So today in the glossy Huawei nice, some bargain budget phone, which is you wha way, y 7p. So I so are we on y70, on the best for tape, megapixel triple camera smartphone now under 10k pesos, some markets me on so some on your clothing, a nothing else at the unboxing and review the valley by one review beside when an app in a comment With the day, so parinama features happening comment of the day segment when you Hamilton my comments, comment section and video, NATO, para Medici chaos and next episode. So on the PV con comment, I am Chi soon, then more on Baba, efficient point, so I’m, Sabina pineapple again and signatures a hammer and another 5cy like a fish, a fence in D, column, campano, macaron, another five key signatures of a bar that corner pictures. Well. I’M, a holla guy. Let me join your hangover 5p. So perfect as I go home, Panama with a guy named signature, so I wait number five each couple to take in a picture, so I open Milani on camera, so settings under general may keep them all. On. Add watermark so the only long shot for the next time, the omaha new picture, my novel again and the signature, the taken using huawei novel feisty so even send another too long. You seen a big lion on price now: Huawei y 7p and 8190 at loveable ethos and Huawei concept stores, nationwide marinades on the gisaeng configuration for a gig ram at 64, gig storage, Meredith Shrunk, the Lewan collar family is a midnight duck at this.

An Aurora Blue Bear only unboxed Athenian a.m. midnight black soap do Muhammad is acting unboxing segment. Okay, so bucket I McGann box in. Would a compact, vanillin young y7b merit of Assam on smart guy. That is some earphones in the new Makita, some boxing NATO Delhi to Ma SL among review, eunuch, okay, so um piece on, but before snow y 7p box make it a harder than signing documents need the documents leave, Mahalo, guy and conn young free jelly cake. Sale item no Canyon documents never like eat an American young y 7p unit already did it gon na happen at no Mia. Bella cannot Anita sale, aluminum unit Mike Eaton, a man and sim ejector at subpoena halal, a Makita and conn young charger at McCann young people starting an app and corneum do lo. So on cable na y 7p, I’m, a wrong micro be connector, so yen llama. Among our summer items vinyl in your product night, okay, so boom Alec, Matthias amis move away. Why 7 feet so Sahara, Mike Ethan young conn, young 6.’ IPS LCD screen my 720p native resolution. We keep on you dance, abandon Gilad something young 8 megapixels selfie shooter silly code Mike Eaton attend the mirror and strong reflective, futuristic glare effect. Oh wow, he y 7p. I powered no octa core Karim, 710 m process or now my 1.7 gigahertz base clock at boost clock in the 2.2 gigahertz Bernard. No, no man veto on Mali, g51, mp4 and a GPU.

So when the past naman may get on a panel canyon, fingerprint scanner at Savannah Gilead make it an Athena, conn young, triple camera setup, so on P, neva main camera I’m a row first, eight megapixel next time on Ian final 8. Megapixel super wide angle: camera at 2, megapixels Deb, assist camera segi lignum and make it an addendum on your power button. Add a new volume, rocker Sahab elongated Nnamani make it a not a Nash, amp Young symmetry okay. So while we y7v I’m a wrong that one dedicated Slav pursues him at a song dedicated slot Paris, a fine young memory at the toy expandable onion, 512 gig sale. I lay my katana Manhattan on Connie on 3.5 millimeter jack, okay, no micro, B port. I am speaker grills at the mnemonic onion UI for a second activity options. Naina offer non smartphone, NATO, Mary, Jean Wi, Fi, GPS, Bluetooth 5.0 at micro, USB automatic marina for NATO. The Android version 9, which is PI so Natasha fire starting unboxing Putin, went, is adding benchmark for is a battery for four months now. Quwata and three r’s 54 minutes battery life, so honey on 4000 milliampere battery on conn young charging time. The man I won are 55 minutes, so temperature namana acting octa core CPU marathon ‘ degrees Celsius. I idle at 78 degrees, Sasha, Samantha max load. My katana Manhattan I’m be nahama in an apartment for NATO ice abandoned us now. Hawaiian amok stems to 41 degrees Celsius book.

The things are, gaming have on her on a performance mode, smooth nominal huddling games, noisiness namond ito, a hidden high settings per annum on synthetic benchmarks; nothing gambit on 3d mark Geekbench at antutu, benchmark the hot iron and decent scores; phenomena; adding sound test; Music Applause, Music Applause, so you know, I think, benchmark now. Here are some photos and videos that we took using the Huawei y 7p Music, Music, Alpina, Honami, kusu kusu away y70 am canon camera; okay, okay on conn young 14, megapixels camera, Parsa photos and videos. Next nominee ahn hani on four thousand milliamp battery recent dominant engine battery life at charging time. Lastly, on conn young gaming performance platinum island games in a run smoothly, sighing island island ended supported in Google App Store at Google services, which is ah hey, Lana help. Edelman came against all using Wow is app gallery to literally putting a light on in updates, so filly in yellow my absolute astronomy, install, I put in you, know sugar meet and get along Chaka delay koala nominal up. Next, in your, I predict am accent. No wish list gave away punta lungs and your profile a click on wishlist at el, a guy and name a description and up niggas, tomo medicare in Malaga beaten, among sample pictures so far, Okinawa and Huawei y 7p, although par surprising and in 8190 pesos Marama, ringtone Caliber name on budget phones, the may must be Bob up on price, Farah, semana, pros and cons and upon get cocaina.

We began at in and Huawei y7 pin and silver award. So gentleman at the top was an acting review and unboxing for a sawal way. Y 7p come in Manhattan, Ohio, our suggestion for the game, a comments, a comment section below at make a second demand among her prey, Jan first of all, curious going on next gen pop on or in my keeping a Depot on youtube recommendation. So in D, column come on only recommend you to better serve in Japan or indeed, oh. Yes, para no Manito cerebellum a keepin, your companion, much upgrade than SSDs in your laptop. So, on gusta Numa lemon butter on your long, a video NATO so give Nana one make you turn your on subscribe button. So William Calley Mouton work subscribes. If you know IRA give to CS at it clicked on notification bail, I confirm the notify chaos between AG upload come in among a bag on video. So I’m. Sorry, on mug, like this like comment, subscribe, maraming salamat, gon na pray.