So does the Galaxy S 10 light have enough to knock the oneplus 70 off its pedestal. Let’S find out before watching this video be sure to subscribe to our Channel and hit the bell icon so that you get notified when we publish new videos. The entire body of the s10 light feels sturdy and well put together. The plastic bag does cuff easily, especially the bottom portion and it’s, also a huge fingerprint and smudge magnet, luckily with the case in the box. So you should use it if this bothers you there’s a hybrid dual SIM tray on the left and, unfortunately the Galaxy S. 10 light does not have a headphone socket, which means that you’ll either have to use the bundle, type C headset or go wireless. Everyone loves a big crisp display and the Galaxy S 10 light offers just that it’s. A six point. Seven inch Super AMOLED plus panel with a full HD plus resolution, and support for HD are 10 plus videos. Look very good on the display and the default natural color profile makes everything look a bit muted, but switching to vivid add some much needed intensity to colors. Hdr videos and streaming apps, such as Netflix and YouTube, also look good. The bottom firing speaker doesn’t get very loud, but you can enable the Dolby Atmos enhancement when you’re using wired headphones. The bundled headset sounds decent and provides good, passive isolation from outside noise. You get an in display fingerprint sensor, which is quick at unlocking the phone, the single camera and the hole punch.

Cutout can be used for face recognition. This method works well even in low light, but the Rays to wake gesture was a little slow to work. The galaxy s 10 light runs on one UI 2.0, which is based on Android 10. It even has a January 2020 security patch, which is good to see one you are 2.0, is one of the better skins for Android, and I definitely appreciate the direction Samsung has taken with it. It looks good, has useful features such as a built in screen, recorder and it’s easy to use to the Galaxy S 10 light has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SOC with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, multitasking works smoothly, and I didn’t notice any slowdowns Or lag when running heavy apps or games the Galaxy S 10 light did get fairly warm after about 20 minutes of pubsey mobile, but never too hot. The frame rate was solid in pubsey mobile with heavy usage, the Galaxy S 10 light still managed to last about a day and a half on a single charge. With the bundled 25 watt charger, I was able to charge the galaxy s 10 light up to 98. In an arc which is impressive in our HD video loop test, the galaxy s 10 light ran for 18 hours and 55 minutes, which is very good. The galaxy s 10 light supports three rear cameras and you can see the specs on screen right now.

Shooting landscapes in daylight. The sensor captures good details. Colors have ample saturation and HDR works. Well, close ups are sharp, but colors do look a little bit boosted at times. The wide angle camera captures good shots, but they’re not as good as those taken with the primary camera. We also tried the macro camera, which captures fairly good details when focusing on smaller objects, portrait mode or light focus works well with good eyes, detection, detail and colors. You can change the background. Bokeh effect for some interesting results. The level of background blur can be adjusted to in low light the galaxy s 10 light manages to hold its own capturing good details and colors. You can also enable night mode which brightens up shots, but slightly affects textures and details. The wide angle camera captures much darker images at night due to its narrower aperture, but night mode can help a bit. The s turn light. Has a single 32 megapixels selfie camera. The selfies we shot had punchy, colors and good amounts of detail. The front camera is pretty capable under artificial light too, but struggles in very low light. For the latter case, the screen flash helps video quality at 4k resolution is good when shot in daylight and there’s. A slight wobble when you are walking about, thankfully, the footage isn’t too shaky. You can switch to the wide angle camera while recording, which is nice, but the video quality does take a bit of a hit for stabilization it’s best to use the super steady toggle, which uses the wide angle camera to record video in very low light.

Footage is a little grainy and details a little softer, but we didn’t notice, much chrome annoys the wide angle. Camera captures very dark footage, making it pretty much unusable at night. The galaxy s 10 light is a good package for at nearly forty thousand rupees. We think the price is a bit on the higher side. We say this, especially since you could instead buy the top end variant of the oneplus 70 for less and that phone offers additional features, such as a high refresh rate display a more premium glass and metal body, stereo speakers, a telephoto camera and a more current processor. I think that if Samsung shaved, 5000 rupees of the s10 alights price, it would make an excellent competitor to the oneplus 70 let’s hope that happens in the near future.