Another company is announcing something for smartphone cameras. Today is no exception. We have polar Pro announcing light chaser Pro. So what is light taste of pro light? Chaser Pro is polar pros brand new filter collection built specifically for iPhones, and only for the iPhone 1111 pro max and the 11pro yeah 11, the 11 pro and 11 pro max. Only the new flagship iPhone, so you have an old iPhone if we have an Android phone sorry, but you are out of luck. It seems that polar Pro is only focusing on the brand new flagship from Apple, probably to avoid the headache of trying to deal with all the old camera systems. And then, if you look at Android, there’s just way too much stuff going on. So they make all these brand new cases for it. So I feel like maybe using the iPhone 1111 pro and pro max is kind of like a beta test to feel like is this working? Does it work? Well, do people want something like this and I think there’s no better phone to test that, on than the brand new Apple iPhone, the kit that polar Pro sent me is called the photography, kids and what that includes is their case. A circular polarizer and this interesting grip, then we’re gon na talk about a little bit more shortly. The whole system itself, like first impressions, seems really nice. I really like how everything’s made it’s all very high quality it’s, the kind of stuff that you’d expect from polar Pro.

They make Peter MacKinnon’s variable ND filter. They make some of the best thread on filters for lenses. Everyone knows polar Pro. Everyone knows they make great products, and I don’t think this is any exception when it comes to build where the whole kit kind of falls. Apart. For me, though, is the fact that it is this kind of kit, this isn’t, a system that you can kind of build into your existing system, and what that means is, if you’re, someone who shoots with moment lenses or you have like a moon dog labs kind Of thing you can’t use these brand new polar Pro filters with anything that you already own, because they’ve come out with proprietary mounts and I’m, not a fan, a proprietary mouse. For me when it comes to smartphone stuff, I think bayonet mounting is the best option. That’S out right now, not that it’s, the best in general. I just think it’s the best that we’ve been offered and what that is. Is the that moment uses its amount that Siri uses and now even Moondog labs, new filter, mount uses, the bayonet mount itself and so for polar Pro to come up with a part that is such a mouthful and so for polar Pro to come up with a Proprietary mount while trying to say that three times fast and so for polar Pro to come up with a proprietary mount feels like a bit of a bummer, and it is a bit of a bummer because not only is a proprietary, I hates a proprietary.

Now, not only is it proprietary but it’s also very difficult to get the filter on to the phone. You basically get this case right and you get your filters that actually come in a really nice little protective cover. But getting this filter onto this case is like one of the biggest pains ever had shooting with a smartphone there’s. These little tiny little nub things here, they’d have to line up with these little nubs on the case and every single time. I try to do it, except for this time right here, it’s always been a pain trying to get this thing on. It could be that I’ve been doing this so many times now that it’s getting easier, but in the field when you’re out shooting this has been, it was really cold. I was shooting with us on the weekend and I was having such a hard time getting this. Damn thing on here, and so the mount is a bit of a pain to use. Now, once it’s on it does seem relatively secure. It doesn’t feel like it’s gon na pop off, so I think it is a good mount in the sense of that it mounts and it works. But if you’re in the feeling you want to swap filters, I just feel like there could have been a better system and I think that better system was using the bayonet. The other thing with it being proprietary is, it means you have to use their case too and I’m, someone who actually kind of likes using their phone without a case, so half a noose and so that’s.

Another pain point for me is it’s just a little bit to OtterBox from hi taste, if that makes sense, it’s just too much protection and to the point where it feels bulky and it’s big and it’s kind of heavy. The cool thing about the case, though, is that you can use this kind of mounting system, and I would very interested to see if they come up with other accessories for this. But essentially you get this mount grip thing that just clips on to the case like that which is relatively easy to do, and that makes it kind of cool, because then you turn it into this, like shooting rig thing that you can use for portrait or you Can use it vertical and it just gives you a little bit better stability when you’re out shooting. I definitely like this. It also has a couple quarter threads on it, so you can attach it to a tripod and whatnot and so like that’s, a cool extra add on to the whole case system, but it for me. It doesn’t negate the fact that this only attaches via proprietary mount. I would love to be able to use these filters with either my moment case or no case at all with a clip. Maybe I just don’t like being locked into one case system, especially when that case is not my favorite, so how about the filters themselves? So so far I only have the circular polarizer, the variable nd and the nd is coming out soon there’s a pre order, link in the description, this video.

So you can get a look at all the filters that are coming, but right now all I’ve had to play with is the circular polarizer circular polarizers are pretty cool if you’re not sure what they do is if you’ve ever worn, like polarized sunglasses, if you like Fishing glasses, if you’re out on the water you wear phishing glasses, you’ll notice, you can actually see through the water almost like x, ray vision, what’s happening is, is the filter within the lens is blocking out horizontal light, which basically removes reflections. So if you shoot a lot of architecture with Windows, if you shoot a lot cars and you get a lot of reflections on windshields and whatnot you’re, just gon na get a cleaner image and a crisper image. It also makes the colors in the sky a little bit richer. Overall, you just get a little bit more of a contrasted image and it just kills reflections, and so you just got to kind of line it up. Every time you shoot to kill whether you’re, vertical or horizontal, you just circle this right here and essentially this will kill the reflection. You can actually watch it in real time, move so it’s, really cool, it’s kind of like x, ray vision, it’s, something like I really didn’t, really explore with smartphone stuff and now that I’ve used it. I actually really really like it. But again I have to use this silly case and mount with it so I’m, not sure how much more I’ll be using it.

I might be exploring other polarizer soon, but really I can’t stop thinking about this mountain. How much I wish it was a little bit. You more Universal, because another thing is: if you look closely at the mount there’s, not even any future proofing on it to maybe add lenses down the road like. If polar Pro wanted to get into the lens world, they would have to come up with a whole new case. Now I can’t see them making a case they’ll be able to use this mount that they’re using for the filters, because it just covers all three lenses. Now that is a good thing. I do like that. It covers all three lenses, which means you can switch between tele the wide and the ultra wide on the 11pro. So as annoying as the proprietary mounted, I do like that. It covers all three lenses, but then the elephant in the room is that Moondog labs also has their own new filter mount system. But you can use any filters that you want and the case uses bayonet mount. So I love bayonet mount because that lets me use my moment, lenses and all that kind of fun stuff, which I can’t do with the polar Pro now as I’ve launched today, which today, as in Tuesday the 18th of February, they are launching the circular polarizer. As the first filter within this setup – and there is some cool launch day pricing so make sure you check the description for all the prices on here.

I won’t put prices in the video because it’s just gon na fluctuate and change now, because of this launch day. Special pricing but just know everything’s gon na be in the hundred dollar range for complete kits and then all the accessories are in the twenty to fifty dollar range. So really, if you’re someone who does a lot of smartphone shooting and you don’t use third party lenses. I do think this is a really nice kit for the money and I’m very interested to see when the variable Andy comes out to and the nd, because that’ll just be a nice complete kit. And if you just leave that case on you’re gon na get the grip you get the nice case, you’re gon na get really great filters because we all know polar Pro makes great filters. But if you’re, someone like me who likes to bop around with lenses and try different cases, I don’t know if this is really the solution for the way that I shoot could be for you, but I don’t think it’s for me, Music. Let me know in the comments what you think of light chasing a pro I’m, very interested to see what you think, because polar Pro again is like a really well known company. Everyone knows them because of Peter McKinsey, variable and D as well. So I think, it’s cool, that a company like polar Pro is paying attention to smartphones because they are real cameras them tired of everyone saying they’re, not so I like it they’re making stuff for the system.

I just think there’s a little bit of refinement that needs to be made specifically within the mount, but I would be curious to hear what you guys think about it. Let me know in the comments, if you like this video make sure you subscribe, and you will see me next time.