So well. This device right over here it’s brand new, but I could already test it out for you guys and today in this video we’ll have a closer look on what is new, what has been changed, what has been improved and we will go really in depth on all Of the features, but as always guys, please keep in mind, even though this is how a second generation of the Huawei made X, it’s, still a pre production sample. That means it’s not running the final software yet and it will be different to the retail unit. But now I would say, let’s go and let’s check it out: Music Applause, Music, all ready. Ladies and gentlemen, there we go and here’s the brand new Huawei mate access. So this will be a longer video, because I want to go really in depth on this smartphone and while this will probably the most complete video, you can see on that phone so make sure to stay tuned. Alright guys, then let’s have a closer look here at the back and let’s fold the smartphone, because here you can actually see that new design here of the locking mechanism. So we have that new button right now, which is really flat and if you press it well, the screen pops out and almost opens up automatically here to over 9 degrees. And then you have to do a last let’s say a now 80 degrees to unfold. It completely well I’m, the new locking mechanism, it’s yeah there’s, really a lot of force on it, and this is pretty good because it stretches the display.

Now the problem um smartphone manufacturers have a foldable displays. Is that when you unfold the smartphone that it’s not completely flat but check this out here on the hallway made access, this is really super thin and super flat, so they did a really good job here on the hinge design. If you check this out now, it says you’re not for sale, because this is not a retail unit. This is your is a demo unit, but you can still see that this hinge here looks way better than in the first generation it’s using way less parts um. It doesn’t look that complicated anymore, but the technology inside is really good, because it’s fully stretching the display to make it completely flat and that’s amazing, because if you go over it here with your finger, you don’t really feel a crease. You just feel that the hinge here is in the middle pressing a little bit against display to put some force on it to make it completely flat. But, as you can see, this is looking really gorgeous. So finally, a smartphone manufacturer which Riegel it right to make display flat now I’ve tested out so many foldable smartphones and it’s really pain. If you unfold the smartphone and well, it looks like a snake in the middle of the display and it’s. Just not a lot of fun, but here it really feels like you would hold a small tablet. That’S, absolutely amazing, alright, guys so what’s else new.

Now, if you take a closer look here at the back, then you can see that we now have a quad camera system, so we now have main 40 megapixel, 16 megapixel I’ll, provide poetry, lens and the time of flight camera and they’re all like branded again and Hear that new locking mechanism other than that there is not too much new, so we have a type C port right over here – well microphone, speaker right over here, so really flat. To be honest, now there is no headphone jack on a smartphone, but here at the top, while we have the SIM card slots and also you can put in D and M cards from Huawei to extend the internal storage, internal storage by the way is 512 gigabytes. Now the volume button is here on the right side feels really robust and sturdy, and we have a power button with an integrated fingerprint scanner, because here the hole on the whole smartphone is actually a display. So where do you put the fingerprint scanner? The best way is to put it here inside of the frame now also here, instead of the frame that’s actually almost a whole Hardware, so that’s really really impressive. Now, for sure we have battery and everything in here, but here also the whole cameras and, while it’s a really really thin device, and you really need to hold it with your own hands, because this is looking crazy. Now the display wants unfolded.

It’S 8 inches same resolution actually than the made X, so I guess it’s pretty much the same display, but they have improved the technology of the hinge and it’s yeah it’s. Definitely better now the viewing angles. As you can see, they are great, well ohlet’s, so really colorful, really nice viewing angles and it’s running the Kiran 990. So this is essentially the same chipset like we have it here and Huawei made 30 Pro and just as a quick comparison. If you fold the smartphone – and you put it next to the wall, we made 30 Pro well it’s, almost the same size, so that’s really crazy and if you turn it around well, we have some more display here on the back, which you can also utilize, because For instance, if we open up the camera application and we want to take a selfie well, there is no front camera on the smartphone. So what do you have to do? You have to turn the smartphone and use the second display right over here for sure. If you switch the camera well, we have to flip the phone again, so it’s really cool, also to utilize the second camera to take amazing selfies with the main camera. So that really makes sense and I’m a big fan of having to display on the outside, even though having the display on the outside well, the display is more prone to scratches, so we need to take a little bit more care about it, but I think it’s, Actually, the way to go, because it looks just really stunning – and this is what people care about when the pie first generation device all right.

So, as I’ve told you, this device is running the ki rin 990 and you can check it out. It’S really fast and smooth, but I have to say it is running a better version of emui, so this is a test version from Huawei and this is not the final software, so I cannot show you too much about the performance anyhow, I can show you a Little bit of the hardware info we have here the display resolution so it’s 20, 480 times 22 2200. We have the curing 990, eight gigs of RAM and yeah main shoot of a falling megapixel, 10 megapixel camera 16 megapixel camera and yeah overall, really really impressive. Hardware. What’S, pretty cool about about that huge screen is when you go here to the settings that you actually don’t need any sub menus, because you have everything on one screen now. It also has you a bunch of Mui 10 features because, as you can see, there is dark mode right over here, so that’s pretty cool. I really like the dark mode. It’S also way nicer for filming for reading stuff. We have the usual stuff right over here. That’S, nothing special, but this device supports 5g, which you can turn on or off. So if you have a 5g contract, you don’t need to use 5g. Oh of the time you can also switch it on or off now, let’s check out here, a little bit off the menu. Well, what can you do on such a big screen now I’m, a big fan of actually using multi window I’m, just swipe here in from the right side and then just choose something you want to open up in a sub window or my bed.

I have to tap and hold at the blue line at top, so then you can drag and drop around some window where you can open up, for instance, a chat while I’m checking out something in the browser and actually that’s really cool too. For instance, um chat with friend, while doing something on the web browser or checking out the document, so it really gives you some more additional space to do two things at the same time now. Well, as you did probably already see, the smartphone does not come with. Google, so it comes with wow it’s own app gallery the app gallery. I did a video on it on my mate. Very pro, it’s, definitely improving so over time. There are more and more applications in the app gallery as I’ve told you not to finish software, so it’s also not running the latest version of the app gallery, but, as you can see, there are even a bunch of local apps from my country, apps from bigger Brands there is tick, tock, there’s, even snapchat, on it Amazon, so plenty of companies are now actually pushing their applications to the app gallery to make an alternative to go to the Google Play Store. If you cannot find some applications, you can also just download the app Toit Play app store where you can download applications and games whatever you will basically find almost every application. You can also find in the Google Play Store in this third party store, even tinder.

If you want to swipe on the big smartphone, that would be a lot of fun and yeah. I was a bunch of games even for tonight, is in the huawei app gallery. So there are plenty alternatives. Now I really like to watch YouTube, but yeah watching YouTube is not possible um because you don’t have the YouTube application on it, but there is a really nice workaround for watching YouTube videos, and this is called advanced. So you need to check it out. It’S actually also really cool if you don’t, like the YouTube application on your smartphone, so you can just go here to aptoide and install it directly from there, and I will quickly show you how watching a movie here on the wall. We may text looks like so. There we go it’s now installed and, as you can see, if you open that up that looks like the YouTube application, but it’s actually well a third party application and well let’s search it for tech, magnet and let’s watch. One of my latest videos, because I don’t want to get a copyright strike and there we go guys. So when you want to watch a movie, as you can see, 116 to 9 it’s here, actually in the middle and down there, you have some space to read the comments which is actually pretty cool. You also have plenty of space to reply to comments, but you can also route to display. If you want, then you have even more space, and here, as you can see, you also have the side menu where you can check out stuff.

You can, for instance, here open up a video switch to another video check out. The next video check out some comments here on the left side. So having a larger display on a smartphone is something that is also really cool and, for instance, if you want to open up a chat, you can do that. You could choose here, for instance, messaging and then it’s drawing another window here or with a YouTube app where you can, for instance, talk with a friend regarding a video and chat and whatsapp Facebook or whatever, and this is mostly what I actually used it for yeah. When using the big screen and watching movies now, regarding the speaker, we have here a single speaker right over here and we have here the earpiece at the top. The earpiece is very tiny, but it sounds pretty good. To be honest, we can also quickly play back some music, so you can check out the speaker quality and let me go back here so here’s – some copyright, free, music, guys, Music Music. Now, regarding the storage, we have 512 gigabytes of storage, which you can upgrade with and M cards, as I’ve told you so plenty of space for videos and everything, and we can also quickly open up the camera application. So I can show you how it looks like now. You need to build with careful, because, when you’re holding the smartphone, you can easily actually cover one of the cameras that is a little bit annoying sometimes, but when you get used to it, it’s actually working really good.

Now you actually cannot use the selfie camera when it’s unfolded because well you need to display at the back. We can quickly fold it and I can show you how it looks like so here on the back. You can see it’s now using the regular camera lenses to take the pictures, so here photo we have here portray you can also take videos here here at the bottom. You see a preview of the pictures, so that’s actually pretty good. Regarding software for sure what you can also now do, because it’s using the front, you can do 4k selfie videos which you cannot do with most of the smart phones and that’s pretty cool. You can even do them in 60fps. So that’s really amazing. If you want to do a video chat – and you really want to have some nice quality, you can do it in 4k, 60, that’s, absolutely cool. Now, once again we have h.265 encoding here as well. So basically the same as on the mate 30 Pro. There is nothing too special actually here in the video settings. If we go here to photo and to settings, lots may be unfolded, so you can see it better now guys here in the settings, you can see that we have actually 40 megapixel here for the main camera. If we go out here and soom a little bit out to the wide angle lens, as you can see, it’s really wide. So sometimes you get your fingers stuck in there.

If you hold it a little bit up there on the grip, so it’s better to hold it down here, because it’s a really wide lens for the wide angle lens we have 60 megapixels and yeah, then we have to portray lens and the time of flight lands For some nice bouquet shots now so far um. This is not the final software, so it’s actually not the time to charge it for the camera performance. But while you can see some samples you’re now on the screen, so let me know what you think and now also quickly show you a selfie video and a little video sample from the smartphone itself. So let me know what you think: Music, so yeah guys. That was the camera quality so far, while keep in mind not final software, but let me know what you think about it down below in the description now so far um. I cannot tell you too much about emui yet because this is also not to finish software, but, as you can already see, it is really really fast to be honest, now, I’ve installed quite a lot of applications, I’m still downloading something in the background, but I would Say we can do a quick gaming test, because I want to show you how it feels to play a game on such a big screen, because this is actually really amazing, so guys, we’re now playing here, asphalt, 8 and yeah performance, wise it’s, doing already good.

Now the curing 990 is a really powerful. Chipset you’ve probably also seen some gaming reviews about the mate 30 pro, so this chipset has plenty of choose yeah now playing on such a big screen is actually really cool. I thought that the aspect ratio will maybe look weird, but to be honest, all the apps and Android scale pretty good. So this is almost a 1×1 screen. No, it is there pretty much, but you can see. The game is still looking really fine and yeah. It also it is plenty of fun because you have such a huge screen, so just imagine playing that with the controller must be a lot of fun. Also, you have more space for the controls, so here you can easily reach everything with my thumb’s now I can imagine that it’s sometimes a little bit hard if you have to reach for something in the middle of the screen in the game, but even that is Possible so overall, actually plenty of fun. Maybe some of the applications will not be dead optimized for such a big screen, but most of the applications work perfectly fine, now, it’s, actually really cool on such a huge screen is browsing the web because you have so much more space to read everything. Now you have bigger fonts, you can read everything easily and that’s, just like on a tablet now, when you don’t want to read anything in tablet mode let’s see how it scales so let’s unfold, the display there we go and, as you can see it scales perfectly To the size of your smartphone, so basically, then we have the same size like the huawei mate for the pro.

But if you need it, for instance, if website is not scaling properly, if you just want to have some more space to read anything you just unfold it, and you have way more space here now, yeah overall, I have to say it’s really cool. There are so many use cases. For instance, even the calculator on the table is so much more space. So a huge display, like that, really makes sense if you have to have applications that use yeah, huge screens, for instance, to display a lot of information or where you want to do split screen, that’s. Also pretty cool um UI 10, as I’ve told you will also have plenty of themes. Um, the app gallery will improve so the huawei mobile services in general. That will be a big topic this year now, even though the phone does not have Google, I mean it’s the same like on my mate Foley Pro, but I use my mate very pro every day, because it’s so easy to get applications even without Google, and there Are plenty of third party applications as a workaround for the missing Google services? Now let’s also check out the fingerprint, and while the fingerprint scanner is integrated into the power button, so you can easily unlock the phone. This is something sony used to do for a couple of years and it was actually really nice and they’re really misted on the newest mart phones and well um. If you go in to unlock your device, you can actually enroll your fingerprint and we’ll.

Do it quickly? Together so lets check it out how faster this and so far it feels actually kind of fast, alright, guys the phone is now locked and let’s unlock it and, as you can see, this is really fast. So there we go. I just have to oh, my god. This is crazy, so if I tap it with this finger, as you can see, it’s not working and now wow, this is probably seriously the fastest fingerprint scanner I’ve ever tried. Oh my god! This is crazy. Look how fast damn I’m not very sure if that is really working, but it is working because I tried to move another thing as you can see, but oh my god, this fingerprint scanner is top notch. That’S, absolutely amazing. That is super fast and way faster than fingerprint in display fingerprint scanner, so that’s really really cool. But what happens if the phone is actually locked and you unfold the display? Well, you get to the home screen and now we have to fingerprint have to use the fingerprint to unlock it and boom there. You go it’s now unlocked now guys, there’s also a screen protector on the smartphone. If you take a closer look at right over here now, this is not top layer like on the Galaxy fold, so you can actually peel this off without ripping the whole display apart, but well, you need a screen protector on a smartphone, because the display is on The outside and just imagine having that in your pocket, it gets easily scratched.

This is why there is a screen protector on the smartphone, and actually the screen protector is doing a really good, so that must be some kind of new material because I folded it plenty of times. First of all, I didn’t even realize that there’s a screen protector on there, but there is one on there and yeah. There are no usage signs, it’s, actually very nice, it’s still super flat and yeah that this play is also protected, and this is really important. So think wow, he really has the coolest design for a foldable smartphone here with the huawei mate access, so guys that was a quick walkthrough through all the features of the Huawei made access and we’ve tested out some things. I definitely want to show you more in my future videos so make sure to check it out and if you like the smartphone. Well, then, also please, like the video already guys so we’re now here at the end of this video and just a little bit of a personal feedback to the huawei mate XS so well, I could now play a little bit around with it and I have to Say it feels way more polished in the first generation of the power maid X now, first of all, the screen locking mechanism, it feels now really super smooth. The button feels better and yeah ooo. I think it feels definitely more durable. The hinge design is actually really cool now because, if you take a closer look, it’s really really flat in the middle, this is a huge problem of foldable smartphone.

So what do you do if the crease in the middle I’ve seen the galaxy fold and the first generation of the made ax after a couple of months, and you definitely see it in the middle? But here, as you can see, actually I cannot see anything and the new hinge design it’s way more flat. I think it’s definitely more durable, but for sure need to check it out over the next few months, but I will definitely say this is a true second generation of a foldable smartphone and now all the manufacturers it doesn’t matter from which brand you’re buying affordable smartphone. They have to come up with a hinge design, that’s durable, because if you spend so much money on the fallible smartphone, you don’t want that breaks after a year, and now I would say, with the Huawei made XS, this looks actually really durable and the performance well It’S great the latest securing chipset you get in the wall, we make very probe, you have five g’s, so that’s also kind of future proof, but only the device is probably hard to get and I can definitely live without the Play Store without Google. I mean no problem at all. For me, I can side load all the apk is use an alternative, app store. There are various solutions and also made a video about that on my hallway mate, very pro, so well, if you’re interested in more videos about the huawei mate, XS there’s, also a gaming test on my channel up here so make sure to check it out.