What in a way this one has been out for a while, but this one was recently refreshed. So this is called the blue g9 improving. This is a phone that you can find for just under two hundred dollars and, as I said, this phone was recently refreshed. So now we get better cameras, better performance, better battery life and so on, and I feel that for the price, this is probably one of the better phones that blue ever made and I’ll tell you all about it. The first thing that I was not expecting was the amazing battery life. So inside this one we have a four thousand milliamp hour battery and on one charge you can go for a day or two, and out of that you can get up to nine hours of screen on time and getting nine hours of screen time from a phone That’S under 200 it’s – quite impressive. If you ask me, the phone also supports fast charging, so charging the phone from zero to hundred is nine about an hour and a half, depending on the charge that you are using a force and the phone also supports wireless charging. So you never basically have to plug this phone. In ever the phone itself, doesn’t look like a budget phone by any means we have a metallic frame. We have glass on the front and glass on the back and on the front we have a massive 6.3 inches screen.

This is an IPS panel, the 1080p resolution, but the screen looks really good. The colors are super vibrant, the viewing angles are really good and the screen gets bright enough to be used outdoors, of course, it’s not gon na get as bright as a flagship, but definitely bright enough on the back. We also have a physical fingerprint scanner, something that I haven’t seen in a while and I’m very happy that I see one of these instead of one of those in screen and fingerprint scanners, because those ones don’t work that great. So you just have to touch the fingerprint scanner and the screen now unlocks the phone unlocks and it does work really really well and the phone also supports face unlocking. But since we have this convenient fingerprint scanner, do you really want to use face sound Hawkin? Well not me now, since the phone has glass from the front and glass on the back, you definitely don’t drop this phone, but at least there is a case that comes in the box. You can use that on the phone and you’re also gon na find some wire the head in in the box, something that we don’t usually see and, of course there is a 3.5 million all your jackin at the bottom. Here. Next, to that we have the USB C port, and next to that we have the one speaker. So unfortunately, this phone only has one speaker. It would have been nice to have one speaker here and one here, but that’s not the case with this one, but at least the speaker sounds decent um as well.

On the back of the phone, there are three cameras, and one of them is an ultra wide lens and I have to be honest. I don’t usually use the ultra wide lens on any phone, but in case you do use that the camera on this phone, the ultra wide lens camera on this phone, does do pretty pretty decent and definitely better than other budget friendly devices that I’ve seen in the Past and of course, these are some examples of pictures taking the ultra wide lens now, the main lens does do better than I was expecting. Once again, you can take portrait mode pictures and the book I effect around the subject is pretty decent. I will say so. The edge detection is good, the dynamic range seems to be pretty good in pictures. The color accuracy is decent, so overall, the phone does do really really go to the main camera. We won’t have a night mod, so if you’re using the night mode, of course, the phone will take multiple pictures and then will stitch them together and even though the results aren’t gon na be as good as you would get from a flagship from 200 phone. I think the nighttime pictures that then I took would they do look quite good and, of course, all the pictures that you’ve just seen or taken with this device on auto mode. Basically, one of the downsides regarding the camera system would be the fact that the phone can only record in 1080p, so we cannot get 4k recordings to this phone, but even if we get 4k recordings um there will be no image stabilization and so on, which is Kind of normal for a phone around 200, so the GI Pro is powered by the mediatek helio, P, 60, and it runs Android 9 and even though the mediatek helio p 60 may not be the fastest processor out there.

I feel that this phone is powerful enough for pretty much everything that you’re gon na do with it, because it has a very light skin on top of that Android 9. So nothing holding the phone back and for those of you that love benchmark scores on these gets us core of about 170 mm on the end to benchmark, which is a pretty high score now, whatever app you may be using. So if you are using facebook, for example, scrolling up and down on on your feet, does work really good. I mean you have to give the phone like a second or two to load um the content, but after that there is almost no lag. The thing goes for Chrome scrolling up zooming in everything works some pretty decent. As for gaming, I don’t think there are any games available in the Google Play Store that aren’t gon na do good on this phone. So if you’re concerned about performance, I wouldn’t be because the mediatek helio p60 is powerful enough to handle um, pretty much anything that you’re going to be doing now. The phone has four gigs of ram, and, yes, it does work good with four gigs of ram, but i wish to have had six gigs of ram because it would have made the phone more future proof but faith for 200. What can you ask right? We also get them 128 gigs of internal storage, of course, and about 20 gigs of that is taken by the operating system.

But the phone can also take an SD card, so you can either use two SIM cards or a SIM card and an SD card on at the same time, I’ve also tried the GPS unit inside it and up the GPS unit works. Great Tony takes a couple of seconds to find your location and once your location is found, it doesn’t seem to lose it. As for sensors, we have pretty much all the sensors that you’d find in other more expensive devices now moving on to connectivity. Unfortunately, this phone doesn’t have NFC and it’s such a good phone, but it lacks NFC. So that means that you’re never gon na be able to use this phone to make payments, and that is a shame. As for bands, we have plenty of bands, so you should be able to use this phone pretty much anywhere in the world, and that includes Canada and the US. As for the speeds over the fortunate or and Wi Fi, those sort decent as well, but definitely not the best that I have one scene so to quickly conclude this video, the Jean I Pro is a pretty awesome phone for 200. We get great battery life, I mean you don’t, usually find phones that go for like nine hours um on one charge. It also supports wireless charging fast charging. We get a messy 6.3 inches screen that has a 1080p resolution and keep in mind. The iPhone 11 has like 828 pin high resolution, so this basically has a higher resolution.

We also have a fingerprint scanner on the back: the physical fingerprint scanner, if I may add, we get decent cameras. Of course, the cameras aren’t gon na compete with a flagship, but the price doesn’t compete to the flagship either. The only thing that I wish this phone would’ve had was an NFC chip and possibly the second speaker, because we only have one speaker here and it’s kind of easy to cover that speaker: annavaram you’re, holding the phone but overall for 200. This one offers pretty amazing value, alright guys, hopefully you enjoyed this video.