Fighty smartphone – and this is a new company and it’s spelled iku, I hope, I’m. Sorry I mentioned it right and this is the Phi GBM guys, but they also have a 4G variant that is also launching in India and, as you can see, this is a testing phone. That means it’s a review on it and I got it a little bit early, so I don’t know the exact pricing. What is it for the Phi Z and the 4G variants? I’Ll add that in the description or over here once I know that and again guys. This is again a pretty high end, ER smartphone, that you’re getting it comes with the flagship, snapdragon 865 SOC, and this high end. A variant of the Phi G will come with the 12 gigabytes of RAM and I believe 256 GB of storage they’ll also be a fool. What do you say? 8 gigabyte ram variant and with 128 K, bytes of storage – and this is supposed to also have a very faster charger of 55 watt charger. So let’s have a look at this and this is the 5g variant. As you can see, we have the 5g label, so let’s open this up like this, it is looks like the phone and we have the Google assistant. It says in display fingerprint scanner, so Super AMOLED screen and we have in this color great ish relax. I would say, let me put it at the side, and another thing is that it also has something like what do you say for gaming extra triggers over here? They call it pressure, sensitive buttons monster touch the core anyways we’ll, look at it and we’ll just keep this to the sides, and here, if this says I cool not because someone is asking, but because you want to so just say IQ – and this opens up – and We are getting sim ejector tools, some booklets, actually quite a few booklets and USB type c, cable and wow.

This is actually very, very different, like a pill capsule. This is something new I am seeing, but I guess you got to use this one with the charger, because it has that massive 55 watt charging so type C port, but very unique, and we also have this. That is a case that is supplied, it’s, not totally transparent. This is how it will look if you put it in the case. Anyways let’s just put this to the side, and this is that massive charger, IQ and it’s actually of as you can see in the last 11 volts at phayam, that is 55 watts, so massive charging and, according to the material, what I got the PDF document. It says that you can charge this device up to 50 percent with just 15 minutes of charge with this one. So indeed pretty interesting, but again, I would say, use the supplied cable for the best charging, so anyways that’s nice. We are getting the super fast charger. They call it super flash charger in fact and looks like these are the gear phones that you are getting and get some extra gear tips? Also here we have – and these are in here again with the IQ branding and let’s see. We also have extract just sing single button, this whole areas, button paper and collar and an integrated microphone so that’s what we get in the box, guys I’ll just keep this to the side. Here we have the device itself and let me give you a physical overview before we proceed and this one is having a 3.

5 mm headphone jack and the body is metallic, guys and again that this 3.5 mm headphone jack is also considered to have a high five Back so I’m, assuming the output would be good. We have a secondary noise cancellation microphone and here, as i’ve told you, those two buttons virtual buttons for gaming that you can use. They are pressure sensitive, and here we have the volume, rocker and the power of button and again the build quality and the tactile fields to be actually very nice on this one bottom, we have the main speaker, the USB type c, four main microphone – and here is Your SIM free, let me just get the same ejected tool so here we have the same ejector and let’s just take this off and again it’s, not hybrid. You can only put two nano cents over here. One over here am assuming. Why are we here so that’s? What you have so the storage is what you have and over here we also have an extract. This is known as a convenience. Key you can map it to what, for example, by default. It is for google assistant, they call it the smart key. We can even customize it, I believe so again and back. We have that quad camera setup even on this one, and so let’s do one thing: let’s just power this on and by the time it actually boots up, and I set it up. Let me give you a configuration overview.

This iq3 is having a six point. Four four inch full HD super amoled screen it sparked by the latest snapdragon 865 SOC with the audrina 640 GPU. It comes in eight or twelve Digga. Bytes of ram storage will be 128 or 256 going to the camera. The main camera is a 48 megapixel. Then you have a 13 megapixel that’s, a telephoto zoom lens. Then we have a 13 megapixel again that’s ultra wide and 2 megapixel is phourb. Ok, moving to the front facing camera it’s, a 16 megapixel. We have a four thousand four and forty million power battery with that 55 watt super fast charger and a high five DAC so guys i have set up this device, so let’s have a closer look at the same and as you can see you a bunch of Wraps re install pre installed and we also have the app free and let’s see if we can remove some of the apps and let’s say. If you want to remove this. Yes, you can actually see it’s a remover, so yeah you can do a flip card, and so there is some stuff. I believe this will be available via flip card again once I have information I’ll leave that in the description – and this is an AMOLED screen guy, so we have that in display fingerprint scanner and, as you can see, it’s really really fast in display fingerprint scanner that You are getting on this so very, very fast and we have some quick toggles over here.

As you can see, we also have the ultra game mode over here, and we also have that monster mode here. If we enable the monster more and everything like goes dark, I think so. This is the mode where everything is open and gets the maximum performance. So you have that and and that’s why I think so everywhere, they’re using the tag monster, monster, hashtag anyways. If we go over here and if you go to my device as you can see, this is the higher end, ingredients that comes with twelve gigabytes of RAM and we are getting that Android, ten, so that’s, actually nice you’re getting out of the box and for now This is the higher end, very intense 256 gigabytes of storage that you are getting, and this is the new Snapdragon 865 SOC. So we are having that and this is phi0 already device, also, obviously in India we don’t have Phi G, so we can’t test it, but I feel i g will make sense to a person who’s traveling a lot internationally because in some of the European countries – and We have Phi G available, so if you travel frequently and use their SIM card, then you can take advantage of Phi Phi G, but as of nerf India, we don’t have Phi G and I’m happy that they, you launched the 4G variant of this device and again It’S not really really big and huge, I would say that’s nice six point.

Four four inch is nice and but yeah having a custom UI, but initial impression is very fluid, and this is your multitasking tray, so that’s what we have and let’s know also. We have those a triggers and stuff, for example. One thing I completely forgot: if we go over here again, it has some specific gaming modes and all those things and this button as I’ve told you, this convenience button. If you press it once the Google assistant starts, but you can actually customize it for what you want, and we also have this Jovi over here as a stent a here. This is the smart button and if you go over here, you can customize what you want by default. It is set to that Google assistant when you click, but you can go for Google search or nothing to do and DoubleTap. We have the Jovi vision or the you can set it to Google assistant, visual snap stop or just to a Google search. So whatever you want, you can set it so that’s. Actually, nice and one thing I forgot, if you go to the display, I noticed there if you go to display here, we do have that anti flicker option, which is important for our AMOLED phones and if you close that you might notice some flicker because I’ve kept The camera on a high sensitivity, and but you can just my gate it by switching it on and another thing, is that generally in normal? What do you say and watch phones the touch of response? What we call the touch sensitivity is generally set to 120 Hertz, whereas on this it’s about 180, so about 50, more so that’s also a nice thing and, as you can see, it’s a pretty fluid again.

You should expect that, because of that test, snapdragon 865 again it’ll be bestir on it again. I’M also curious to see what will be the antutu scores, so I’ll just run it and then I’ll just show you this course later on a screenshot of that anyways. Now, moving to the camera, which is again an important factor these days in any smartphone here also, we have that quad camera setup and the main camera. This time they went with the 48 megapixels with F 1.8. Then we have 4 zoom, then 13 megapixel ultra wide and 2 megapixels, that is, for a portrait, boki mode and a front facing camera. Is that 16 again it’s that punch hole, type of a camera that we are having so let’s? Look at the camera interface I’m. Pretty simple, 1 X, it says, and you can go to the wide angle and again the wide angle. This huge difference, as you can see me, take a shot and we also have that 2 X, zoom and so that’s nice that’s easy to do, and the layout is very easy. Well, it’s, not confusing, as you can see over here, you can just directly go to the portrait mode and by default it went of the two exomes, so you can go back to the One X and real time I’m. Seeing the background blur. Hopefully, you guys can also see that, as you can see there, if you have to photo mode regular, more video mode, we are having and we have a bunch of other modes.

Also that you will expect a dedicated 48 megapixel mode is also given, and pro mode is also there shown for manual stuff. And if I go here, we also have a is scene detection and all those things – and we read resolution is up to 4k, so let’s just go back over here and let’s also see the front facing camera. If I can just remove it over here and it’s, going in the vial full screen mode as you can see, and we also have the portrait mode initial samples look to be good here. Let me do one thing: let me actually take some sample shots outdoor so that we have a better idea regarding the camera. So these are the samples taken with the rear facing camera and expected. As you can see, the rear facing camera performance is very good. This is a regular mode here. I use the zoom mode and find me here. I use the wide angle lens and, as you can see, the color reproduction is ready, good and even for small objects. I could focus it, and these are some of the close up shots that I don’t know and, as you can see, they came out to be actually pretty good and overall, I would say the color reproduction is also very good, as you can see with these samples. Now, moving to artificial and indoor lighting conditions, you don’t sound surprised that the results were actually pretty good, as you can see, with these sample shots taken in my office and completely artificial lightning.

This is the zoom. And finally, this was the wide angle lens, as you can see now, moving to human subjects in artificial lighting. These are some of the samples that I took and again, as you can see, the results were good. We also have the zoom mode as I’ve told you, and this was the right angle lens, and here I use that portrait bouquet mode, and you can also use that zoom option in that. And finally, this was the wide angle lens. Overall, I would say the camera performance, even artificial lighting was good, and these are some of the samples taken with the front facing camera. This was with the regular board, and this was with that portrait bouquet mode, so guys that’s it for now for the unboxing and first look at this IQ Phi G variant of the smartphone. So what do you guys think about the same of this part? Certainly in terms of specs, I would say, the specs are really good and I like the fact that they didn’t commit the 3.5 mm headphone jack. It says that it has that audio, so I will test it out and later on. Let you guys know how’s the performance and again I’m also curious to see how would be the battery life performance because it’s from what I have read the snapdragon 865, though it’s a actually pretty powerful processor it’s. Also, a power efficient processor compared to the snap ragi need 55, so I’m.

Assuming that the battery life on this one will also be very good but anyways.