No, my friends! These are not the specs League specs of an upcoming smartphone, but the actual core specifications of real these latest flagship killer, the X 50 pro now. The obvious question is: does the X 50 pro do justice to its incredible specifications in day to day usage, while it’s too early to comment on that? I have a very good feeling that it will hey you guys. I’M predict from mr. phone and in this video I’ll give you my hands on review of the real knee X, 50 pro and I’ll. Try to answer some, if not all, of your burning questions about the smart phone, but before we get on with the video, make sure to hit the bell icon and subscribe to our youtube channel, if you haven’t already so that you don’t miss out on these awesome Tech videos that we keep putting out on day to day basis now that you’ve done that let’s get on with the video I won’t beat around the bush at all the X 50 profile G is the nicest looking smartphone from the company’s tables, and it looks particularly Handsome in this moss green color, I was sent for review honestly it’s so refreshing to see a phone in this color palette and not the traditional blue and black colorways, and did I mention the finish honestly think of the softest silkies material you have ever touched and The x50 frosted matte pack will one up it easily.

It also helps that the smartphone’s curvy back makes it extremely organ ama to hold and grip, and the weight of the phone also gives the impression of a refined and robust product, although I still wouldn’t use it without the case as it is extremely slippery. Now, while I absolutely love the design of the X 50 pro, it might be a bit too hefty for some users also there’s, no headphone jack, which is a little surprising as I’m sure the company could have squeezed it in with the smartphones thick chassis, just like They did with the x2 Pro. Maybe they just want you to buy their excellent, truly wireless earbuds with the phone. I do hope that my sarcasm didn’t go notice there. You also don’t get a microSD card slot with the phone, so you’ll essentially be logged into the storage you or for now that’s. Not a big deal for me as 128gb is plenty for my usage, but I’m sure you’ll agree that expandable storage is still always a good thing to have. Before I talk about the display, let me quickly run down the design section by giving you a physical overview of the phone so towards the bottom. You will get a USB type c port for charging, along with the speaker, grille, which is also present above the display. As the phone has a dual speaker setup, the speaker quality for those wandering is fantastic. The audio output is loud, rich and this very less reverb.

On the phone’s chassis, when you max out the volume level, so even when you’re gaming, you won’t, feel the device vibrate so to speak, with the volume maxed out. Moving on there’s, a quad camera set up towards the back and the camera bump sits pretty close to the chassis on the x50 Pro so no complaints here either the buttons have been positioned to the right and the left of the phone and they for it adequately. Tactile to ask for security, the real me extra P Pro offers facial recognition and in in display a fingerprint sensor, both of which work fantastically well. The fingerprint sensor is just rapid and poe. The company can unlock the device in just 0.2 7 seconds, it’s extremely reliable and I’ve never had to press my thumb against the display twice to adjust to my print properly. Yet facial recognition is just as fast and since the phone comes with the lift to wake functionality I’m already in my home screen half way reason the phone to my face really has furnished its latest, offering with a 90 Hertz Super AMOLED, full HD plus display to The panel measures in at six point four four inches and comes with a dual punch for launch, which houses smartphones two front facing cameras. Now the cutout for the notes is quite tiny, considering its housing, two cameras, but you will notice it. I tried my darndest not to make a big deal out of it during my time with the phone but there’s just something about the leftwards placement of the punch hole that constantly drew my attention also, since the notes was positioned towards the left it made, so that My notifications were pushed off center slightly and that really triggered my OCD.

But honestly, if you aren’t as picky as me, this show Graco. The display in itself is quite good, as you might have imagined it. Refreshes quickly, making the incredibly fast X, 4 P, seen even faster. The viewing angles are spot on and thanks to its AMOLED, take the blacks appear really dull. Making the panel appear more contrasty and punchy I’d, also like to add that, if you’re always in the Sun, then the X 15000 plus nits peak brightness will ensure good sunlight legibility. And if that wasn’t enough, the icing on the cake is that the smartphone comes with wide minor level certification and the displays even HD are 10 plus compliant making it a godsend for movie buffs. Unfortunately, apps like Netflix for some reason, are not supported on the phone, which I’m sure is because this is an early review sample. So if you’re going to watch this, video don’t worry as the retail unit will definitely let you install all sorts of apps on the phone. Ok, I don’t think Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor needs any introduction. It’S, the fastest mobile CPU can get your hands on at the moment and couple with its high refresh rate panel up to 12 GB of lpddr4 memory, and here FS 3.0 storage you’d be right in assuming that the X 50 pro is an absolute champ. When it comes to day to day usage, so instead of scrolling through the UI and show you how it performs, how about I show you how it really performs I’ll, give you guys so now what we will do is I’ll.

Give you a quick pop G gameplay on the smartphone on the rear, knee X, 50 pro so first thing that you should know is that this phone comes with the ufs 3.0 storage, as I mentioned previously so game load up times are very quick on the smartphone, Which is great or you don’t really want to be waiting for the game to launch, especially if you have to wait in the lobby. So now what I’ll do is I’ll just play a quick game of evil ground and I’ll just run you down the graphic settings in a bit as soon as the game loads up. Oh you guys. So, as you can see, the game has loaded up now. One thing that I need to tell you is that, while you can play on smooth and extreme frame rates, if the graphics are set to smooth, if you set it to HDR, you can only play it on ultra, which is 1t or less than even phones, like The oneplus 70 Pro, which only come with an 855 processor, but though I’ve been assured by the company that this by the time the phone comes to consumers, they will fix up. They will optimize the game better to run on the X 50 Pro. So basically, what that means is that you will be able to play this game with HDR, graphics and extreme frame rates very soon, but even with the just. Let me kill this one guy here: alright, he’s dead, okay! So right now, what I can tell you is that the game experience is really good on the smartphone, primarily because one it is a very ergonomic device to hold.

Secondly, it is very powerful. And thirdly, the steerer speaker setup just elevates the gaming experience by a lot. So, Music so yeah again guys no lunch whatsoever on this game right now, I’m, having like a ball four time playing this game on the X 50. So if you guys would want me to max out the settings for a bit let’s try to see that so right now, as you can see, this game is running on HDR and all drop and I instantly got killed. This is not good so again, guys. No large whatsoever – and this is a new way of full of performance review of the smartphone, but it is just to show you guys just how capable the smartphone is right now, so I just give one more guy and then we can get back with the video. Okay or well I’ll, just let one more guy kill me and then we can get back to the video so guys. This was a quick gaming test on the real me x2, so guys this was a quick gaming test on the real me X, 50 pro so with that let’s get back to the video. Also, if you’re still doubtful about the phone’s performance here are some synthetic benchmarks. I ran on the device; it is by far the highest scoring phone in antutu to have come to our offices. So rest assured, you will not feel wanting for more horse part from the X 50 pro the Raimi X.

50 Pro runs the company’s real new UI on top of Android 10. Now, if you want a phone with real bui and a 90 hoods display, then the X 50 is your best bet, as even the real me x2 Pro doesn’t have it yet. As for how the software fields well, it’s pretty streamlined, but it does come with a lot of bloatware which transfer li can be uninstalled. It also has a lot of features. Big then, including a gorgeous dark mode or screen on display, which mimics and always on display and a ton of customization features. In fact, so far, the only thing that I don’t like is that I can’t expand notifications from the notification tray, which is useful when you quickly want to know the OTP of some messaging app. Otherwise, the software experience on the phone didn’t give me any hassles and if you would like to know more about the skin in depth, make sure to head over to a full review of the real new UI. Another USP of the real makes 50 Pro is that it comes with 65 watt charging which, according to the company, can charge the smartphone completely in 35 minutes. Now I did test the validity of the claim and sure enough. I could charge the phone from 0 to 100 in just 36 minutes, which is insane now. The battery capacity is 4200 mAh and it has been holding up really well so far, but honestly what it really even matter.

I mean the phone can charge 50 percent in just 15 minutes, so even if the battery life was average, I don’t really think it would make much of a difference. So, for all intents and purposes the really useful. I will not disappoint you in the battery department. With all the focus on performance and 5g it’s easy to overlook the camera specs in total, the real makes 50 Pro comes with six cameras, two in the front and four on the back, so the camera specs will be on your screen now so pause the video. If you want to memorize them, so you might be wondering how the camera performance is well. It’S really too early for me to say, but so far I’ve not been very impressed with the front camera for some reason: it’s taking a bit too dull photos and the quality isn’t. What I expect from a flagship Sony sensor, honestly but I’m going to rest. My judgement for the full review so stay tuned to our channel, for that until then take a look at these camera samples and tell me in the comments below as to what you make of the photos. The reigning X, 50 Pro comes with two standout connectivity features. Firstly, the phone comes with Wi Fi 6, which for the company is 40 more better than compared to the previous gen of Wi Fi. Now, during my brief stint with the phone, I didn’t face any issues with the Wi Fi and the phone maintain a stable connection to my office and home router.

You also get fighty with the phone which is compatible with both non standalone and standalone networks. So with the NSA you’ll basically be able to use any 4g network on a 5g phone, which is good for countries like India before she’s still relevant and 5g is here to become mainstream. But you also get si network support with the phone, which will let the x50 probe runs solely on 5g network, now it’s anyone’s guess as to when you’ll get to use Bhaiji in India and by all means the phone might even be outdated by the time you Actually get proper 5g connection in India, but it’s still a good feature to have as it future proves the phone, and you can also use 5g services abroad when you travel now. As of recording this video, I don’t really know the price of the real NEX 50 probe, but my guess is that it will be priced under rupees 45 thousand now. If that is true, then you might just be looking at the best smartphone deal of the year. But you’ll have to wait for my full review to know if the smartphone is actually a great buy for you and if it performs well in day to day usage as well stay tuned. For that that video is going to be coming up very soon.