This is the best smartphone in gaming that we have used so far, and this is the new IQ 3, which has been launched in India, and this is a gaming Beast. We will be talking about this smartphone in details. We will let you know why we felt that this is the ultimate gaming smartphone, but first let’s discuss about the specifications that it offers. So it comes with this beautiful 6 point: 4. 4 inch III Super AMOLED panel. In the front, the design is pretty good at cell Namit to hold, and you can play games easily on this design. Then you get this 4440 mAh battery, which supports 55 watt charging. You get the latest snapdragon 865 processor here, which supports 5g and also supports up to 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage in terms of other specifications. You get this 16 megapixel puntual camera in the front. You get quad camera setup on the back and it includes 48 megapixel primary sensor, 13 megapixel telephoto lens 13 megapixel super wide angle, which also supports macro and a 2 megapixel depth sensor. Do you guess USB type c port over it also comes with 3.5 mm audio jack and it runs on Piko UI based on android 10. Now, if we talk about gaming, there are three major things which a smartphone has to be perfect in in order to be called as the ultimate gaming smartphone number one, the processor or the performance number 2 display and number 3.

The battery most of the users look forward to these three things, while picking a smart phone for the gaming needs. But don’t worry. There are much more features that this device offers, but we will be discussing about these three main things and we will also let you know other extra features that you get in this smartphone. So let’s start with performance. This device comes with snapdragon 865 chipset, which is the latest and the most powerful chip available for smartphones. You get up to 12 GB of RAM and up to 256 GB storage on this smartphone that’s. Not all you get the latest ufsc flash storage and the RAM is lpddr4 which make sure you get create overall performance on this smartphone snapdragon 865 is 25 more powerful as compared to the previous generation snob rather than 855 and it’s ghost 5 lag 95000. In the end benchmark, which is the best score, that any device has code till date in the end benchmark results which clearly prove this is a beast but that’s, not all a good hardware is useless if the software doesn’t support good performance, so company has optimized and Given your ICO UI here, which supports additional features which will make sure your gaming experience is top notch, you get a special monster mode here which makes sure while gaming, you don’t, get any kind of disturbances and you get the maximum performance out of your smartphone. Besides that, you also get the ultra game mode over here, which gives you that aura of options you have the game assistant.

You have the option to turn on or of the 40 vibrations. You have monster touch buttons. We will be discussing about all those things. In addition to these, you also get few extra features like the options to block notifications go into eSports mode so that you can enjoy your gaming without any interference. You have game countdown. You have eagle eye view announcement and it also has sound localization training center so that you can become pro in games like pub G, mobile, etc. Now let’s dive into the game and I’ll talk more about the features and how the gaming was on this smartphone. So as soon as you launch the game, you will see the game assistant menu pop up so that you can customize the gaming experience. You can see that it has optimized CPU GPU Ram, and then you have the 180 Hertz touch acceleration, which gives you 50 better. Smoothness as compared to 120 Hertz a display other devices offer you have optimized network here, thermal management is optimized. You can block the notifications of background calls or then you can turn on the esports mode. Then you have the 14 game. Vibration, AI button, enable or disable. Then you have the three finger screen capture. What three fingers screen capture does is: if you swipe three fingers from top towards the top part, then you can use picture in picture kind of a thing there. You can run an additional application, like whatsapp etcetera, on top of your game.

Once you have confirmed this, you can enter the game and this device offers up to 60 FPS, which is the maximum that any smartphone can offer in terms of frames in G mobile and the gaming experience was top notch. Then, once you want to do any game, you do have the option to access the entire controls. You just need to fight from the left and you get more options. You have the voice. Changer option also enabled on the smartphone. So if you have want to have some fun, you can use the voice changer. Then you have the pressure sensitive buttons or the monster buttons which are present on the top left and bottom right corners. So you do have the badness lock off screen or the Play screenshot exit path. So if you tap on the pressure sensitive buttons you can see, these are the two pressure sensitive buttons, a and B. You can drag them anywhere and place according to your controls. Then you have the option to check the pressure sensitivity if you want to tap it lightly or want to press it hard. We were able to play arcade, TDM or the classic modes very easily on this smartphone without any heating issues, and there was no framedrops at all. It gives you an added advantage when compared to other smartphones, when there is no framedrops, because you can concentrate on the game and you can kill enemies easily now to make a game even better.

You get these monster buttons on the top. You have two additional monster buttons. You can customize the location of these monster buttons where the monster buttons would act as a tap. If you press the monster buttons or just squeeze the monster buttons, and you can also adjust the pressure sensitivity, so you can use like four finger claw here without actually using four fingers on the play entirely. You can just tap on the frame of this device which acts as a button, and it gives you an option to map your controls and take the lead. We love these buttons, it works flawlessly and it gives you an additional advantage over your enemies by giving you a possibility of various combos using four fingers. The gaming experience was undoubtedly the best that we have experienced on any smartphone same goes for s4. 9. When we tried the game, the graphics were amazing. The gameplay was smooth. So in terms of first feature processor, this is a beast and no other device can come close to 865, although the chipset can come close to snapdragon 865 when it comes to performance. But what about the display? So you get this beautiful six point: four four inch Super AMOLED panel, which gives you amazing viewing experience, amazing, colors and amazing, tightness level. You also have the option to lock brightness using the brightness lock option provided by iku in these software features. This is a great display to consume games, multimedia or any kind of content it’s.

One of the best displays that we have seen on the smartphone not only that it supports 180 Hertz. That rate. That means your finger touch is detected faster as compared to a normal 120 Hertz or 90 Hertz displays available in the market. Now talking about the final thing, the battery, so you get this massive 4440 mAh battery, which supports 55 watt charging. What it means is, once you are done with your gaming session, you can just charge the device for 15 minutes and you will get back up to 50 percent battery. That is simply amazing, so you can play games for an entire day and then just get 15 minutes of charging, and you can start your gaming session again. How cool is that? Now? If you remember, I did say that there are a lot more features in this smartphone. We have discussed tons of features, but they are still more company, has specially designed the charger and earphones and l shape, so that once you plug those charger or earphones into your smartphone, your gaming experience is not hindered and it does not becomes like an obstruction while Holding your smartphone so that’s a pretty thing that the company has done, and not many companies pay attention to these details. You also get the foodie vibration over here, so while playing the game, if you turn on the 40 vibration and while shooting or controlling your recoil or while driving a car, the vibrations make it feel that you are actually in the game and it feels more realistic.

Now iq3 is equipped with a k4 3 7 7, a hi fi independent trip. This is a stereo 32 velvet high quality audio deck. In addition, it has also passed high res audio certification, thereby giving you the ultimate true audio visual experience to those high 5 enthusiasts that’s, all about the gaming part in terms of normal day to day applications, multitasking, etc. This is still a very, very good smartphone and is ahead of the competition. You can do a lot of multitasking on the smartphone. You can even use this device to capture a good, selfie or good quality images from the back camera. You can see some samples here so it’s a pretty good smartphone all around, but if you are interested in gaming, this is like the best smartphone that company has launched in the market. So this is the ultimate smartphone for gaming and you can definitely go ahead and buy this smartphone and at such a good pricing. I believe this is one of the best smartphones available in the market and, if fell out there in the market, looking to buy a new smartphone, do check out IQ 3 smartphone that’s.