I want to do this video for JB’s. You understand how the software works, how it operates and also do a separate video you’ll be able to use on your bonus pages if you want to as well so basically video flow. The reason we created it is: we want to create a really complete solution that gave users the ability to do a lot when it came to video it’s a lot easier without a timeline needed it. Something that’s quick and easy to understand so that’s what we believe we’ve done, if you click create video, when you get into your account, you’ll see what pre loaded some templates by the time you log in you’ll, probably see many more templates than this we’re. Just loading templates in at the moment and you’ll be able to select some of these templates. So, for example, if you were to select just this one here, if you’re running a demo, reviewing the software you’ll, see it’ll load up and be more in the canvas right here. So the canvas itself is a little bit similar to other software’s you’ve, probably seen the main primary part of it is actually this preview bar here so you’ll see here that as we move this bar the content changes within the video itself, and this bar allows you To decide on how long a particular clip is, you can adjust the duration of a clip or how and it’ll show you how long in total the video duration is as well now this works and sync with this clip system.

So, instead of using a timeline, we use separate Clips. So if you wanted to say, add a new scene to a video, you might have say three or four scenes to your video. You had one scene here which might be 10 seconds long, for example, then you would add another scene here or you could actually duplicate that last scene. If you wanted to then you’ll see here, we automatically have welcome that is on this new scene. Then you’ve seen itself as five seconds long and you can preview the scene by clicking preview scene. So you’ve got new hour two scenes with our video, the first one and the second. Now you might wonder why this rendering icon shows up basically, so we can save time on rendering at the end of the video we render, the video well we’re, actually editing it. So it’s done very quickly it’s! You know you don’t really notice it, but it means that we’re able to render video faster as a result of doing them. So you’ll see here as well that we have a layers system that will work as well with this system here at veneering. So each text piece of text – each video – is a separate element within this layering system. Here to select one of the elements that you want to eat it you can scroll through them, so you can actually select and you’ll see here that I’m selecting and if you want to actually go to the allotment and start editing it, you can double click and It will come up with their element settings or, if you wanted to, you, could go inside of the video to the place where that element is, and you can then select that element now.

If you wanted to eat the element, you would just select it and then you could then retype it. If you wanted to downsize it, for example, you could make the size of it smaller. If you wanted to change the font of it again, you can change the font of it. You can change where it is and you’ll see here that it’s this element shows from 4 seconds until 6 seconds, so that’s how you determine when an element will be available and when it’ll leave. So if I was to put my pen outside of the section you’ll see, the text has disappeared inside of it, the text has appeared. You could also do with fade infade out effects with the text itself and on your new scene. For example, if you wanted to before your new scene comes in, you can to choose from a range of different transitions, so you choose open transitions, close wrappers transitions, all sorts of different transitions here that will be featured as this. This clip goes into the next one. Now, if we were to start this new clip, for example – and we wanted to make this a new scene – let’s say, for example, that this is a video to introduce a photographer all right, so we’re introducing a photographer it’s got a call.we effect. We can actually preview this scene right now, so I can show you what the scene looks like it’s, rendering it now and now it’s going to actually preview the same.

So this is what the scene looks like, and this guy is really into his photography. John Doe you’ll see my textures kind of weird because I resize it and you know then we continue walking. I could do an adjust my text, I can move it with a knit object and make sure it’s fixed what I’ll do is I’ll go to my new say now, so we know it’s about photography and what we gon na do is we’re, going to showcase some Of you know what what the photography is, that we’ve done so let’s go and do that so sleep on you’ve seen and I might say, for example, my port whoops, my portfolio so I’ll put that on the scene. Sevilla and it’s gon na run for it’s got here one one second, but I want it to run for more. Obviously so I’ll run this scene for three seconds, so this particular scene, one for three seconds I’ll, do a fade out effect to this text. So to last for 0.2 seconds and I’ll also put on a background here as well, so I might actually put on some sort of shape, element and we’ll. Just go like this yeah and now you’ll see that the shape element is over the text. So I go over to my layers. I drag the shape underneath the text. I can now select the text here and I can change the color of the tick, so I make sure that it shows up well on this white background, so we have now, as we have first seen, we have a transition that takes place, which is the clothes Rep and then we have our my portfolio being introduced and then from there.

I might then create another scene which actually is going to showcase some of the the portfolio of this particular person I’m, going to delete this text, so I’ve got a blank canvas it’s one. Second long, right now by automate our by on automatic and then I’ve got my other footage here now. If I want to take more footage, I can just take more footage from the stock video footage that we have available here. I can scan through all of this find the one that’s going to be good for me. Alternatively, I can do that with my image footage as well or, alternatively, if I wanted to, I could record my own footage upload my own footage into here. If I wanted to as well for this particular case, I’ll take some of the footage we have here. So I might just say that you know John has done this footage here, so we’re going to scale this. This is going to come in and then I might add, like a label to it. So I might just go like this. We could resize this if we wanted to, in this particular case that doesn’t look very good, so I’m just going to delete there. We could put on we’ll put square cool we’ll, make this last for just a few seconds. The video clip itself. If we wanted to resize that link that’s 11 seconds right now, we can do that by resizing it. We could choose to crop it.

We could choose to trim it. I’Ll trim the video so it’s not 11 seconds, because we don’t need it to be live in seconds for the scene. We’Ll just do 5 seconds. For example, I can preview that trimmed version. If I wanted to, I can adjust the speed of it, so it speeds up, but I’ll just save this and the video is going to be trimmed. So you can see here it’s pretty straight forward and then we’ve trimmed our trimmed our video. So it only shows for 5 seconds now, which means that my clip length can be decreased down to 5 seconds. So now my clip length is 5 seconds. I’Ve got my background here, I’m going to add some opacity to that background, and then I had some text to showcase that this particular this particular part of my portfolio, so I might say, Northern Lights. I can drag this in Northern Lights, resize this layer here to go beyond it there. We are resize this back here as well, and there we go so now that’s going to come in that text, it’s going to come in at all last for 5 seconds, and the back element will also last for 5 seconds. So they’re both are going to come in at the same time to make that enlarge. Let us drag this here and then it’s going to come in and say Northern Lights I’m also going to adjust. These fade infade out.

So it comes in for after about 2 seconds. This comes in after up with 0.2 seconds as well. I select the background as well same effect, 0.2, 0.2 and there we go so we’re starting to build out a video, and you can see how the clip system kind of works. We would then showcase other footage. Maybe in this video show like three different clients and they would have the person’s john doe’s contact details at the end. You can also pick up clips and you can drag them around. So if you don’t like the order, you can actually just pick it up and just drag it and it’ll reposition it and there’s. A lot of other features that I haven’t got into as well, which is the emojis. You know animated emojis as well. We’Ve got the ability to drag an animated emojis. These are really cool because they’ll just play in the background. It’S just grab one of those it’s not like this is a you know. Video we’re going to use necessarily so we’ll just go in and grab grab some of these, so we might just go like this. You know pretty cool check this out and we’ll put that in there and we can see on the timer again it’s for five seconds. It’S coming in for five seconds, so it’s gon na be there from the very beginning. If we wanted to adjust when this fades in and fades out, we could do that if we wanted to or if we wanted to, we can actually have this coming in.

After start, so if you were to do that, the claps five seconds long, so we could just have this come in for a few seconds and you’ll see now that it’s within the clip with at the time and the blue and it’s outside of clip. Now, as we’ve been creating this here, you’ll see the animated or the layers are here. What’S on top is at the top what’s on the bottom is at the bottom, and so on so we’ve got our three Clips now in place. We’Ve added our animated emojis. You could choose from a range of icons if you wanted to do that and then, when you’re ready, you just click, Save and close, or you can actually click publish now. The other way you can do this is you can click preview videos? So if you want it to preview the whole video before you actually go ahead and do anything else, you can actually go ahead and do that right now, like I’m doing here, you go we’re previewing, the first scene, it’s now switching us on to the second scene. The transition itself will be slightly different, then it will be in the final video here cuz we don’t ring to the transition. In there time my portfolio boom we’ve got Northern Lights, and then we have our animated emoji coming in there as well. So that’s a little bit of how this will look once we render it out now. It won’t take too long to render out, but it’s going to look really good and that’s.

What this basically is it’s a video system that allows you to create scenes really easily removes the need for timeline, editing and it’s, a kind of an innovative way of being able to create really great looking videos for all different types of purposes. Hope this is clarified. How to use this software? How the system itself works there’s a lot more in this, but I wanted to just give you a basic overview, so you can get your reviews done and there’s also the audio effects. You can actually record – and here you can use text to speech, and you can also select music if you wanted to to use within your your entire video as well, which is available, yeah cool, all right thanks for saying this dissent, and I hope you enjoy the Software, let us know if you have any questions about it and cool.