This is the Galaxy a 71 the latest to come out in Samsung’s a series if you’re getting confused by all of these Samsung mid range phones. I wouldn’t blame you, so let’s shine some light on what the a 71 is all about in our four of you, Music. If you’re familiar with Samsung’s recent MIT Rangers, you won’t be surprised to find that the galaxy a 71 is made of plastic. The material looks like glass and its really dazzling when it catches lights, even though it is plastic, the bill doesn’t feel cheap. It seems sturdy, and my only gripe is that there’s no waterproofing here the a 71 is a really large phone. Thanks to its six point. Seven inch screen, but his profile is quite slim and is surprisingly light and comfy in the hand. The screen itself is, of course, a Samsung Super AMOLED panel, it’s flat, not curved, and has a 1080p resolution plus a punch hole cutout at the top for the selfie camera content, looks great sharp and contrast II as you’d expect from a samsung Display. Colors are quite accurate too, but a bit bland. Unless you turn on the vivid mode, you don’t get the HDR 10 support you would with the flagships, but unless you’re looking for that content on one of its few supported platforms, you won’t miss it. The screen does a good job when it comes to brightness as well. We measured 410 NIF’s maximum with the slider and up to 515 minutes in bright conditions, with the auto mode switched on.

The always on display is the a70 ones method of showing you the time and notifications when it’s asleep and as an optical fingerprint reader located under the screen to wake up and unlock the phone with. It feels a bit on the slow side but it’s usable something. The a71 offers that the Samsung flagships – don’t is the 3.5 millimeter Jack. Sound quality through headphones is quite good, with above average, loudness m little Distortion, otherwise audio quality. The single bottom firing loudspeaker is decent comparable to that on samsung’s. Other recent mid rangers Music. This storage is ufs 2.1 and though 128 gigs is plenty of space for your tunes and everything else. It is expandable if you need more Samsung’s. Recent phones are all running 1uy to over android 10 and the interface is even rolling out to their older phones as well. Overall is quite clean and load free. You get dark mode for your menus, which should give you a little bit of energy savings, and there is a new option with Android 10 for gesture navigation, where the back gesture is a swipe from the side at the heart of the galaxy. A 71 is a Snapdragon, 730 chipset, so one of the best mid range chips available right now, it’s a clear upgrade over the Snapdragon 675 and last year’s model. The a 71 does a great job in benchmark scores and it ran all of the games. I tried without hiccups or overheating now let’s talk battery life.

The a 71 has a 4500 million power battery just like last year’s model, and it performs just as well, and our proprietary battery tests is scored. An excellent endurance rating of 102 hours charging speed has improved a bit since the a 70. With a bundled 25 watt charger. We were able to go from 0 to 51 percent in half an hour. Moving on to the cameras, the galaxy, a 71 has an l shaped quad camera setup, there’s, a 64 megapixel quad Bearman cam, a 12 megapixel ultra wide, a 5 megapixel macro cam and a def sensor. All we’re missing here is the telephoto in daylight, the galaxy a 71 s main camera shoots. Nice 16, megapixel photos, there’s, good contrast, lively, colors, low noise and very good dynamic range. It could be better in terms of fine detail, but is not bad for a mid range er. There is a 64 megapixel shooting mode and the results look good, though the benefits over the 16 megapixel photos are minor. The file size is quite huge, portraits taken with the main camera. The depth sensor looked very good. They have nice subject: detection and separation and a pleasing D focus backgrounds at 12 megapixels. The ultra wide cam is an upgrade over last year’s 8 megapixel one. It has better detail and sharpness in that one had as well as punchy colors, good name range and low noise. Close ups taken with the macro camera are okay, though we’ve seen better fine detail in the competition.

Also, since focus is fixed here, it’s really tricky to get your subject in focus and may shots come out blurry moving on to low light photography shots we took with the main camera, have nice colors of low noise? However, they are soft and highlights are blown out. Unlike last year’s a 70, there is a night mode here, and these photos are cropped down to 12 megapixels. The net mode, not only restores, have blown highlights, but you get more detail in the shadows and the skies shots from the ultra wide are not bad either. Even though they are noisier in less detail than the regular ones for an ultra wide at night, these are still quite good. Night mode is available here too, and it really makes an improvement. Images are brighter with more detail and less noise. Less talked selfies, though the selfie camera is a 32 megapixel. Quad bear one. These come out in 12 megapixels. Instead of the expected aids anyway, selfies turned out good with nice colors wide dynamic range and nice detail. You can record 4k video with a selfie cam. These look quite good, but I wish there was better stabilization. 4K videos taken with the main camera are in 30 fps, and these are excellent there’s more than enough detail, decent dynamic range and great contrast and colors. The ultra wide cam also takes 4k videos at 30fps. These are still good, though the level of detail is lower and the colors are a bit washed out.

Video stabilization is available on both the main and ultra wide cams, only at 1080p resolution and is quite smooth, there’s. Also, the super steady mode on the ultra wide, which is even smoother sort of like an action cam so that’s the samsung galaxy, a 71 4 400 450 euros. He had it comfortable and good. Looking build an excellent AMOLED display, a powerful, mid range chipset and some pretty nice cameras in fact, it’s the chipset in the cameras, which are the main upgrades over the previous model, the a 70 the low light photography, especially blousier 70 out of the water. So if that’s important to you, it could be worth upgrading to this one. Now the a 71 isn’t, the cheapest phone out there with these kind of specs, but in the a series this is the best Samsung you can get and it deserves our recommendation.