Can the real me c3 carve out a niche of its own let’s, find out Music before we go ahead with the full review of the real dc 3, be sure to subscribe to the gadget 360 YouTube channel and bring that mail icon so that you’re the first To know will we have a new video real me. C3 has a new gradient pattern, called sunrise design, which looks nice dreamy c3. Has a 6.5 inch HD Plus display with a 22 9 aspect ratio? This makes the smartphone tall and slim so it’s relatively comfortable to hold and use the display gets bright enough and outdoors, but the viewing angles could have been slightly better face, recognition works and it unlocks the smartphone quickly in different lighting conditions. The sim tray ons real me c3 is just above the volume button on the left and has slots for two nano Sims, as well as a micro SD card. The real me see three ships with a micro USB port, which is a little disappointing. The competition in this price segment has already moved on to a USB type c port, and I wish real me would have done the same. Software is where real me has taken a new direction. The real machine 3 no longer runs color OS, like its older siblings. Instead, it runs really UI 1.0, which is based on android 10. This is the first smartphone from the company to ship with Android 10 out of the box, and our unit was running the December security patch, which is acceptable.

The new real me UI is similar to stock Android and I like the layout quite a bit. Sadly, there is still a fair amount of bloatware pre loaded. Real me also offers dock mode, and it looks good. There is focus mode as well, which stops notifications from distracting you for a fixed duration, and it also plays relaxing sounds. I did like focus mode much, because some of these relaxing sounds who are actually distracted. The real me c3 sports, the new mediatek helio g70 SOC and is available in two variants. You can see the specs and pricing on the screen now. The real me series performance is surprisingly good for the price. We did not notice any lag while scrolling through the menus and while multitasking a review unit had 4gb of RAM and it could multitask fairly easily without needing to kill apps. In the background, we played pub G mobile on the real machine C and it defaulted to the high preset, with graphics set to HD and framerate set to high. We did notice occasional stutter at these settings, and the game worked better when we turned them down the real nice III. It gets slightly warm to the touch after playing for 15 minutes at the high settings. This phone packs in a big five thousand milliamp hour battery, which delivered excellent battery life. It lasted us for close to two full days on a single charged with heavy usage in an HD video loop test.

The smart phone lasted for an incredible 28 hours, 20 minutes. The bundled 10 watt charger takes over two hours to charge from 0 to 200 percent, just quite slow. The real me c3 sports, a dual camera set up at the back up the camera specs, are on the screen right now, when taking pictures in daylight. The real machine II was quick to lock, focus and get a fair job of metering light which of quality is better than what some of the other smartphones at this price point can produce for close ups, we noticed that the really nice III struggle to lock focus When we were too close to the subject once focused, the real me c3 does deliver a decent shot when using portrait mode, you can check the level of blurb before taking a shot. The real mrs.. We managed good inch detection, but we found the output to be flat in low light. The real me c3 produced average photos. These lack detail and weren’t workshop selfies taken outdoors in daylight, had a slightly inaccurate, color tone. They also weren’t sharp and lacked detail. Video recording maxes out at 1080p for both the primary as well as a selfie shoot, though there is no video stabilization, resulting in shaky footage in low light. The real meets III needed light well for a phone at this price. The real me Series performance steamrolls, the competition real me, smartphones have been consistently acing or patchy test and it’s not different with the real.

Mrs de though, of course, the camera performance isn’t best, but it is acceptable for the price starting at just six thousand nine hundred and ninety nine rupees for the base variant and 7999. Two piece for the variant we’ve reviewed. The real nice III is an easy smartphone to recommend. However, we would not like that if this smartphone had a fingerprint scanner and came with a USB type c port, so that was our review of the real dc 3.