Your is 52 thick and you’ll never have to worry about those ultra fast breaks ever again, just put it on the top and it’s as good as new call this number. Now. What are you waiting for Music Bruce? Not that they enough with the shits and giggles Chuck – and I basically just wanted to make it – make a bit of a jerk and form a very large ad, and when we got sent this fern cats, its asshole it’s, very rugged. It can withstand everything that’s. The selling point so we were like you know what this is, what we’re gon na do and between you’re not. I have. I have hit this with a hammer today. I’Ve dropped it on the floor more times than I can count. I’Ve actually danced at my fridge, because the force that we were throwing this around we’ve dropped it down the stairs like five or six times. That screen still looks incredible. This not a scratch on it. There’S a couple of scuff marks on the corner, which is to be expected because of the amount of times we’ve tossed it down the stairs. Most people drop their phone once we’ve dropped us like nine or ten times and with force, and it is withstood. It really has held up to the test and I’m super impressed. I want to say thank you to cats. They’Ve saved this phone for review. It obviously goes back the fact that when I said this is what we’re going to do and we are going to toss it around didn’t question that they said we could it’s not in South Africa.

The cats is 50, so it’s gon na set you back about 9999 and if you want to buy after us otherwise there’s contract options, it’s designed to be an everyday foreign that is rugged. It looks fun like it’s. It is a bit rugged, but you don’t need a cover. You don’t need a screen and it’s, not a greedy life. I was worried that it were just a great bulky and mani. It looks fun if you’re someone that goes through foreign screens like Smarties. You might want to consider this one it’s, really impressive, um. I actually reshot a shot this ending at the beginning of the video and I’m reading it to say how impressed I was by how many times we were able to toss this around. So if this is what you need, the camera is fine, it does the job for the phone that it is it’s a mid level, Android smartphone. But if you want that extra support, everything is waterproof. Micro sd, like we said dual SIM, go check it out. I’M. Impressed I’m super impressed with the way it lasted. Thank you so much for watching we’ll be back next week. If you like the video, apparently I need to tell you to come in and give it likes and share and balls or size better or whatever else. I just wanted to make very much Music.