This model aims to take on the sub twenty thousand rupee market, with a sixty four megapixel camera, a powerful processor and a distinctive styling. Will it set off a new firestorm and mark a new era of competitiveness we’re about to find out in our review Music before we go ahead, please do subscribe to our channel and hit the bell I’m on so you’re notified whenever we post a new video, the Poco x2 has a bright colorful glass rear with a gradient owner and an unusual circular design around the vertical camera strip. Despite the fact that the rear of this phone is quite flat, poco has managed to make the patch reflective like a convex mirror. Poco says it has used Gorilla Glass 5 for the front, as well as the rear of the x2, with a 6.6 7 inch screen. This is undoubtedly a large phone. The tall aspect ratio helps with reach ability and the non slippery rear makes for a decent grip. The wide dual camera cut out in the upper right corner of the screen, isn’t too noticeable in ordinary use, but definitely is a distraction when watching full screen video. The display has a killer feature to boast off a 120 Hertz refresh rate. This is subtle, but it really does improve the quality of the usage experience. Making the Android UI feel smooth and responsive this screen isn’t the most vivid or crest, but it is fairly bright and engaging and viewing angles are great.

We also noticed a bit of backlight unevenness around the cutout. The power button on the right doubles as a fingerprint sensor, but it’s long and thin, which isn’t ideal left handed users, will find this placement awkward and you’ll need to enroll at least two or three fingers. So you can unlock the phone when it’s in your hand and on a table on the top you’ll find an infrared emitter like on many Xiaomi phones. Sadly, the tray on the left is of the hybrid variety, so you’ll have to sacrifice a second sim. If you need a micro SD card and vice versa, there’s a 3.5 millimeter audio, socket USB type c port and a single speaker on the bottom, the speaker is very loud and the sound is impressively deep and rich pocos. Software UI is based on android 10 and we have the December 2019 security update, which is good to see there’s a lot of pre loaded bloater, and we saw multiple annoying notifications each day along with ads and promoted content in many of the default apps. There are plenty of UI customization options. Not only is there now an app drawer, but it also has tabs that filter various categories of apps for easy access. You can get the poco x2 in three variants and you can see the specs and the price on screen right now. Qualcomm Snapdragon, 730 G processor is no slouch and the poco X to breeze through all our apps and usage scenarios.

Multitasking was not a problem at all on the 8gb ram variant that we reviewed the phone didn’t get too hot in use either, and we only felt a mild warmth when playing games or using the cameras for a while Bob G mobile defaulted to the high preset. The game was enjoyable and ran without any lag asphalt. 9 Legends also worked very well. We found the poco X whose battery life to be decent and we didn’t feel any anxiety about getting through a full day with regular usage. Our HD video loop test ran for 13 hours and 43 minutes, which is not a great result, but might be influenced by how large the screen is. The poco x2 has four rear cameras and you can see the specs on screen now. Music photos came out well exposed with vibrant colors. When the composition allowed. There was very natural, looking depth of field. Fine details on objects such as flower petals came out well as long as there was good natural light and they were in the center of the frame in shadowy areas and at the edges of daylight. Shots details were somewhat lost and we did start seeing some rain. The wide angle camera takes poorer quality shots as expected, but we were happy to see that warping of the sides is minimal. Macros were completely washed out and it was often hard to take a shot without the phone itself casting a shadow on our subjects.

Low light shots were relatively impressive, though, of course detail is not as well defined as during the day you can get usable shots as long as there’s a little lighting around whether indoors or out the night mode. Brightens frames and shows details that would have been lost in the shadows. The primary selfie camera has a 20 megapixel resolution and is accompanied by a 2 megapixel depth sensor. You can take portrait selfies and adjust a virtual aperture to vary the intensity of the depth effect. Edge. Detection is quite good too. However, the overall quality of photos taken with the front camera isn’t as impressive as we would have liked backgrounds are overblown in the daytime and details. Looked a bit. Artificial video recorded with the poco x2 in the daytime at 19 running by 1080, was crisp with smooth motion tracking and reasonable stabilization. At 4k, colors became over exaggerated okay. Video shot at night was very usable in low light. Even mild movements caused severe Shaba and motion was quite jerky, while the poco extra doesn’t have quite the impact that the poco f1 did. It still does everything it needs to, and pricing is its main advantage. We do, however, wish that the you I didn’t have blow dryer and nagging ads and frankly, the rear of the poco x2 is a little too garish for our taste. The V on the x2 and the ready K 20 have dominated this market segment of late, but the new poco x2 raises the bar.

If cost is your main motivator, this is the new most obvious choice to buy that’s it for our review of the poco x2 and don’t forget to visit us at gadget 360 ROM for more reviews and videos like this.