This was an exclusive for my Walmart that I picked up so I’m. Pretty sorry for the long delay of doing this, a review so I’ve been very, very busy. So let me give me the spec real quick. This one is the 5.7 HD plus full vision display with a 13 megapixel automatic rear camera and then a 5 mega pixel front facing camera with the LED flash. Yes, a real key with a fingerprint sensor, which is on the back right here. That would be your fingerprint and then there’s your 13 megapixel with the LED flash there’s, a LG local right there. This one is a 3000 milliamp Henry non removable battery. Yes, I, an expansion vivid display, turned everything you see into a cinematic experience and 2.5 D. Art class is engineered to fit beautifully inside your hand, so it’s a pretty slim that has a very nice in your hand. So the resolution only displays 1440 by 720 and yes Kiko by a ram. So this is locked to ATampT and as a 18 by 9 aspect, ratio, processors, MIDI, core octa core up to 4 by 2.0 kicker’s 4 by 1.5, and then the frequency on this is a GSM. 850, 900. 1800. 1900 megahertz. He supports a HMDs HSPA B Phi, which is at a 50 B for 1700. B2 is 1900 LTE bands, two four five, twelve fourteen twenty nine thirty and sixty six. The way on this bar 5.11 arms, the standby times, are four hundred and twenty eight hours.

Yes, the internal memory, 32 gigabyte of storage and then r2 15.2 kick a by a usable. You can expend with a microSD up to to terrify. Talktime is about 11 hours here in a compatibility with m4 t for rating the technology on this is LTE UMTS and then a GSM, and yes, I enjoy pi9 dimension. This is a 6.0 two inch by two point: eight three inch by 0.3, two inch I can’t decide a warmer when the first release for ninety nine thousand, ninety nine cents so I’m, not sure if it’s going down or what’s going on. Sometimes you might find it do if the best buy stock carrying this so so what’s going. Then I show you guys real quick. So this is your Tyler. Your text message your camera, your gallery and your Google Chrome and you can rearrange all this. If you want got the email calendar setting Play Store, Google soku, kun psychic, oh, you got cocoa, Gmail maps you to try play music by moving and TV dual tools like a FaceTime and then photo. If you swipe to the left, you got the Docs sheets and slides, and then, if you want, you add whether I here tap to add whether this is your Google search right here. If you want to say hey Coco and then, but you got ta set up, the voice come in, so I already set it up. I’M gon na show me test a stalk Wow, yes teh, when up to a hund engine 86 and some I went down to a gen Tony.

I wonder why it was crazy because I lost main was about 180, something dollars and kind of disappointed that I didn’t buy. So anyway, you snooze, you lose so I’m gon na swipe it okay, I’m gon na swap it to the left, and this is all the pre install before I set up the phone. I think it’s up to this Walmart and somehow, when I could pre installed all this stuff or the junk I don’t really need and then all the way to this page. Okay, so those are some of the game and stuff like that. They don’t really mean or Yelp United to review all foods or restaurant. You could do that. That’S, going to click on ATampT was inside NT at my TNT, ATampT smart Wi, Fi that the drive mode device help set up and transfer and then ask your family and as a cocoa come is Cho. You sensual, you got the visual voicemail contacts. A quickmemo got the clock, task, music calculator file manager and in a smart world and then there’s your game launcher. So you know Facebook. I don’t need to show you that Facebook I’m not sure about the ATampT TV. Maybe you could watch this on your. So I probably could lock in your user ID and password and then watch your program on here and if you want to request the device unlock, you click on down one. So I play that they require six month of minimal service.

What ATampT prepaid now before they don’t really care and then there’s your games. So these are the games I could play or there are some other recommendations and got the DC Universe. So these are the TC issues or whatever Oh movies and then there’s a PR live. So I want to allow the location permission and stuff at that gon na click on allow come around so after that you sign in with your Google, account Facebook or sign in with a our email and then there’s a CNN app. You still got a great big story in Russia was a pal and then there’s that bleacher report and then got that ATampT protect. So I hit that by accident. So no she was a ATampT protec. Also he chat. He was speaking. He speak with the protect with the tap of a buttons, and that is your warmer hat. I guess I just wasn’t fun was i exclusive to Walmart the beginning, so it is yes, there are bloatware inside here so and then there’s a Walmart glossary right there. So, as you know, this other app site and Dora those are the games and then a home advisor. I got the news break smart news with Abell ebay, pop slots coin master I’m, not even gon na go into that and then God conquest. Then you got the solid hair and then Yelp all right before I take in deeper. I want to show you guys how to remove the SIM card and then the micro SD card.

So in your package, you should come with this eject tool. Okay, if you don’t have this size Jack tool, you can use like any pen or paper clip so you’re gon na insert onto that hole right there, and then this side same car and then the memory tray were pop out and all you need to just slide Out evenly okay, the goal facing toward the back at the phone – and I have this micro SD card right here. Why don’t we move it and all you needed to just a line. The only face in one way anyway, so make sure, is sitting there flash evenly and then you’ve got slightly sin. If it doesn’t slide in you, don’t fall for sit. I might I put it upside down all right, so let me show you got a little bit and then it’s like you’re going in and then pushing all the way, and then I make sure you if it doesn’t go in all the way it’s like a clip. Make sure you like Chico a little bit I’ll, be sure to press the steam car in there firmly and make sure your sim car is in straight, because they are like a notch up and down right there. All right so yeah be sure to push both of the cars firmly so he’s, not a loser, falling outward or falling out, so he won’t allow you to slide in you know what you need to do.

Is that pushing and then slamming correctly. So this one is pretty cool, so many features that’s why I had to learn a lot there. Is your google assist button right there you up on him up and down, and this is your power button right there on the back. This one is just a fingerprint scanner: that’s, not button or physical button. Okay and then locking on law is pretty fast. I had a program iron left and right index finger. Okay, so, as you see, is pretty good and if you wan na hit this button, so he got the cuckoo assist. What I is it Apple stock Apple is currently trading at three hundred twenty dollars in eighty eight cents. So yeah in case you don’t, want to say, hey. You know: Google you’re gon na press this physical button, because sometimes, if you have asked multiple enjoy phone, you don’t want to trigger it and all your phone will start searching see so let’s talk about camera. Really real quick, so this is a rear, see see it is pretty nice gasps snap picture 13 megapixel pedicures, oh and then you could record video and when you reco video, you could stop pause or take photo. This is a pretty awesome feature and if you wan na turn on and off the flash, why are you recording, even with my other flagship device or Samsung? I came and do that. So this is a pretty unique, so I’m gon na turn out the flash and then turn it off.

Stop recording! Oh, I don’t even know so. If you want, you can zoom in and out by holding the shutter button right there and left alright to zoom in and then zoom out, like a pinch, zoom Wow that’s, pretty awesome. If you wonder this is your gallery right, there just click on it and it shows whatever is that inside your gallery, and you could also make a jiff which is pretty funny, and you see the arrow right here. You click on it in allows you to share with a different app Facebook, your contact, your Facebook, YouTube or text message. I hope you click on the three car right there you know, allow you to have a more option to share via whatever you want. Okay, all those app if you install more app you allow you to share or give you more options on there, and this is a pretty cool here’s, a google lens and a I care, which is artificial, intelligent camera. So if you want, like a google lens, you just click on that, and right here is allow you to Google, Translate okay and right here, pointer text, then tap capture to copy or scan and right here, it’s a pointed object, then tap continue to learn more. If you want to buy this phone or something you could point at the item, then tap capture up a block product detail, and this is like a tiny point at a dish on the menu, then to have captures for detail.

So, as I capture dissin see what it says, so it says: ATampT smartphone for Cersei also on a smartphone, so everything pop up and then they see the top right here you get an on and off this flash as well. If you need like a doggie environment – and this is your gallery and then you click on the three dots right there, you send feedback privacy policy term of service. If you want to exit just click on the X and then now let’s go back to your main camera. If you want click on a, I can just click on that and this old hole. I button right there, Music, so right now is on auto and you, just I guess, select different, not filter, see see, was a difference. So this is a picture I just took. Maybe just a chance call her a little bit and then, after that, you could put a memo if you need to buy this phone or something go to edit share and then not delete. And if you want how to favorite, it click on the star and click on the cameras back to camera, and she click on this one. So that’s a good call ends. So I can’t searching again: okay, let’s go back to camera all right, so let’s go to us, setting real quick there’s, your last setting right there and then there’s more right next to it and then on the next to the more there’s a filter.

And then that was to switch from facing camera or rear, and then that was flash. So I guess when it’s dark it sense. The darkness or doesn’t move like their moon kress button right there, so that mean it’s telling it’s a nighttime, so let’s go ahead and click on the setting gear right here. So this one is where you can set after HDR right now, it’s on auto. If you want to turn it off, you just click on hold on and then this your option, auto onoff, okay and then, if you wan na, say cheese and then you can, I take picture smile, whiskey, kimchi or LG. You could do the voice command shutter right. There so now I say something: it’s gon na capture the picture and then tag location. You can turn it on or off and then, if you want the grid line, you could turn it on. So let’s go to the camera right now again, so it shows a full vision right here. You could change a different resolution right now so 18 by 9, with the 8.7 megapixel 4160 by 2080. So if you want higher pixel 4 by 3 is too small. For my taste, so if you want go by 16 by 9, you have you could go out to 9.7 Amica pixel right there. So these are all the different resolution that you could choose and then for the video resolution. If I click on the video icon right there and right now saw Full HD 16 by naruse, sorry about that, so right now it’s a 4h d 16 by 9.

What so right now so HD 16 by 9, 1920 by 1080! If you want approach D 16 by 9, 20 by 720, and then this is the timer setting right here right now off, you can set it to 3 seconds 5 seconds 10 seconds. Gon na press cancel copay real quick. So now you see the great line Music! Oh yeah, the cheese so now I’m gon na, say, cheese, kimchi, LG, whiskey smile. So those are the voice coming, I guess not picture and if you want to click on the mode right now, some Otomo. So if you want to take food, you could go to select a fool. All the flash jumble that’s like a jiff – and I just take multiple picture earlier so with this jiff, you could take like up to four pictures. Okay, so he says that what so yeah he’s like a gifs and I’m gon na play, bear right now and see so yeah there’s, like you, create you just created jiff, so so it’s pretty fun. So let me check go back and then this you to live. I was a shock. I didn’t know that this low budget phone allow you to do that and then, if you click on this three circle right there and also that filters, so you change the filter all right here, just by touching whatever filter that you want us. Like well, you know, Instagram has so many features so it’s like a similar, and this one has a lot of future as well.

I guess like and then that’s it. So I taste like that. Filter just click on it, Shannon. Oh, I guess I’m still on the Jeff, so yeah what this is kind of weird. I need to see well, so this allow you to select for picture to create Jeff, eight, twelve, sixteen or up to twenty Wow something new. I just found now all right, and so the chief allow you to zoom in zoom out as well yeah like in order for me to go back to the regular camera I had to exit so that’s. The only thing that’s. The only thing that I don’t like the front facing camera and front facing camera, allow you to do AI can portray so then you know just like any other flagship. They allow you to blur the background, which is give you like a bokeh effect. Okay, sorry right here you got just blurriness on the background and see I need to go back to the main camera I need get out again. Let me switch and see so I see I’m still under poetry, mail also, alright, so that was poetry mo again. You got the KU colons and then I can and then I let’s go ahead and then see what’s up there. Oh that’s a camera right here you got the same thing: setting gear, filter and then switch from front or the back and then get the flash. Why not cover the lens so in this sense that it is not a dark environment, so I’ll click on this setting gear.

So this is a selfie shot. This one has a gesture shot or if you click on auto shots, so selfies shot with a gesture. Take a selfie with the raised hand made into a fist. Okay, Oh with your face detection, is auto shot. So this is where Samsung did not offer. Okay, save us flipped it. So you know how you take selfies you, whatever word that’s on your t shirt. Is it says a backward, and this allow you to flip it? So let me take a picture of a real, quick and then there’s. Also a gesture of you check your selfie after you have taken by head, bringing your phone closer, so the cheese shadow is on. I what and then location is on so, for example, I’m gon na take a picture this with a front facing camera. See. Was it look like cheese whiskey? I said I can see when you flip. It is in a correct position. Okay, so now we’re gon na go back and imagine it is not flip. Now it’s gon na look funny also you’re gon na get out just press that gear icon to get out out of the setting. So I guess not picture cheese. Whiskey let’s go and see so, as you see, it is in the reverse, or it is flipped it so that’s why? I need to Music save us. I flipped it and over here same thing, allow you to change the resolution for your selfie cam, so the selfie cam is a 5 megapixel if he put it to 4 by 3, maybe changed to 16 by 9 you’ll be 3.

7. So the resolution will decrease. Okay and when I say 18 by 9 ratio, which is filled at full screen, then it’s a three point: three megapixel and that’s. What I’ll go ahead and click on that video, if you record a video, so pretty awesome. The front facing cameras also allow you to record a full HD. Well, if you want, is the only Satoh 80 by 720, then again you can set the timer three second, five, second in the 10 second and let’s gon na click on more so this is pretty cool, auto order, flash jump bail while you to lie Wow and Again, this is a different filter right here and this won’t allow you to change your oh. When you click on that face icon right there, you allow you to almost like a snapchat, keep a crown or anything on your image, and then you get like a different styles and glasses or whatever you want check yeah. So I like it, I put the glasses on my face: Wow yo. This is crazy. Yo like to put these around your face, dawg you’re, in everything what doughnut well yeah anyway kind of get an idea. So, oh yeah, I want to talk about this front facing camera flash right here. You see this LED flash I’m. I was kind of shocked and surprised this one allow you to adjust the brightness, so you could adjust your brightness look at that, even my flagship device.

You will not allow me to do that, so that was a pretty awesome feature right there. So so I guess that’s enough of our covering this camera app. Well, let me show you guys what the flash is kind of look like Music. It was funny so so that was I just messing around with the jiff, although by the way there is like a red LED notification, so this phone is pretty nice and you whenever your notification come in, you will blink red. If you didn’t, read your new text message or your email, or anything that from like Instagram, whatever notification that you have set up your plank on you, this is a camera right there, but there’s a red LED right here. Alright, so let’s go through the setting real quick, so you know you could put on the airplane emo Wi Fi you’re gon na turn on Wi Fi, calling your bluetooth mobile network, then our manager, Cole, and this one allows you to do tethering to. If you turn that feature on, you could have a USB tethering and then mobile hotspot. So you share with your friends or family and Bluetooth, tethering and then connected device. This sounds like a sheer panel. You got a click on nearby device or direct share. You can. I buy onoff and then I there’s a file sharing as well that endows on. If you want to share and then there’s a media server content sharing, you got turning on or off, you can name your phone content to share you, just like, whatever content that you want to share nearby device, you’re gon na either just like whatever device.

I want to allow or not allow and then there’s a LG air dry. You need to create and sign in to your account to download, install LG bridge from LG returning website on a computer before use okay and then there’s a printing. You can add a service. So in muscle download whatever a printer that you have HP, brother, Kenyon and all car print, and then after that you say, wirelessly make sure your printer has a wireless printing feature and then some of the events are setting for the VPN wall as an emergency alert. Private a DNS was in here if I emergency Allura issued those alert will up here on the screen, all right in a circle and click on sound here’s, a sound profile, sound vibrate, only you’re silent. So in case you have a meeting. You don’t get this. Third, you could put on silent and here’s a volume use a ringing tone volume, but vacation sound touch feedback in system, music, video game in other media, and if you want to use the volume key for media, you can turn it on at just a media volume With a key keys by default – and you have the ringing tones when I kind of get an idea so and then I ring with the vibration, you can turn it on and then there’s a ring ID viewer assign each contact hey. Why is this favors? Only so you can post a ringing tone for whoever you want or incoming calls compound.

Only your favorites and flash alert for incoming calls so right now it’s off. So if you want to turn it on and when somebody call you, the red LED will flash in case you put on silent, then that will notify you that your incoming calls coming through then there’s a t4 but vacation sound like an email or something or text Message so you can customize your sound for the email and then there’s a do not disturb. If you click on that, you can turn it on or off, and then I you could set the sleeping what time he shows 1000 p.m. to 700 or if you want to set your own my schedule by pressing the plus you can set it weekly or calendar And then there’s a sound quality and effects normal volume autumn Annie I just media to play a same volume and then there’s a equalizer it’s, a normal car, sick pop rock hip, hop jazz, Latin and then now Christie and then, as you can see, when I switch It I’ll select it. You know how many changed to whatever the piece is and then there’s a external audio. If you plug in the 3.5 millimeter headphone, you can turn on the DTS X 3d surround. It says some effects may not work depending on type of audio. So vibration there’s, like a vibration, type, not sure if you got a listen to it, it’s a long, lasting rapid show, repeated stander and then that’s tick, tock and then a vibrate on tab.

It is song right now. So, every time we tap on something you give me a little vibration darling keep a sound. If you want on or off how would she keep or sell touchdown? It is on screen, lock sound in his song, so that’s it for all the sound. If you want, you click on display – and this is the home screen style wallpaper swipe sly, so I just wanted it to the breeze panorama. It’S kind of give you that effect I just like, which is pretty cool and then carasau, keep on sly, see ya wallpaper. Allow so right here here you get slick your own wallpaper and if you wan na get scroll down for more make sure you click those a free one. You don’t want in a pain and then I come shape its rounded square, and this is the original. Thank you, I’m. More round cooking around cylinder then lay out with a Google fee. If you like this or I hire a better color order by name and then you click on sorted and then grit by NASA. If I buy five, you just change four by four. Four by five four by six and you can slick whatever app that you want to hi by clicking those square. I mean a circle and checked it and, after I click on done and then a search search by swiping down on the home screen. So it is on right now and then home screen lock in case you don’t, want anybody, miss whelan mess with your home screen.

You can lock it I’m gon na, leave it off and then wallpaper in theme, so yeah it’s kinda redundant, because that was all we did earlier so and then you can change the font, size, bigger, smaller or with a bow text. And then you just like that. Different type of font, as you select it, you change the type or I can add fonts and then there’s a home touch buttons, so buttons only or Jiwon. You could have a gesture and buttons swipe the home button to see recent app. So if he’s like that, let’s go back, you see my home button change, so you got ta. If you select the buttons only you got the home back and then a multi task button right there, so gesture and button so see. So this is home button right. There so instead touching the right multitask, you had a swipe up. This is all your recent open, apps, okay, so let’s go back and change it back, and then you get a button combination. This is a very nice instead of three of these button. Only you could add more like a notification capture or qslide so lets you could, just by dragging it and then put pull out there. I please only up to five yeah, so you could add up to customize have to fire those buttons. Now you see you down there, okay, and you can also change a color that’s only for the bar.

I think I’m gon na leave in white and then show a lock high icon turn it onoff hi home touch button. You can hide the home touch button. So after you hide it, the home touch button will also many hi when they are 9 use to see the buttons swipe up from button after screen. Tap the lock icon to keep the home touch button from hiding. Also, this is allow you to select, which 12 that you are using, that you want to hide those buttons down there. So imagine if you like, watching a YouTube, video or something and then you want to have those are button, disappear. You’Re gon na click on YouTube, and then I make sure you turn those on so I’m going to go to youtube right now go to my own channel. So if I click on it, you see the button. Is that appear? Okay, so you wan na interfere with your view on the right hand, side: oh wow, look at that and this one allow you to zoom in oh that’s awesome. So this is our 18 by 9 ratio, the only a flash shift. You could do that, but this a low budget phone. We could do that too. So, as you see, the pattern is gone. If you need to see the buttons just swipe up. Well is the button. So I swipe to your left. You can see all those button again. Okay, close this, so yeah that feature is pretty awesome.

All right, so let’s go back and then there’s a app scaling. So I just a screen size up app, save any changes in the app before adjusting it. When you reopen the app you will be in the new size, so hopefully somebody click on it. So you change the aspect ratio right there, okay and then I’ll today, gon na press, ok, I’m, not gon na mess with that. So if you wanted a change in yourself display size so set the item on the screen to a size, easy for you to see some items may change position it’s like that click on it, what’s gon na happen. Oh so I just drag the size I’m gon na need the way it is and then there’s a comfort view reduce eyestrain with a less blue lie on the screen. So this allows you to change the blue filter. So if you want to use it, there, click on turn it on and it’s. Allow you to change the blue filter, okay, and if you want to here, set the schedule, oh and then allow you to do blocking why that’s crazy MMI huh same song no 10 plus I can do that and then you can schedule it and then, from sunset To sunrise or if you want to set the time, turn that off so he doesn’t, like I said there’s so many feature on his phone that that’s. Why I mean the review on this is, cannot delay and I was kind of busy and then this uh you could have a auto brightness on an off button right there and if you want to get customized whoops and then auto rotation screen on an off screen Time I’ll you set it to 15.

Second, 31 minutes 2 minute 5, minute 10 minute fine, 15 minutes. I’Ll keep screen turn on you don’t! Do that it’s gon na burn your image screensaver. You can turn it on or off auto star when ducted or charging, and this one has a mini view. If your finger cannot reach that tall or your thumb at the top screen this vehicle for you so swipe the home touch, button left or right to shrink. This screen so it’s going into that. So if you swipe left or right – and you give you like a notification mini view guy to swing the screen for use with a one hand, swipe left or right across the back home an overview button. So, as you see right now, it is on mini view, so it’s, for example, let’s go back to the setting. So now I can you think your thumb could reach all the way to your screen. You start all the way up here. Okay, so let’s turn that off and then I that’s all the display has glendan on there general there’s, a lock and lock screen security. So scared he status, google play protected, find my device security update, so lock screen. You can sit it like a pin or fingerprint that I had set it both. You could also do like a swipe customized at her lock screen. Whenever his lock screen you can customize the wallpaper or the clogger that she’ll cut and then contact info.

In case you lose your phone and then a security lock setting, so you can lock the timer. It is under 15. Second power, key instant law, eternal own, show lockdown option. You can tender own small, lock, key phone, a lock when connected to trusted device or trusted place. So right here you can said if you are home or whatever into your edges and you’ll, keep your phone now lock and then biometric fingerprint, lock, screen or C lock that content with your finger print. So I have my left and right hand index finger setup, and then you can add more. If you want, then it is set for screen lock. If you want to content knock, you can turn down on location in a song, and this is just some of the encryption and credential or visible if you don’t, if you don’t want that, you could turn that off phone administrators, you see what it is that, so You can find my device, Google page it’s a Google page, but I want that and then trust agent screen pin. It is off. You says job access, so if you don’t want those to be on, you turn that off so I’ve been wanting a condos to do like a listview. So he changed the view and change it back to tap the so this one has an awesome feature. If you double tap, it is to turn off the screen into safe mode. I was a disappointed that my Samsung Note ending having this feature, because I use a LG v10 and I love this feature.

If you double tap it, you show that time and in the notification, so I don’t need to in case my finger is that dirty I don’t need to touch the physical button and then make is sticky or gluey Johannes, I sticky, or something or thirty or oily. So I would just tap it and since the screen is so easy to clean, so I’m gon na lock and if you want it to quick drop down menu either by a one finger. Thank you to what I you got. The drop down menu right here. Okay, in case you don’t want to swipe twice and you just use two of your fingers and then swipe it down, and then this your drop down menu right here. So this is a capture plus is the screenshot, the Wi Fi Wi Fi, calling you’re playing mode. Sound click on sound, you change to vibrate and if you click on one more time you change to silent, okay and then there’s your bluetooth, mobile hotspot, you turn it on and off it is activate and then a rotation and this one’s a pretty good Barry saver. The kikuna, so it were extending your battery life so I’m, not gon na. Do that so right now, it’s off you allow you to use 117 hour and 16 minutes. If you put on extended by touching this, you will give you more 167 hour and 28 minutes. Maybe put maximum you give you a 275 hours and 15 minutes so a code black, and this is where you want to show your percentage at the barre.

If you don’t want to show it just click on that I’m. Pretty sure most of you guys like to see the percentage of the O’Berry in case ties, so you know why not shows 90, so this one allows you still to adopt it very name. It marry for app you don’t use, often by limiting their activity. In the background, and if you like click on background restriction, whatever add that you don’t want to use of your Barry, you could just turn it on okay and then power saving exclusion. So, whatever app that you want, you don’t want to turn up. On the background, you can turn that on okay, 2x cool it and then I have usage, you show you the camera and then Google, how many percent that’s using various area very same as the same all right so that’s, the Barry, saber and DTS X, 3d surround. Does if you connect to your external, you have have phone or a speaker, I believe, could change turn on the house setting and then now this is a echo playback. It go playback. The screen brightness is lowered, so he can focus on the audio when you’re playing media content or using an app. The options is automatic, stopped it with no counting. I have plated and screen turns off, based it on the timeout setting swipe to stop Nicole playback. Somebody turned it so and then that is a flashlight Sony, allow you to turn it on and off and then there’s a comfort view that’s the Bluetooth that’s, a blue line in theater do not disturb data saver location, and then I, if you click on edit, you Allow you to add more there’s, a data to turn it off color inversion and then sync as add those on there.

So let’s go and check out her color inversion. Oh, no, I got ta get out there, Eddings editing, so let’s click on color, inversion, Wow, so everything’s blocked down, see Wow. So yeah everything’s like a reverse, so yeah for some people it looks kind of funny and wacky. So what even the camera so everything’s inverted. Let me take a picture and go play and see. It is the same. So inverted I mean everything’s blocked out well, not really blocked out so I’m gon na click back on then I’m going to go to my camera view the picture see if they did it change, so I didn’t really change they need it. What else I’m? Looking into oh yeah right here so yeah, imagine if you open lots of different sea all right! So imagine you want to open two app at the same time or if you want to multi task text message or C, so you will need to press this button right here and you be sure to look for that to split window right there. This message: you could split it: Google Chrome, if you split it, see and then you could split it but camera and setting you cannot split it and YouTube. We could split wallpaper, you can equalize it in a place to Oracle and then a gallery. So imagine if you like, on your Instagram, whatever I’m, just going to open a YouTube. So I click on that and it’s gon na split your you two on the top of the screen and then now you can select whatever ad that you want to open on the bottom.

So I’m gon na use this one. So imagining right here, I’m doing a guy, Instagram and then I’m scoring on my picture, see which one I want to give you first before I post it, and then I could do that and then just viewing you can adjust the size. I’Ll need the bottom and then, if you don’t want this anymore, so you just swipe it down and then your YouTube will be maximized. So, as you see when doing more than an hour review of this form already and then you know still has a eighty, nine percent uh barely level so oh yeah Nemea played on the speaker. The speaker on this is not too great. But what do you expect? This is only a 100 phone okay, so in the body all the way up picture that’s, really not that bad. You guys on the back Laughter, Music, Music. We are anyway. Hopefully, you guys give a thumbs up and then, like the video, please be sure to hit that subscribe. Button turn on a bell for notification or job in your comments on below.