Yes, oh ll a but first let’s get to know who Allah is let’s, get to know a little bit of background history and origin of Allah. So Allah is a new smartphone contained at home from this table of opera. If you’ve heard of Opie, oh right, oka or cash and all the other rules that are related to opera, including Opera Mini, which is a very popular mobile browser, then there is nothing more to learn about. The company perform the fact that they have started making had ways which is smart phone, so as one of the ways of getting more information into more people’s hands and potentially expanding its line of business, the company has pivoted into hardware industry with the launch of its First, ever series of smartphones, so they wan na have he is called online Note. 3. It makes me wonder if there was anything like go to 1 amp 2 from the brand, ok, so I’m going to unbox. It give you my initial impression what I think about it and to see if it can survive in this competitive space. Ok, so opening the box. By the way, the box looks like a traditional phone box, but the plastic wrap on it makes it feels a little on expiring. So inside the box, you’ve got the phone wrapping a soft plastic for some basic specs about the device. Next, to get it TPU case, you get a customer service card and a Quick Start Guide.

Moving on we’ve got a USB type c charging cable and lastly, we’ve got a 10 watt fast charger and that’s pretty much it inside the box, there’s no earpiece or anything related to that ok back to the device. I want to tell you that this doesn’t feel bad at all. It looks and feels nice. It is made from plastic there’s, nothing too special here. The colour javi is called breathing crystal. It looks and feels alright, but I believe they could have done better. For example, the pop up camera is not operate, strict, it bends a little to the right and also it doesn’t feel solid. It feels a little shaky and it doesn’t retract if it detects a freefall or accidental drop like most other pop up camera. Do I know this is the company’s first attempt on something like this, which is a smart phone, and I believe little issues like this would be sorted out on next iteration. On the right hand, side we’ve got the power button and the volume rocker keys to the left we’ve got a hybrid SIM tray that can take drawn a nose thing at once, or a single sim and a micro SD card that’s another catch. It could be a toner for some people on top we’ve got a proximity sensor and a pop up selfie camera at the bottom. We’Ve got the speaker grille. I believe a microphone is hidden in one of these speaker, holes, USB type c charging, ports and there’s.

No headphone jack, okay, so at the back houses, the guacamole setup, which is a 16 plus 2 megapixel camera, a single flash fingerprint scanner and the ola branding. Okay. So for this pack you get a mediatek helio p23 octa core CPU, a phone gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabyte of internal storage, 3300 milliamp per battery, which I feel it is water, too small and lastly, you get under 9 PI out of the box. Ok, so the display looks good from the first impression but I’m going to be testing this device intensively. So you make sure you subscribe to see my full review, so the displays it 1080 by 2345 solution and a 6 point 53 inch display with a pixel density of ‘4 yeah, just watch off my full review because I’m going to go much in depth about the Display, ok, so one of the advantages it has is that the Android version that comes with it looks almost like a stock Android apart from some blue tray that comes bundled with it like the opera news, Opera Mini or play, and everything related to opera and its Subsidiary, outside that, the user interface is pure stock Android. As I said, this is just my initial impression about this device. My full review be coming in few days after I put it through its paces I’m, going to be testing it with pop G, mobile and other games tests. The camera test battery life, the overall performance, the software and the interface then give you my honest thoughts about it.

Also, if there’s anything else, you like me to test or do on this device. Kindly let me know in the comment section below subscribe, so you will miss out. Follow me on my social media handles, I might be posting some sample pictures of a day before the full review comes out thanks.