Back in today’s video, we are checking out another budget friendly device, don’t that I have today. It’S called a real me 5i, and this is a phone that you can buy for about 150 dollars. This is also the global version of this device. So what do we get for that price? Well, first of all, and what impressed me the most is the five thousand milliamp hour battery that we get inside this device. So in one charge you can go for between two to three days and out of that you can get about 16 hours of screen on time. That’S right. You heard that correctly 16 hours of screen time and I have to say that’s quite impressive – for a phone. This cheap, not to mention that it’s better than about 99 of the phone that I’ve tried in the past. We also get a Snapdragon CPU that’s paired with 4 gigs of ram. So this is a snapdragon 616. This is definitely a power efficient, CPU and even though it’s not the fastest CP order, we still get a decent in our phone antutu benchmark score. So you get the score of about one hundred and sixty seven thousand, and you know that if you get a score like that, the phone will do ok for most applications and for most games available in the Google Play Store. We also have a 6.5 inches screen. Now there is no shot of this screen is only 720p and of course, that has to do the great on screen on time that we got, but unfortunately the screen doesn’t get super bright.

So if you take the phone outside in direct sunlight, well, the screen doesn’t. Look that great. But aside from that, the colors do look great the villain idle circuit, but I wish the screen would have been a bit brighter. The phone’s body is made out of plastic and in a way, that’s a good thing, because if you’re gon na drop the phone it’s not gon na break as easily, but at the same time it doesn’t feel as premium as a phone that has glass on the Back or on the phone that has the back made out of metal, but overall it doesn’t look bad for a phone around 150 dollars. Well, the back. Then we also have a physical and the fingerprint scanner, and all you have to do is starch the fingerprint scanner and the screen on long lock and then the scanner and or as good as well. We also have four cameras but to talk about the cameras in a bit the bottom of the device that we have a 3.5 meal or do jack, so you can plug in some headphones. We have the holes for the microphone and there microUSB charging port and I’m. Not sure why they decided to use a micro USB charging port, I mean how much more you are done. Were they saving using one of these ports over a USB C port like a few cents charging the phone takes about two and a half hours as well.

So keep that in mind that if you’re in a rush, you’re gon na have to give the phone some time to actually charge it make sure that we have the holes for the speaker and that’s. The only speaker that external speakers at the phone now has the speaker sounds good, but whenever you are watching a video or playing a game, it’s super easy to cover that speaker. So keep that in mind as well. On the left hand, side we have the volume keys and the slot for the SIM card. Now this phone can take two SIM cards and an SD card at the same time and I think that’s very helpful and we are doing back those four cameras on the back of the device. So we have the mainland’s. We also have an ultra wide lens. Then we have a macro lens and another lens that’s used for portrait mode pictures, so four cameras on a phone that’s, one hundred and fifty dollars the phone has a night mode as well. Now I took some pictures some at night and the pictures look decent but of course, you’re not gon na be able to compare these pictures through the pictures that you take with the flagship device. So the nighttime pictures do look a bit grainy. I like how the pictures taken with the mackerel and some look. They do look somewhat unique and um. You don’t usually get the macro lens with a lot of devices these days and the pictures they are gon na.

Take you the ultra wide lens, do look better than other budget friendly devices that I’ve seen in the past and, of course, all the pictures that you’ve just seen or taken um with this device. Now the phone also supports some 4k recordings, so you could record video in 4k. Now, if you check the manufacturers website, it says that um the videos video recordings have any stabilization. However, from my tests for 4k recordings and 1080p recordings, it doesn’t seem to have any type of image stabilization unless they call that somewhat an image stabilization image stabilization. What you see will see what I mean in the two sample videos that I have for this is a super quick video recording done. Oh the real me five, I so the maximum recording resolution for this device is for kpop. Importantly, we don’t get image stabilization at this resolution. Actually don’t think we get image stabilization at 1080p, either so I’m gon na pander it for a bit and back left and I’ll walk for a bit. So this are recording from this device would look like so these four runs Android 9 and on top of that Android 9. We have what’s called color OS 6, but I have to be honest, I’m, not a big fan of color OS, mostly because you get a lot of apps pre installed, apps that nobody is ever gon na use. And then you get a lot of popups for like games or apps that you should install and so on or things that you should install and so on so I’m, not a big fan of color OS.

I would prefer something slimmer than this like oxygen, always something that you find on oneplus devices aside from color OS. The phone does perform quite good for pretty much everything that you’re gon na do with it. If you are using any apps of Facebook, for example, scrolling up and down onto your feed on works great if you’re using any games on it on it, does work great, so the snapdragon 665 that we have inside it is powerful enough phone for pretty much everything That you’re gon na do with it so really no complaint about the performance. Aside from that color wise, which is not my favorite operating system on to call it that moving on to the GPS unit inside it totally totally takes a couple of seconds for the phone to find your location and once your location is found, it doesn’t seem to Lose it so the GPS unit inside it works great. We have all the sensors that you would find in a modern, expensive devices and all the sensors seem toward it, but unfortunately the phone doesn’t have NFC, so you’re gon na be able to make payments, and oh this phone, it does support on dual band. Wi Fi, of course, 4G and the speeds over the 4G network and um Wi Fi work decent in our phone as well, so to quickly conclude this video 450 dollars. She can’t exact, go wrong on the real me five, I mean we get the five thousand million power battery that offers amazing screen on time.

We get pretty good on performance from that snapdragon 665. Even though I’m not a big fan of wrong color OS, we get cameras that are better than I was expecting, because I wasn’t expecting much from these cameras but um. Yes, they are I’m better than I was expecting. Unfortunately, we get a micro USB charging port at the bottom I’m, not sure why they did that. But at least we have a 3.5 million. Oh and the screen should have been a bit brighter. But again, if we’d have had better specs, the better screen and so on, and the price of the phone on would probably be higher so 450, you cannot go wrong on all the real me. 5I. Alright guys hopefully enjoyed this video.