This system offers a variety of filters, ranging from CP all the way to variable ND filters and with the help of their additional grip, you even can turn your smartphone into a fully fledged video rig. So let me give you a rundown on what PolarPro Litechaser Pro has to offer you. What up guys welcome back to another episode. My name is AttiBear and today will be all about the new PolarPro Litechaser Pro Filter System, which, by the way, is their first ever Filter for a Smartphone.. This system is pretty special since it’s, not just a simple filter. You slap onto your phone. It has way more to offer you since it’s modular., So today, I’m, going to show you what parts will be available at launch and also what they are good for. At the heart of the Litechaser Pro Filter system is their new case. Thanks to the mounting points along the case, it pretty much turns your smartphone case into a camera cage., so you can mount all kinds of accessories onto it. At the launch. Only one accessory will be available and that’s the Litechaser Grip.. Also, you get access to a variety of Filters, ranging from CP Filters all the way to variable ND Filters from 2, 5 Stopps and 3 5 Stopps.. Unfortunately, these weren’t available, so I couldn’t get my hands on them yet, but in today’s review I’ll be featuring. The CP Filter., If you are a regular viewer of this channel, you know by now that I’m, a big advocate for PolarPro Filters, since I think the yield the best results and If you haven’t seen all my previous reviews, I’ll link them up here.

So you can see for yourself how they behave under real life conditions, but enough talk for now. Let me start todays introduction, with the centerpiece of the Litechaser Pro System. With the Litechaser Filter system. The first thing you’ll need to get is a Phone case.. At this point in time, only Apple Devices are supported and the cases range all the way back to iPhone X. From a case point of view, the PolarPro Litechaser Case is really a rigged case and certainly aren’t afraid to drop you phone in it from an aesthetic Point of view, it certainly isn’t the prettiest case out there. In case of the Litechaser Pro Smartphone case. This isn’t any issue, since it isn’t meant to be pretty it’s meant to be practical.. Thanks to the mounting points along the smartphone case, you can turn your smartphone into fully fledged camera cage.. So let’s talk about the first available accessory for the Litechaser System., The Grip., The PolarPro Litechaser. Pro Grip is meant to give DSLR like ergonomics on your Smartphone.. Thanks to it’s locking mechanism, it establishes a secure connection to the smartphone body and through it’s ergonomics you are less likely to drop your phone.. You can also find two 14 20 mounting points on the top and bottom of the grip, so you can mount accessories like microphones or video lights now. Let’S talk about the Litechaser Filters. Included is the Filter itself, a cleaning cloth and some paperwork.. The Filter itself comes in a hard plastic case and it tells you what kind of filter can be found inside.

To prevent an accidental touch. The filter is covered with a rubber cover.. If you are a Mavic 2 Pro owner, the mounting system of the Litechaser Pro System will look kinda familiar. In order to mount the Filter. You’Ll need to align the four knobs on the case and with a twist it can be locked into place. granted. In the beginning, the filter system involves some fiddling, but once you get the hang of it, it’s actually easier to use than most of the threaded systems. At the moment out there. – And I have to admit – I was quite surprised how snugg the filter sits on the case.. The Filter performance is excellent. As always., We are getting the same results as we are already used to, for example, from their Quartzline Setup for DSLRs or their Drone Filters., And in this little example, you can see while I’m twisting the Filter. Even the CP Filter has a significant effect on the footage cause. A lot of the reflections are removed from the water.. Another thing I know we all have experienced in the past is You are somewhere out and about shooting in the cold, your hands get dry and you are grabbing as tight as you can to your phone, but then comes a bump in the road or a wave Hits the boat and boom your phone goes flying. Thanks to the Litechaser Pro Grip. This is something out of the past cause the rubber like surface.

Not only gives you more friction, so you can hold tighter onto your Phone.. You also have more to hold on to in the first place., And thanks to the bigger holding surface, you are also able to get a way steadier shot than before, because you don’t only have the edges to hold on.. You can like really properly hold onto your phone, like you do with a DSLR Camera. Cool thing about the Litechaser PRO Grip is that it not only serves as a Grip. You also can use it to mount additional accessories onto your Phone., Which then turn your phone into a fully fledged video rig.. By the way, the setup I just showed you is the one I’m filming this little sequence here.. So my video light is at 10 brightness and I’m using the Deity D3 Pro, and I think the Audio Quality has improved vastly over the already good audio from the iPhone 11 Pro., And also with the brightness of this video light. I have plenty of room If I have to light something: that’s need way more light., So you be the judge.. Do you think this setup could be used outside in the field? Let me know down below. By the. If you ever want to use the Litechaser Pro Filters without the Grip, for example, in combination with the DJI OSMO Mobile 3., You can easily do so cause the weight distribution throughout the case even with the Filter is so even that you have no issues balancing the Gimbal whatsoever.

, I think PolarPro Litechaser Pro System is a great addition to their already incredible Lineup and I really hope that they are going to release more and more accessories for their case. So it can get more versetail over time., But just imagine for a seconde. They would incorporate accessories. I featured in my mobile creator content guide.. How crazy would it be to have something like an anamorphic lens or something like that on this case.? What would you like to see on their case? Let me know down in the comments below and if you liked todays episode don’t forget to like share subscribe.