This is the Samsung Galaxy, a 51 sort of like the foot soldier of Samsung’s 2020 mid range lineup. Last year’s, a series phones were really competitive, but do we have the same amount of value? The same around let’s find out in our galaxy a 51 review, the galaxy a 50 ones. Design is no surprise if you’re familiar with Samsung’s phones, just like last year’s model, it looks similar to a Samsung flagship but it’s made of plastic to cut costs. It even brings back the same finish as last year, which gives off a rainbow of colors in certain lighting there’s a new texture underneath this time around to set it apart. Other than that, the only major difference is the new l shaped camera setup, which houses four cameras and the LED flash. One thing that really stands out to me is how slim and light this phone is not clunky at all, but you know I was expecting something more flavorful from a phone called the a 51, maybe there’s an easter egg, hidden somewhere. But if there is, I haven’t found it yet. One thing that is no surprise here is the trademark. Samsung infinity display it’s a 6.5 inch Super AMOLED with a 1080p resolution and though it isn’t curved, it does have some really slim bezels, instead of a notch. For the selfie cam there’s a punch, hole it’s, not totally unobtrusive but it’s. Alright, the viewing experience on this screen is great with plenty of sharpness and, of course, contrast.

Colors can be set accurately in the color settings and brightness is respectable. You can get over 400 nits with a manual slider and around 613 it’s in bright conditions, with auto mode toggle there’s, an OS on display which will show you the time and notifications when the phone is asleep and there’s a nother display fingerprint reader to wake up. The phone with it’s, reliable, but not the fastest around for audio loudspeaker quality is decent, but this single speaker is nothing special there’s, a 3.5 millimeter audio jack on the a 51 for headphones and actually quality here is great there’s a lot of volume and not a Lot of distortion, we also get expandable storage on top of the 64 or 128 gigs built in so plenty of space. For your tunes, the Galaxy a 51 comes with Samsung’s latest 1uy 2.0 over Android 10. Some of the new features include a dark mode for your menus and a new set of gestures for navigation. Here you swipe from the sides to go back rather than swiping from the bottom like before, though, the old options are still there. If you want, you also have edge panels here, which can be pretty handy. Swiping on the edge of the screen will bring you to a customizable space for shortcuts. At the heart of the a51 is Samsung’s new Exynos, 96 11 chipset it’s about on par CPU, wise to the snapdragon 660, but does worse in GPU tests.

Actually, the a 50 ones performance scores are lower than the majority of his competitors. It won’t! Let you down with everyday tasks, but I wouldn’t choose this phone. If I were planning to do some heavy gaming, so then how’s the battery life, well, the a 51 scored an endurance rating of 86 hours, an hour battery tests, not bad but less than last year’s model and nothing special for a mid range err. These days, charging speed using the bundled 15 watt adapters again, not bad, but not great. Either we were able to charge from 0 to 35 in half an hour. The Galaxy, a 51s quad cameras are probably as big as change from last year’s model. There’S, a 48 megapixel quad bear main cam a 12 megapixel ultra wide angle, cam, a 5 megapixel macro cam and a depth sensor in daylight. The main camp takes decent pictures, there’s, good sharpness, wide dynamic range, low noise and balanced colors, but we’re, not fans of how the phone renders fine detail. You can shoot in the full 48 megapixels too, but these don’t give you much benefit and the file size is much larger. The ultra wide angle, camera is quite capable for a mid range. Sharpness and dynamic range are both quite good. Making this a significant upgrade from last year’s model portraits taken with the main camera. In that sense, there are really good too subject: detection and separation are excellent and the defocus background blur looks nice.

The dedicated macro camera has fixed focus so it’s a pain to get your subject in the focus sweet spot. If you get that right, the results can be pretty decent now under low light photos. Unfortunately, these aren’t grades, they’re, soft and noisy with washed out colors dynamic range, is decent for what it’s worth night mode gives you a sharper image with better definition in the shadows. The color rendition is the same though, and these come out cropped at 8 megapixels as you’d expect. The ultra wide angle, cam isn’t, do a very good job in low light. These photos are soft, dark and noisy night mode helps a lot, though, and reduces a lot of the noise. You still end up with a pretty soft photo. The a51 has a 32 megapixel quad bear selfie, cam and you’d expect eight megapixel photos, but for some reason they come out in 12 megapixels instead, perhaps through upscale. We don’t mind, though selfies turn out good with nice colors. Why dynamic range and plenty of detail? One feature you won’t find just anywhere is 4k video recording from the selfie camera. These videos look good with a nice exposure, though I wish the stabilization was better. The galaxy a 51 can also record an up to 4k at 30fps. With this main camera and ultra wide cam footage from the main camera looks decent, colors are accurate and dynamic range is wide, but it does seem a bit over processed.

The ultra wide angle, cams colors, are slightly washed out in comparison and contrast is a bit lower, but is still alright. It does have pretty good. Dynamic range to stabilization is only available when recording in 1080p, from the main can there’s a tendency for focus hunting, but stabilize footage from the ultra wide is super smooth, so that’s the galaxy, a 51 you get a beautiful and lightweight, build a brilliant AMOLED display and A versatile set of cameras just looking at that, is a pretty nice phone, but it does come up short in a few categories, which are pretty important for mid range errs battery life and charging speed are good, but not great. The chipset is just okay, and probably the most important is the price. This phone is going for over 300 euros right now, it’s a lot, especially since last year’s model was cheaper at launch. So, overall, I would say that there are better options out there for a mid range err, but if you’re dead set on the Samsung – and you don’t mind paying the premium, the 8051 will get the job done.