This smartphone is, by a brand called keyboard motor numbers X, 20 Pro and it’s a budget priced Android smartphone. Now, when I first got this I’ll try to here for a few days and by the build quality, it go a gloss back in front and free a camera looking more like an iPhone just the build quality and the way it was designed with the USB type C port, for it, this phone was the one, but a budget priced probably has everything that I need. So I went through it. Ok, it looks very nice on the right side, you got the power button and the volume buttons at the bar with the speakers and the charging port on the left side. You need a pin to open it and that’s really the memory card, and their SIM goes in. It comes with a screen protector already on so you’d have to purchase one. It also comes over case as well free case, because you would really find this if you’ve searched online. It comes a remains plug in a USB type c cable. It also comes with a quick car guide and book, and the box is here now. Let me switch to switch this on, so I can show you the rest of the features. Now I got a front camera which it’s probably the best features that I’ll try it out. Ok, you got AI built in so when you take folds it doesn’t clear that lat everything Cal okay, so it brightens everything up.

The rear. Camera, however, is really poor. I mean I’ve taken photos in the dark. He doesn’t have no low light, so he doesn’t really care like it. Doesn’T really be corollaries, dark, ok, and when I record it lags, I mean when you move side to side, he doesn’t have the stability, so it lags to like move side to side or weave with the movement of their smartphone. Okay, battery life is one of the probably one on the best thing, then, okay, so we got a 4000 mAh battery capacity with OTG reverse import and data transmission. That gives very good and battery life and he charges up very quickly as well. He go. The screen. Size is six point, three inch fht and he also has a dewdrop screen, as you can see here. On top of that, he has a 2.5 D double sided curved glass. We were built in Android 9.0 OS UI. You go built in 6k. Gram and 128 gig internal memory, so because a 60 gram actually for this would be a fast phone but try and get searching internet and going on YouTube, it’s, very slowly loads. It takes a bit of time to load and it’s, not a hit it’s, not a quick thing. So that was the downside, and you know these are the main things like he has to operate fast. That’S. One thing you need camera should be good, but I just a build quality that stands out on this smart phone.

On top of that, it has a triple camera, which is a 12 megapixel at 20, makes one an 8 megapixel front. Camera is a 13 megapixel. It also has a built in so we can take put in to draw Sims, and it is also 4G compatibility as well. Another thing that I really was, let me down on this smartphone – is that, especially with the new smartphones, these days need new technology. You need fingerprint sensor, so you can unlock things, especially when you have your bank. This is easy. Instead of doing the password and stuff you just you know, just put your fingerprint there and it unlocks it. Paypal unlocks it, but this one doesn’t have that bow in it. Doesn’T have low fingerprint sensing feature, so that was a letdown, big, letdown and that’s. The only reason why I didn’t like using this, but it does have face ID booing, so it does recognize your face and you would unlock history of it, but also certain apps wouldn’t have the feature of unlocking about recognizing your face. He needs your fingerprint also. He has a built in booty for pointy and the the its 8.1 millimeters slim okay, that’s still quite chunky to be honest for for this smartphone and so that’s all the features that could explain. So let me go through the sayings and see what else they have. Okay, so easy smooth smartphone, but when you’re like say, searching things online on YouTube loading time takes a bit of time and it’s, not my broadband, because I’ve tried it with different phones and certain forms load straightaway.

Wherever you press so network is here and then you go, they connect a connection, so you got bluetooth er. It doesn’t have no NFC hood that’s. Another downside. You can’t, really use Google pay on this, so we got display here so good night lag or brightness level. Adaptive brightness advances, autorotation, X, screensaver, etc, and then you go out the sound where you can control the media. Sounds phone ringtone advanced few things like putting the sound of the DAO pads on etc, and you can also put a sound enhancement so I’m. Never down said they forgot to mention. Is the speakers now a corny one speaker by the way like an iPhone, and he has a sound and husband? I think he’s loud it’s not really really loud, okay but it’s quiet when compared them to you and our phones to be honest, and it has a very squeaky treble high level of trouble. Okay, no based on nothing, no cream surround sound system, just very squeaky. Treble speaker so it’s like people, a song when is that it’s, very squeaky and that’s something I wouldn’t also recommend, okay, because of the speaker, especially with you for watching a youtuber stuff like their film and if they speak, is not good enough. This I wouldn’t recommend I wouldn’t really go near it unless your person doesn’t really go and watch YouTube and videos and as much, but there are quite low downside on this phone, just the build quality that stands out the most on this.

Now, if you go to a storage 128 gig go in, you got, security is location, so you can find my phone. You got pain, you go face, unlock that’s about yeah, smart look, but it doesn’t really have a fingerprint unlock and go accounts. Accessibility, navigation bar digital! Well, being empirical controlled, Google and system now I’ve, also, let me go back if you go to your follow up, taking a picture so I’m gon na see if I can show it alright. So this is the video of done. There is a lag, so you can see that it’s lagging moving side to side, so that was one of the downside. My favorite are another one here, so I was just trying to do move quickly, side to side, but you can see that it doesn’t keep up with the movements of the cone and I have taken no that’s, not the one did take a pitch. I’Ll find it. Okay, but you can see the killcam and the camera is like that. Let me see if I can take a picture of this. This is because you go all the lighting on it, but usually without any lighting. The quality of this camera is really poor, because I would like to look two cameras actually and peer two flashlights on so the quality is like this okay, but you need plenty of light to get a good quality picture. Video wise is rubbish. I would even recommend it and but that’s about it.

If this smartphone they say budget price smartphone for something that you want. The good build quality has a lot more for the features, but because you know you pay, you are you pay for. So you pay 150 pounds. You would get something that doesn’t have everything between, because it’s a budget price smartphone, okay, so that’s all I could say in my opinion, I wouldn’t really recommend, because there are other phones they can purchase within that same price range.