This is the camera on the Hisense. You can see that it is fairly laggy to say the least. When you do take a picture, we will show you this. After. In the end of the video, you do get the actual quality of the picture itself. It does not look like well what you’re seeing on the screen it’s just the only way to deliver the content to you on the go is with the e ink screen, because that’s all you have at your disposal, so naturally that’s all it’s able to show you. However, when you do take video and when you do take photos, they do look like what they are supposed to look like. So if I just take a video like this, a little bit see it’s very laggy, it’s, extremely laggy we’re, not trying to kid anybody. There see it even takes a while for that to come back and if you’ve seen on our review video, we do have a clear mode and a speed mode, but because of the cameras inherent frame rate, it is impossible to go to the clear mode because it Would be impossible for them to give you the same quality and still allow the camera to work. So I hope this clears things up for good e reader comm and a video on the camera on the Hisense a5.