Now you may have clicked on the video thinking it might be clickbait, but I can assure you it’s. Not this phone is packing a 10000 milliamp hour battery. It was sent to me for review and, as always, if you’d like to pick it up, you’ll find the link down in the description. So let’s go ahead and talk about the most interesting part about this smartphone, and that, of course, is its huge battery it’s packing from what I can make out a 10000 milliamp hour battery. When you compare this to my power bank on the right, which is also 10000 milliamp hours, you could say this thing is almost like a power bank, but I know what you’re thinking you’re saying. Well, you can’t actually charge other devices using the smart phone or you’d. Be wrong. There is also a cable included which you can use to charge up. Your alpha devices now granted you’re not going to get a huge amount of power out of this slot. But it’s going to be enough in emergencies to charge up your smartphone or your earbuds, for example. But let’s talk about how this actually carries over into day to day usage. You can see here I’m on 51 remaining and I charge this to a hundred percent and you’ll see at 50 percent. I had managed to rack up an incredible 11 hours of screen on time and when I eventually got down to three percent, I had an incredible 22 hours of screen on time.

I did in fact reach 23 hours before the phone died, which is pretty incredible. Not only can this phone give you amazing screen on time, it will also give you hundreds of hours of standby time, you’ll see here. For example, it was a day and a half purse inside last charged the phone and it was still at a hundred percent. As I’d left it on the side for a few days, and I hadn’t used it, but incredibly it hadn’t lost a single percent. Pour I got this smart phone. I was a little bit concerned about the charging time, but as this phone is using a 5 volt, 6 amp fast charger, you’re able to incredibly charge this to two to a hundred percent in two hours and 29 minutes according to a key battery which again, I Think is a pretty respectful time when you consider the size of the cell inside this phone. Just so, you have some calm on the battery size, a key battery states, its capacity is 10 thousand 100 milliamp hours, and the estimated capacity is wrong because I needed one charge so we’ve established this phone is able to pull off some pretty impressive numbers when it Comes to its battery and battery life, what about other areas of the phone such as gaming and using it on a day to day basis? Well, I did actually use this phone for several days as my main phone, so let’s delve a little bit more into that.

As you would expect from housing such a large battery, this phone is very big and weighty because of this, if you’re used to using pretty lightweight compact smartphones, this is going to seem pretty huge to you, I’m used to using mostly Samsung phones, which are generally pretty Big so to me, it’s size, wasn’t too crazy, but for most of you I think it would be. This phone has two major weak points. Its first is it’s screen, which is not actually Full HD. It only goes up to 720p on YouTube. The second is the speaker, which is pretty bad, take a listen for yourself using this device on a day to day basis, it felt snappy and responsive. I didn’t encounter any major problems. One issue I did have was the cool quality seen a little worse compared to my previous phone that I was using, especially in terms of the signal strength. If I went into another area then it did improve, but it just seemed a little worse than my phone that I currently use. This is the global version of this product, so it is designed to work internationally, but you will need to check your bans and if this will work on the Vita that you are currently using gaming or most titles ran fine on low to medium settings. Applause. Applause. Applause, of course, you can’t review a smartphone without talking about the camera. Now here are some shots from the rear facing 16 megapixel camera.

It is stated to have a secondary camera, which is 2 megapixels, but I think this is used for the portrait mode as there doesn’t seem to be an option to switch to any secondary camera. Now I actually think most of these shots really aren’t too bad. Considering the price of this phone cameras are definitely getting better in budget smartphones and by no means did this blow me away, but I really think for the price it’s not too bad. Unfortunately, video on the rear facing camera doesn’t seem to hold up quite as well. It seems to struggle with dynamic range, and it just seems a bit washed out and blurry. In general, I was able to get some decent selfies with the front facing camera. This next one is using that kind of portrait mode, which was a little bit weak but it’s nice to have nonetheless, and then next up is the video from the front facing camera, which I thought was ok. Ok. This is a quick audio and video test of the front facing camera, looks ok on the screen. We’Ll see all the quality is like when I headed this video and also the microphone quality isn’t too bad, because the speaker so far has been pretty terrible. So what are my final thoughts on this smartphone? Well, I definitely don’t think it’s going to be for everyone for sure. If you’re looking for a big battery and a phone that’s gon na last you a very long time, then this is a good choice.

But when you consider some of the other things like the weak speaker and the weak screen, then there are some things you have to take into consideration. This definitely is an interesting device, as I’ve never used a product like this with such a huge battery, and it definitely was interesting to be able to leave a phone and never really have to worry about the battery life and just charge it. When I felt like it, if there was anything I missed in the review, please leave a question and I’ll do my best to get back to you. As always. I really hope you enjoyed the video if you liked the product and you’d like to pick it up.