. We have six gigabytes of RAM plus 128 gigabytes of storage and yeah. The body is made out of plastic, but still it’s, pretty good quality plastic dough.

Now we have a headphone jack on the light serious. So, on the light series, there is still a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack here at the bottom, a type C port and a single speaker so well. The earpiece is up at the front and, as you can see, really tiny bezel a little bit curved for sure. We have a chin right over here, a little bit so it’s, not a super flagship phone, but for the price which you guys have to guess: it’s, actually, a really really cool phone alrighty, guys volume button also placed on the right side, along with the power button And that’s, basically the phone from the outside, but now let’s take it to us to look on how it performs so well. This phone is running Android, so even though Huawei is banned, this phone still runs Android. I can show you that quickly, because some people actually don’t believe it, but first of all I have set my smart phone to English, so guys all the way down here at about the phone. You can actually see once again that this is the p4 delight running Android 10, with emui version, so emotion, UI. 10. Point 0.1. Now this is not a finished software. So please keep this in mind guys. There are some bugs right now inside and they will be fixed with the final software. So, as always, keep that in mind now it’s not coming of the Google Play Store, because, while all the new Huawei phones, they will come with the Huawei app gallery, which is by the way pre installed already guys.

So there we go. This is the Huawei app gallery and, as you can see, there are many many apps inside so it’s getting more and more it’s, not that much like in the Google Play Store, definitely not but they’re trying to get cooperations with all the big app makers like viber Rakuten there is adidas, there is tick tock there is Amazon, so it’s getting more and more and more, and also really many local apps like in my country, banking apps. They are also pushing their applications to the vari epp gallery because well there are we app gallery. Has so many uses and if they put their applications there for sure they can get all the users with Huawei devices, which is a big plus for that makers? Now it will take some time until we see all the applications in there, but, as you can see, also games like asphalt 9. If you cannot find an application, while we at gallery, I made a video on how to get apps on huawei smartphones, like on the Midford Pro, and you can find it up here already guys that’s the vari epp gallery, but also, if you go to facebook.com, slash Android, you can super easily download Facebook here directly same for whatsapp and many many more apps, also for YouTube, desert, workaround and well, even though that phone has not the Google mobile services, you can really do everything on your own, with just a few more clicks.

So it’s pretty simple and have a few tutorials on my channels if you interested check them out now that’s regarding the software, as you can see, regular emu, i 10 – you can see here. This is a non official version, so guys. Please keep that in mind. If there are bugs inside well, this will be fixed until the release. Then, as you can see here, we have the usual stuff. The phone has NFC all kinds of connectivity things. It has dark mode because it’s, Android, 10 and dark mode is really something I really like now. Yeah let’s go quickly here, maybe to the second page. So here, as you can see, it always has a few corporations with app makers. I’M, not sure if that will be also on your phone in your country, but yeah you can actually uninstall all the applications you don’t want so they’re not integrated into the system and the system. Rom itself is actually really clean. Now let’s have a look at the camera because this is actually interesting, so we have here under the photo mode I’m, actually not only 48 megapixels maximum. We have that AI ultra clarity now ai ultra clarity. Well, it takes small pictures over a couple of time and then it’s, probably yes, putting them together with different exposure levels or something like that. At least. It looks like that and the pictures turn out to be sharper have better better exposure in the shadows and yeah.

You will see more about that in my full camera review. If we switch it to video, you can actually see the maximum video resolution right now and this better software is 1080p, so I’m, not 100 sure if this will stay. I probably think this is just because of the early software and I just need to check the specs of the ki rin 810. If it can record 4k, I guess yes and yeah let’s see if this will actually have 4k in the future. Now beauty mode is not all night checked all that already, but while it shows 1080p here in the video settings for the front facing camera, we have the 16 megapixels. As you can see so there’s. Nothing new here and videos are up to 1080p for the front facing camera as well, there’s also always night mode inside, which also works now for the front facing camera that’s, something which is super amazing and yeah. There is a our lens for ya, so basically for some kind of effects like that anymore, geez and stuff. You have seen on the iPhone already guys here’s some more things. We also have a super macro mode, a pro mode and yes, the motion HDR, and you will see more about that in my full camera review, so make sure to check it out guys well, yeah, um, um, UI 10 is super fast and snappy. So far the screen is really responsive and the screen has also nice viewing angles.

It is an LCD. It is not an all that, but yeah I’m it’s actually a pretty good looking LCD, so there’s, nothing wrong with that. Nice brightness levels, nice, colors in detail and yeah. Looking pretty cool. To be honest, then now let’s do a quick benchmark to see how fast the cure in 810 actually is so guys in antutu. We score here 300000 points which well it’s not at the top of the list, but still for the chipset it’s doing. Okay, alright guys so that’s the performance off the p30 light here in the benchmark now guys here’s a quick gaming test in asphalt 9. Here, on the huawei p4 delight and as you can see, the game is running resolution wise. It doesn’t, look that good, like on the mate 30 Pro, but well the games which, on the App Gallery, are actually optimized for huawei phones, so they run pretty good. Now we can actually play now the different levels that can quickly show you how it looks like and I’m talking about the speaker, it’s using the bottom speaker. Only so the speaker can find right over here, it’s, not using also on the earpiece to act as a secondary speaker, stereo speaker. So keep that in mind now to speak. A quality on the p4 delight sounds ok. So this maximum volume there is no distortion. It’S kinda loud it’s, clear, I mean it’s, ok for for the price, so guys here’s. Now the fingerprint scanner and it’s placed here on the right side and it’s a tiny button because you feel it it actually slides around here, just a tiny little bit.

If you put your finger on it, you have to press it and there we go unlocked so let’s. Try it again, unlock let’s. Try it again unlocked. So the fingerprint scanner is working. Okay, it’s, not that fast, like on huawei flagship devices, but it’s actually accurate enough to get the job done now. You don’t really need to press the button. You just need to rest your finger on the button and, as you can see, it is working, but you can also press the button to get to the lock screen and yeah. It is actually working. Okay, all right guys. That was a quick overview over the features of the p4 delight and stay tuned for Paris in March, because the p40 pro will be a really nice device, so stay tuned, alrighty guys so we’re. Now, here at the end of this video, I really hope that you have enjoyed it and well. The p4 delight is looking quite interesting. It comes with this real nice iconic design, with some really nice colors, a beautiful screen, a big battery, very fast charging and reasonable cameras, and this is actually what the light series is all about. So the light series is for people who want to get a decent camera, which is not on a flagship level who also want to get the great battery which wow is offering also want to get fast charging and want to get a trendy PCRs design. And for that I think the phone will do very good now.

Once again, I want to remind you on the challenge we have today so write down below into the comments. How much you think this phone will retail, for I would be very curious about it and whoever wins will get his or her comment pinned already guys so big thanks for watching this video. There will be more tests, I’m working on a battery drain test coming on.