On Tuesday, they announced four new phones: three new s; 20s that’s, the designation for the G; Samsung Galaxy S; phones for this year, the S 20s 20, plus s 20, ultra like 120 megahertz, refresh or Hertz them a hundred twenty Hertz refresh 18 cameras or something like A camera bump, I mean it’s, just crazy, but all of this looked like kind of vile that’s. What I’d expect the next generation Galaxy S? Then they announced the Z flip or, as the rest of the world calls it. The Zed flip that to me is the most interesting phone of the year. It really is that, let me see it, you got it, you ordered it at Best. Buy did you go, did you get it Friday or? Yes, I was one of those a Thursday night at midnight. Yes, you know. Yes, I ordered it within like five minutes, then they’re like yeah they’re, like you’ll, get it Monday and it actually showed up Saturday. So I had a very good experience by them, but I was gon na go pick it up at my prom, maybe, as I said, I’ll get it at the Santa Rosa store and you live in New York. I think one in Massachusetts. Oh you’re, massachusetts. Okay. I think what they said was San Francisco LA New York, New York, the big city Atlanta had a few. I would he’ll like five yeah Music everywhere, but that’s because they sold a hundred.

I told you I’d go into San Francisco and say I’m gon na go. Look at my order. I give it. I made a bookmark. This is how much I care I made a bookmark on my on my web browser to check my best buy order. So what do you think? Yes, it is the most intriguing piece of technology I’ve used since my Tesla. It is it’s really got me to rethink technology in terms of phones and it’s, not all perfect right like if you opening and closing it is definitely an extra step and if you’re always putting your phone out of your pocket, there’s that trade off and that’s real It’S a little bit more delicate or at least I’m treating more delicate than I probably would you know somebody s 20 ultra. That said, the way like I have it right now with it sort of you know, propped open like this as I’m, that little the little Barbie laptop yeah my desk like this, and it has the always on display. So it just shows my calendar, any notifications and now I’m using it also with Microsoft’s your phone cuz it’s, built into Samsung’s throne, so it’s Windows 10. I just launched your phone app. I can now mirror the phone. I should just run the apps directly. I get notifications, I can make phone calls. I can you text messages all while it’s open on my computer and that’s, like it uses Wi, Fi, direct, basically and it’s, actually, a very fast connection, so it’s really just sort of made me rethink about what am a smart phone can be.

I know things for everybody it’s still too early. You know this question like. Is it worth it? You know, come out 14 hub dollars, most people it’s, not gon na, be worth it, but it really is transformative. I hate to be cliche, but it really does sort of make you rethink. You know what phones and devices can be, and this idea that it’s a large phone that folds up – and you know I close it here and you got the right color. You got the purple, so you see a crease. You see a little subtle crease where it bends yeah. So when you, if you open it and you go into the light and you kind of like it, you have to do that though. Yes, but when you’re using it, you absolutely do not see the crease, you feel the crease and that’s weird. It feels I felt at first to me, like I had a some gunk on the screen or something, but you get used to it and it sense it’s. Halfway up, you can actually scroll most of in the bottom half this screen. I see I can see the crease when you hold it like that. I could totally yeah yeah yeah there we go yeah. No, no! You expose look it’s folding, so I think that there’s two ways to go with a folding phone either unfolded to make it bigger or start small and make a normal phone size, and I think this is unfortunately the moto racer was announced two weeks ago and apparently Isn’T very good, its crinkly and weird Samsung comes along two weeks later says: well how about this they claimed to be using very thin, foldy glass yeah, although jerry rigged, have you seen jerry rigged yet, could you rig everything it kind of makes me mad.

Cuz Gerry, like stakes, you know, exacto knife, sand and pointy objects and tries to scrape the darn thing. Oh that’s, just like a torture. I know I saw four gadgets. I don’t, like I, can’t, even get one and Gerry’s already knife to the metal on the side and start scraping. So obviously nobody’s gon na do that. But he is measuring the mo hardness and he says it’s a hardness of only two or three. It is not glass hard, so what do you think his theory is it’s, not really glass, it’s, a polymer with glass part last day, it’s glass like yeah yeah, we don’t, who knows right, I mean they’re, being quite honest, let’s just be honest and like Samsung probably Could have been a lot of us is marketing, so the the the issue is this: when you use it and you feel it and compare it to the fold and the razor phone, it feels way better that’s why everybody so excited about. It does feel smooth that feels a glass like and that’s why people are like kind of believing it you know, but when it comes to it, doesn’t have the properties of glass in terms of resilience and that’s sort of the issue. Now to Samsung’s credit here, they’re like you, can get a professionally installed screen protector on it, which ya do that at no charge. Yeah you go to X. I can you fix, I fix it, you fix it, you never it’s called.

I have what is it called it’s a it’s, a phone repair company. I fix you break you break, I fix something like that. Yeah and then the other thing is, if yeah, if you break the display, they’ll, replace it for a one time for 120, which is which is yeah, I mean it’s expensive, but for 1400 off phone that’s, like okay, that’s, actually a pretty good thing. So I think we have to learn that if it’s a foldable screen you don’t take an exacto knife to it. You know it with some hurry as though I may have to say he’s using his fingernail yeah that’s. What I mean he’s creasing it with his fingernail yeah don’t. Do that folks just be very gentle with it. I do like the form factor. I think this is, and it bodes well for Microsoft, because they’ve got now they’re doing two screens with a hinge. The Neo and it lasts yeah yeah, but that’s where the benefit is yeah. I think there’s a good for I love the little Smurfs laptop form factor. I think that’s yeah is anything like this Apple device. That’S a cool screen like this or are they gon na, fall behind in form factors and eventually get themselves in the back of the market here, they’re gon na do what they always do, which is they’re going to them, and their fans will continue to dismiss this. As a gimmick, a fad, it don’t work old, stupid everybody till Apple comes out and does it and to Apple’s credit you’ll find come out and do it right all Apple fans like to say and Ayana say don’t doubt that’s how the company operates, but they’ll probably Come out with a you know, by that time, that the actual material science we’re expecting Corning to actually have bendable foldable glass by the end of this year, you know Apple will, do I think everybody’s gon na do this or at least offer a version of it, Because you keep hearing people talk about, is you know it’s? What Leo is saying? So this is a large phone that folds into a smaller one.

The Galaxy fold is a tablet that folds into a size of a phone, and you know it’s. I like this better yeah women yeah put in your purse. I could put it you know: it’s, like a pocket square, you could put yeah it’s, really it’s, really small and wasn’t. Even at the gym. You know it’s nice not having a slab on my pant leg. You know, like you, don’t, feel it as much it’s too heavy but it’s a stop. It Alex. You have a dirty mind. He said no idea of a smaller phone, and that gives you all the affordances of a larger phone and then some I mean I think Google knew that folding phones were coming. They adapted Android for foldables, so that a program like Google duo can know that it’s a half open and put the picture on the top the controls on the bottom, I think there’s. I hope we see more apps do that. I think that’s a real are all the samsung. Apps must be fold aware right, yeah YouTube. Does it right now a duo and there’s a couple other apps it’s, not a ton but Samsung could say: they’re gon na release and the API and work with Google and partners to start bringing that feature, but yeah that’s. What makes it it’s that feature? It really kind of makes it one of the more interesting devices, but in terms of the experience of it, the cameras are very good.

The battery life has been solid so far, it’s, not amazing battery life, but it for most people in this Democratic. I would say: it’s fine, 855 Snapdragon, so it’s a as fast as any of this year last year’s flagships not as fast as the s20 will be, but it’s fine yeah. I mean this is basically 2008 2019 flagship phone in terms of specs. The cameras are great. It’S wireless charging, eight gigs of ram, comes with a little case in the box. I mean it’s a cool device, it’s, not perfect. You know it’s for early adopters, trendsetters and that’s the point of it to get it out there I’ve seen so many influencers and people in tech. Have it this weekend, that’s exactly kinda. What Samsung wanted right, we’re all talking about it. But if you go read most of the era I sort of 24 hour and 48 hour reviews and updates everybody’s pretty you know happy about it AG. I was late, though, if you’re mean I’m gon na buy it, but right away as you did, but I would wait a month or so before you, a normal person, spends 1400 bucks on this, because you want to make sure it’s gon na be durable. We’Ve had a bad experience already with the Galaxy fold. Well, though, the galaxy fold to its credit, with that second version that came out, I know quite a few people who have it and it’s funny, because you’re not hearing fold displays getting scratched breaking all that like it, there there’s, not that’s, not out there right now.

So they seem to have done a pretty solid job with this, but it’s so to cut too expensive for most people, Samsung has rewritten they bad branding that the fold had last year. I mean initially and Daniel to to your point and the use of the word gimmick that’s. All I thought about foldable phones right and twelve months ago, and what they’ve done is not just say: hey this isn’t a gimmick. They put it into a product that you can use right now and get the same use that you would out of a traditional smartphone but in a non gimmicky form factor. I think maybe it’s the the chat room saying. Oh you, tech people, you just want something new to talk about and that’s fair. We have slab glass, slab phones, we’ve had to put up with them since, for the last ten years, it’s nice to see some different form factor and for the first time. I think this is a form factor that might have some legs. We it’s not the first folding phone. I had a moto razor way back in the day right this one doesn’t give you the satisfying. Hang up, though right Daniel, you can’t slow, you can you can’t yeah yeah.