However, this is a 99 branded device, which is a bit of a first for this channel, because I’ve been looking at generics clones all that sort of stuff. This one actually has a website and they do have like proper reviews. Online Xcode e doesn’t count or X go to your sadi or whatever that doesn’t count that’s out of the way. This is it as a step up in the right direction, so a representative from banggood, which is a site where you can buy stuff from China directs, like kind of like I’ll, Express, contacted me and asked me if I’d like to have a look at a sample Product the products he recommended were a projector and a EULA phone armor, something or other, but only had two gigs of RAM and 16 gigs of storage. But it was waterproof – and I was kind of thinking about saying yes to the phone to see. You know how waterproof it is because it was IP 68 certified, but I thought nah, alas, can see if there’s anything else that I could possibly again. So I asked and said, if there’s any other products that I might be able to have a look at, like my choice and the representative said to me, I may pick a mobile phone under 100 u.s., so I jumped straight onto Vanguard and done into 100 Mac’s And had a look – and I found this right here – it is currently on sale at the moment and I think it’s gon na be extended again.

So hopefully, once this video does go out, you guys might be able to have a look at it and if it is a good phone, if it turns out to be a good phone, there is a link down in the description below for you to have a Look at it and stuff, but if you do purchase it, I am part of the banggood affiliate program, so I do get a certain Commission. If you buy stuff I’m, not telling you to buy it I’m, just saying if you do happen to buy using my link, I do get a small Commission thing. I really don’t know how it works. I just said: yeah: okay, no worries I just really wanted to have a look at a foreign that’s, all a lot of the products that were under 100 on banggood. Were you know two years of RAM 16gb storage and stuff like that, but I wanted to really push to see what I could possibly get for a hundred u.s., and this is what I found that who could tell c seventeen Pro not sure how to pronounce it. It’S another manufacturer, which my Australian accent, butchers I’m, not too sure we’re we could tell we could tell you, could tell I don’t know if anyone can tell me in the comments that would be great. This phone that’s, usually 170 us that is now down to a hundred us at the moment, claims that it has four gigs of RAM 64, gigs of storage, a mediatek, mt6752 core chipset, dual 4G, an actual triple camera setup, fingerprint sensor, Android 9 and an under screen Camera as well, which I thought was a nice touch but pretty much.

The actual official website for this product lists everything that we need to know. That shows all the photos of the phone, including the ’00 milliamp hour battery, which there’s two days normal years, which, depending on your scenario, you might get that fingerprint face, unlock all that good stuff. The six point three five inch blind hole display, I believe, it’s a 720p display as well and the triple lens setup claims that it has a sony, 13 megapixel camera with a 5 megapixel plus 2 megapixel auxiliary camera. One is an ultra wide and one is a depth sensor, so we will have to see when we get to the unboxing as well as a teardown but there’s several different pictures here that show what the phone can do and they all look fairly good. You know the usual sort of generic II photos of the phone working and stuff. I don’t know if the pictures are exaggerating a little bit, but it does look pretty good, like the color of the phone looks great, the bezels don’t. Look that big at all and the best thing as well is the wallpapers for this device. Angry Birds, minions, a guy regional for the camera, big hero, 6 Monsters, Inc and teddy bears because they all take advantage of the under screen camera. And this is gon na kind of spin you all out here, but I’ve kind of already unboxed the phone and I’ve already filmed that part and the wallpapers big here are 6, so I’ve kind of spoiled that for everyone, but I didn’t know there was other wallpapers Included in it – and I haven’t even got to that part in filming yet so that’ll be fun to have a look at three different colors sunrise Twilight and black.

I chose Twilight because it just looked nice and I don’t think sunrise was actually in stock. If they had red in stock, it would have made a go faster because I could have snatched red packets faster. Does anyone remember that quote from a certain video a while ago cuz? I certainly do also we have a little bit of a snippet of could be inside of the device ignore the world of warcraft inspired artwork. Here just look at the motherboard and you can see that does have the three cameras as well as just the little tiny mediatek mt6752, our all the phones on banggood under 100. This is the one I chose I could have chose any other one, but I chose this one let’s go ahead and show you the unboxing and see how this phone fares out alrighty. So, with a shipping time of about two weeks, a couple of days to process from China through here and then a couple days to process all this or so two weeks is not that bad that’s about usual let’s go ahead and open this up, unbox it and See if this hundred dollar device packs in all the features that it promises well it’s a bit of a step up from the other boxes, we’ve had a look at in the past I’m, still trying to work out how to pronounce this if it’s weaker towel. If it’s Uchitel, I don’t, really know, but here it is here and obviously this is the orange box, but sadly half life 3 is not included around the sides we have.

You could tell you could tell you tell you tell we’ll come back here. We could tell whatever the model is see 17 primaries, the digital mobile phone with the dual IMEI, as how many of the same IMEI is actually printed on this sticker, but at least this stick is actually on the box as opposed to the other ones. In the past, but they just throw it in the box and go here, you’ll, stick it on one day. Color here is gradient blue, which is what I chose, which is all good, really the back of the box here. It says that we have the c 17 pro 6.3 5 HD IPS touchscreen Android 9 PI Noack, 4G octa core processor, mtk, 67, 63, 4 gigs around 64 gigs of internal storage, 13 megapixel, rear camera at 5, megapixel front camera, GPS, a gps, dual sim 3100 milliamp Hour battery fingerprint scanner there’s a lot going on for this thing for a hundred bucks, it seems pretty good but I’m, hoping that there’s the triple cameras – I’m hoping I’m hoping for a lot with this thing it seems promising. Once again, as I said, this brand does have a website I’m, not sure how reputable I haven’t really seen any reviews done on their products but I’m sure there’s millions floating around out there somewhere, but all right, let’s open, said box. We have the device itself a little bit wide a little bit on the light side opening this up.

Here we get some user manuals. We have a very neat package types, a USB cable, which is always quite nice, and it actually has the branding on it, which you know that’s. It all have a sim eject tool and we also have the travel adapter, which unfortunately isn’t off in my country. I don’t think I had a choice in the matter because I think that was on the US and then European, so that’s, all I could choose. This is 5 volt at 2 amp. I don’t think this device supports quick charge, but I will have to double check that, but nothing out of the ordinary here USB port. There has a little bit of weight to it as well, so that’s, not too bad and that’s it. Well, apart from the instructions, so we actually get a form warranty certificate. So if you do buy this and something goes wrong with it, you do have a one year. Warranty with this can’t complain with that, and we just have a little warning guide here for the battery as well. The instruction manual is it a springy one it is is but it’s quite detailed, though. Proximity sensor, front camera, touchscreen, USB port microphone, accessories, a rear camera rear flash everything’s. Here and here we have the 4G bands listed in the instructions as well, so that’s very helpful, because if you do plan on buying this device, you want to make sure it actually works in your country and I’m.

Pretty sure these ones listed here do work in Australia, there’s also a couple of variants of this as well. You can get a true gig variant with 16 gigs of storage, 3 gig variant with 32 or a four gig with 64 or 4 gig with 128, so yeah, ok and then in other languages and stuff. Anything on the back, nothing on the back either. So such is device well there’s even a free case – hey that’s, pretty cool, so we have some instructions on the back. That says warm tips telling you that the card one only supports nano sim, wah, yeah that’s, pretty good. I am your eyes serial number and all that good stuff there we have the triple camera set up. There I’m pretty sure that that’s actually a legit triple camera setup, because that’s the main one there that one looks like an ultra wide one and that one looks like a depth sensor, but we’ll see your our fingerprint scanner at the back there. The only downside is that this is plastic. Unfortunately it’s all plastic. They had to cut corner somewhere. What can you do? It is a very, very nice gradient color to be fairly honest, that’s, a very nice crystal gradient, blue it’s, very very nice I’ll. Just take this off, so we can get a better look at the colors on the back of the device. That is a very, very nice blower, as I said, and the brandies actually slightly raised up as well.

It is a really really. Nice, blue, though, definitely adds to the value of the phone that’s for sure would have loved to have seen what the red one looked like would have been amazing. Now off the top of my head, I believe the design is ripping off the Samsung a 20s. I believe a 30s correct me in the comments, if I’m wrong, but I think it’s, one of the Samsung a 20 or a 30s one with the triple camera and the hole, punch, camera and the screen as well so moving to the bottom here we also have The USB see sorry, I also forgot to mention that there is no headphone jack on this device kind of sucks and there’s no adapter included in the box, either so you’re kind of stuck with getting the adaptor off eBay for a couple of bucks. If you want to use headphones on this thing or, alternatively, just scale your local markets and get some knockoffs, if you want, you can watch that video up here. That was a shameless ploy holes for the speaker and the microphone there side. We have the volume rockers as well as a power button. They have the proximity sensor up the top. That looks like an infrared blaster as well. I wonder if it is obviously yep there. We have our suit right here, popping out the SIM tray it’s. Just a little plastic one, but it supports one marker, Descartes, one nano sim and dual nano sins.

Hopefully it does Joule 4j standby, but we’ll test that as well moving to the front of the device. Here we have all the stuff listed, all the specifications, all their good stuff, Android PI that’ll be nice, the display being the 6.35 blind hole display. Well, we can see the camera right there, it’s just a just a little guy there, but go ahead, kill, screen protector off satisfying, unfortunately, no tap the glass screen protector is included in the box. You know what I’m pretty sure and has 10 plus scrimp checks would fit this. But don’t quote me on that: anyways let’s go ahead and see if this thing has juice, it does nice well at least there’s no annoying startup sound well holy moly. We actually have to set up the device. This is the first, every single generic device that I have purchased it always just it’s just starts up and that’s it it’s fine. You actually have to set this amazing. Alright, well we’ll just skip everything for now and come back to it later. There is also a wireless update, so I wonder if this will actually work. I’Ll I’ll just accept both for them. That’S fine is that that mighty number 9 no big here are 6. You know I don’t want any of this yeah that’s some yeah big hero 6. I don’t know why I said mighty number 9, but yeah you’re I get it. Cuz look did the. I camera ha funny dad to pull some sort of a gimmick somewhere, but there it is like the bezels aren’t that bad at all, considering its a relatively regular sized chin at the top there.

You can see the earpiece and it’s very minimalistic, bezels yeah and look at this. These are the apps installed like zero signs of bloatware installed, because we’re actually dealing with a branded device per se. We actually have chrome installed that’s a good thing. This may be a good budget phone after all, but we’ve got to see what it can do. First, burning up settings: this looks like PI could be either Oreo or pie, but it says on the box, it’s PI, so imma just say it is in about fur, and we have the c 17 pro Android version. 9 we’ll just see if any Easter Egg comes up. Yes, we do have the Easter Egg. Cool internal storage is 64 gig memory, 4 gig, 6.3 5 inch screen 720p display cameras. All this will stuff these security patches November 5th 2019. A little you guys have been telling me that that is a telltale sign straight away to see what version of Android is running on and with a security patch of November 5, 2019 I’m gon na definitely say that this is running PI alright, so we got ta Connect my Wi Fi network put a sim card in put an SD card in and we are going to test to see what this 99 dollar budget phone can do, or was 99 prior to filming this video. But maybe when this video goes up, it might have jumped in price, but I’ll keep you guys, updated, anyways, ok, with a SIM card installed and my SD card installed, we have picked up 4G.

I just want to comment on the screen resolution it’s supposed to be 720p and I’m going to say that it probably is the pixels aren’t jumping around as much as they are like the other previous clients so I’m, hoping that this is actually gon na. Be a true 720p display. I mean if it was a 1080p display, they’re behaving better, but it still looks fairly nice from this wallpaper. It pretty much shows the colors so quite decent for the display, so they haven’t cheaped out that much but I’ll say at this point in time. The display is far more superior to any of the other clients that I’ve had a look at by far so. The first thing I want to do is test the call quality on this thing, so let me make a call and see how fast out and the call quality test is a pass. It does sound quite excellent and does take advantage of using the 4G network. Sorry, it sounds pretty crystal clear, so that’s good, as I’ve already said, with its device there’s no bloatware on it. As far as I can tell, the calculator looks like that. I think special. The clock is blue. Nice music is music, which is all good settings. We’Ll, come back to in a second sound recorder, very basic, no it’s, pretty basic as well. The calendar is Google camera, so that’s, okay, camera we’ll, get back to Wallis. Update will also get back to FM radio to start listing plug in headphones.

What would have been nice if there was headphones included in the box but there’s? Not unless you have that adapter or type c headphones? You can’t, use FM radio, I mean who uses it anyways. I know a lot of people do use the FM radio but I’m. Just saying a sim toolkit that’s akavir that your sims and all that stuff, but it’s basic service to what? Oh, ok, ok, very samsung device, maintenance thing: what is it doing? Ok, well, we’ll, just optimize that and get cleaned up. My sim card needs credit. Hey could done it. I believe Xiaomi has a similar system on this it’s like a rocket boost or something like that. I don’t know. I used a pork reform for a while, so I should know, but I don’t that’s what a basic service does exactly what it says. Flashlight allow flashlight take pictures and record video okay. Well, it works there. You go sorry, I’m, just blinding you all. If anyone can guess what that was, I’ll give you a heart down in the comments in files: it’s, Google files, so not a third party, app it’s, actually, Google files so I’m. Happy with that! To be honest, I’ve never actually used a Google file manager. So unless it does exist and it’s just preloaded on some phones or maybe it’s on the pixel phones that make sense, and then we have like the Google services, so Gmail Maps YouTube, Drive, play music, play movies and photos.

Of course that’s. Basically, it like you just scroll and scroll and scroll that’s in so I’m fairly happy that there’s no bloatware on this thing, alright, so jumping straight into settings here here is everything that we need to have a look at. So we have networking internet Wi, Fi mobile network data usage, all that stuff there is no NFC. Unfortunately, but you know what can you do Bluetooth up some permissions? I do want to have a look at all the apps installed, so let’s just have a squeeze through here. If you guys see anything that sticks out like a sore thumb, let me know it all looks fairly basic there. There display brightness level. I put it up to a hundred percent. Looks pretty nice, though the wallpaper the wallpaper? This is fun, so you have big hero: 6 guy reaching up for the camera Monsters Inc, those goddamn minions, angry birds, teddy, bears flying ascension thing, and actually this one looks kind of cool. I want to say what this is: it looks pretty nice, so I’m playing a piano and then it’s like that’s. Just I don’t speak gimmicky they’re having wallpapers suited around the whole bunch camera. I think it’s, pretty cool let’s, try the Monsters Inc, one for the walls. Yep yeah, poor, Mike’s, being hidden by the icons it’s, always Sully that gets the limelight now. I’M battery, the last full charge was 359 days ago, which I’ve only had it for about a week.

I’M gon na show the battery percentage just like keep an eye on it, but should last until about 4, so a couple of hours from now, but I still want to see if it has a ’00 milliamp hour battery loaded in this thing within sound, always the Best order the here, probably not because we don’t have that, because this is a actual like branded phone charging, sounds sure. Why not sound? Oh sound enhancement, oh yeah, we do we do. We have the best loudness, not the best Hordern, the best loudness volume booster. For speaker, so oh that’s, right, there’s, no headphone jack won’t be trying that on them, ok and in storage, 64 gigs, as listed with my SD card being a key as well. Don’T worry we’ll still try like cpu z, answer 3 gig mansion all that stuff. Just to make sure the specs are actually what they say. They are all right. So in security and location we can do the face unlock and the fingerprint so let’s do the face unlock first. Actually, ok, my face is enrolled. So let’s have a look perfect. Let me just do that again, just to make sure that’s pretty fast. I got to say and of course we will do the fingerprint, because I want to see how fast this is. So what works? I say that took a couple of times then that’s, alright it’s, not too bad in accessibility. You just talk back all that sort of stuff, nothing out of the ordinary and a navigation bar.

You can just change the layout of the buttons as well. You can change them to that. All that I’ve changed it to that, because that’s what I’m used to. Indeed, your well being it tells you how many unlocks you’ve done notifications on the what sort of stuff to tell you to put your phone down and go outside. Instead of just staring at this, so what are you doing? Go outside just for a second just go outside and then come back in you’re, all good, all right, so yeah that’s, pretty cool to have that included. Google has all these services and all that sort of stuff, and we have juris bean, which oh, is that the one on Xiaomi Horan’s. I think it is, I think, that’s the one that, like optimizes apps in the background all that stuff, then we have a QR code scanner as well. Do I have anything around me that has a QR code on it. I do have one there. We go hey, it works and, of course, in system we’ve already been through the About section. So I’m gon na go in through developer settings and just turn down the animations just so then it makes it a little bit faster, it’s a little bit of a speed hack. If anyone didn’t know that just go unable developer options and then come down to window animation scale and put them all down to 0.5 and your phone’s faster, automatically works, every single time say super fast nice.

We do get the certification marks as well saying that this is actually certified, which is also first so this channel, looking at all the cloned phones and this one actually has certifications, it could be just a picture, but you know I bullet, I believe in all right. So I’m gon na connect, my Wi Fi network and we’re gon na do a couple more things before we get into the actual testing gaming, all that stuff, okay, so with Wi Fi connected let’s, go ahead and try the wireless updates. If we get an update, it says shake to check. Okay, you just you just violently shaken good fucking off date, man, that’s it’s, already updated, let’s come into camera; okay. So at this point in time, I’ve already done the camera test and I’ve looked at the photos and they’re not too bad. Video quality is also not too bad as well. I’M, a bit iffy about the triple camera setup, because when I go to the bouquet effects it only just does a circle. You can optimize it and change. I guess the bouquet location to be a little bit bigger, but basically it’s the same effect that was done on the note 10 clone. I believe, it’s, not a full bouquet effect. It’S. Just like right. There is the only area, that’s, clear and the rest is blurry. I cannot change to ultra white or anything like that. I’Ve tried so many things, I’ve went into settings as well to try and change it through some sort of ultra wide, and I just I can’t do it so I don’t know if those two cameras are going to be duds or if they’re actually gon na, be Legit cameras, but I just don’t know their proper implementation.

You know I’d expect to be. You know an ultra wide switch just here to just you know, switch it on the go sort of thing, but like even seen, settings and all that stuff you’re. Just nothing sort of enables it anyways, here’s, all the photos and videos taken with this thing, so I’ll supply some in for you right now: Music, Music, ahran testing, the video quality of the root LC 17, Pro I’m still unsure of trying to switch to ultra wide Mode and stuff that this is with a is on as well. That seems we do have some water focus going on it’s a little bit like in some areas. I had some maintenance workers coming to my backyard, because I could dig this up and well. I kind of almost sink into the ground. Now there’s, our tree he’s got a go soon, really badly a man’s just getting up close with the details of the brick wall, as wall just seems to be doing fairly well and the colors seem fairly good as well. Random bolts for no reason whatsoever. I have no idea why they here finish it up without good friend. Here you know, he’s from like the 70s man he’s, all all right, Ian testing, the front, video quality for the Year Cattell c. Seventeen, for seems like a things, are, I look very, very pale, which is not unusual. Okay with colors and all that sort of stuff changes the exposure when it needs to her, I believe a is is switched on settings as well, so it shouldn’t be that shaky – and this is some 1080p as well.

Yeah that’s, pretty good, okay, well it’s, safe to say that the beauty mode works makes me look like I’m, not even from this planet I’m, not even from this planet in any way, so it’s, all good, yeah camera wise, pretty good overall, pretty good does take some Good snaps does focus on the details quite good and you can control it in the pro settings as well just to get the quality you want, but I didn’t have to use that automatic settings were pretty good for me and yeah colors are pretty good and the Autofocus and shutter speed is actually pretty fast on this thing, so camera wise, pretty good, selfie camera it’s a your best, but you know being a under screen1 blind hole, one you know and also just come on, googly eyes, man googly eyes so now, it’s for the Internet test – and we have shells website preloaded as like the main thing see they have some pretty cool devices. I think your website’s broken there’s also a forum that they offer but there’s nothing here, maybe in the future they might put something – and here is the specs for the device on the device for the device and they’re all the pictures. That I’ve already showed you before. As well, when you go to specs for this thing, it just doesn’t show anything. So I don’t know just go by the pictures. Look internet browsing on this thing doesn’t seem that bad it’s, pretty snappy.

I mean for this website let’s. Just like try I’ve not been good and see what it looks like on here and yeah there we go that’s the one there that I got it off. So Australian is 151, so not only on USD or 151 dolls, Australian, but yeah, otherwise, internet test everything loads, fairly fast it’s, pretty smooth there’s, also reviews on here as well. So if you want to check that and see what others have also said, feel free, but there’s other videos out there that exist of this device being used in all sorts of different scenarios. So if you want a more shorter version of what I’m doing go watch them, this is the stupidly long, comprehensive, ridiculous review. Alright let’s go ahead and open up the tube I’ve got my youtube channel into the YouTube algorithm, yeah DHgate, an easy stuff that’s. What I used to do, but I love now and that’s, come in for the iPhone and pen, so people are actually trying to search for the pen video I don’t know YouTube’s algorithm. What are you doing? Why are you promoting that one? Why is there a Christmas ad for wish on my video when it’s in, like the first week of February man? What are you doing wish? Okay, I can change my video quality to 720p 60fps, which is what I filmed with my previous video, so I’m gon na. Do that yeah, you guys really don’t like the mouse pad and I’m recording on the mouse pad.

Sorry after this video I’ll change back to just the desk, the desk is still here still here death. So I can confirm that 720p 60fps video. It looks pretty good on here and while the camera quality for this video was not the best and you know try another one of my videos just to see that inception. Yay I’ve always wanted to do this. The speaker does sound a little bit iffy. So I’m gon na try that very soon otherwise, YouTube is quite playable on this it’s, not dual speakers or anything like that. It’S only just the single firing speaker they’re, you know 720p video is not too bad, and if you want to save data, of course, you’ll want to watch it in 360p or for 60p. Whatever takes you fancy otherwise that’s all good and, of course, for the speaker test, we will be using mick Gordon’s BFG division from the during 2016 game. Very hard internal I’ve said that so many times and can’t wait for it and I’m gon na put this up to full and see what we can pull out my little meter here. Applause speaker is a pretty low point on this one. Unfortunately, I’ll turn it down. Yeah quality wise it’s, just not there. I know what I can do: I’m gon na quickly pair one of the JBL or Burroughs Wallis earphones to this and see how it sounds all right. So I have my little JBL’s connected at the moment and they sound pretty horrible, considering when I had them connected to my s10 and iPhone and testing them over the last couple of days.

These don’t sound that good at all through here, so they’re a strange one. It really depends the phone that you use these on in the long run. Oh there you go okay, so now it comes down to the gaming test as well as testing. You know Geekbench and sousou, and all that sort of stuff, so I’m gon na go ahead and sign into my burn, a gmail account just in case you just never know and load up everything on here and we’ll be right back. Remember that time, let’s see how long it takes. Okay, everything is loaded up and it’s, just under 24 hours later, not too bad. Once again, the minute that I pushed record the crickets outside started to absolutely scream so I’m. Sorry, but their inclusion in this video is completely out of my control unless I went out there and violently stomped on the ground until they stopped that could work also anyways. I have loaded this thing up with games C games, so we have calls Judy if it’s been no limits. Minecraft troll and rage share legends, don’t ask and we also have a vast faulty security scan. So let me go ahead and load a Call of Duty. First and give you a little bit of a sample of how that runs on this device Timmy, I don’t know why a lot of people have been on seeing the Timmy video recently, but they have. I need to remake that video because it’s horrible from two years ago – God, okay and here it is all loaded up, and I can move my character like that.

So let me go ahead and start a match. Now all games tested or on their recommended settings from what the games reckon that they will run out. I believe this is our medium with everything turned off and I can’t fire for some reason. Okay, well I’ll, be a complete pacifist and not sure any bullets whatsoever, but there you go just as a bit of a test environments very nice and there’s, like zero lag. Going on I’ll just run around and say: hey, please don’t shoot me out all I’m doing. Oh shit explosion, I’ll just hide which camp are well. I think you will get the idea of how call of duty mobile works on this thing. Next up is need for speed, no limits. We have shown that on many devices it has ran on every single client device, I’ve tested, I believe well in the last couple of months. Anyways so we’ll see how it runs on said device. I think it’ll run quite well now: I’m actually got my profile all set up and everything so you’ll actually see some racing going on some proper racing. Instead of just the tutorial. I just had you turn the music off, because they’ve got a crew well update on here at the moment, so, like all, the music is just Corolla and I don’t want them to copyright me for playing music, but out of my control anyway, if you say no Limits here we are, I mean it is ran on every single device we have tested and it seems pretty good, fairly playable, actually it’s, very playable, I’m.

Obviously, assuming some details are turned down to accommodate, so you know the specs of this device, but everything looks pretty good it’s a bit of anti aliasing going on as well and it’s kind of sharpening me jagged edges here and there and there you go so that’s A pass in my books as well, and also I don’t, even notice that the camera is there completely forget it’s. The same thing I’m asked him when I play near for speed. I completely forget that the cameras there cuz, usually just sitting out in the corner hidden by that so doesn’t bother me. Please be a spring it’s good to point out as well at this point in time when playing all the games and doing all the tests and stuff the phone usually does get quite hot. This one is actually not too bad. I mean it is a bit warm but it’s, nowhere near as hot as some of the other phones that I have looked at in the past, especially the ones where the chipset is like sitting right here but like yeah. It is warm, but, with the case on you know it sort of compensates for that as well, but all right, let’s, try minecraft was that the xbox360 achievements Jelena but um I’m, pretty sure that was his minecraft at pretty much everything’s hi everything’s on high settings, but Turn around and just go into some environments, some stutter here and there, but otherwise completely playable.

All in all, minecraft is a definite path and it’s very, very playable and looks like it is running it probably almost 60 fps. I should get an FPS counter going to see how many frames were actually falling out of this environment, nothingness, environment, nothingness and, of course, finally, we’ll top it off with raid Shadow legends. Now the topic of this game does come up a lot and a lot of youtubers have sponsored content from red shadow legends and also me the impression that it was like a full online open world sort of Dark Souls kind of thing. You know what I mean and it’s like man. This is sick. This is gon na, be awesome and I’m. Like alright cool, get myself prepared for this, and then I was like oh tap. 7 eleven I mean the graphics look nice, but I thought it was like open world and it’s. Not. I was just like tap tap, kill, I guess I’m assuming, but now I can understand why the game gets marked a lot. This video sponsored by raid Shadow legends get 500 free gold. Devs of this might contact me now just for the shits and giggles and be like no I’m gon na sponsor your videos. Now alright tap carry kill, destroy wow. I was cool, alright, anyways, I’m glad you’re on my side as well. Anyways uh that’s it for the gaming test. Overall, this is a decent performer, considering it’s gon na mediatek chipset in here, usually mediatek is quite frowned upon, but this actually runs games quite well.

So wonder what the GPU is in this thing, because it doesn’t really list it anyway, usually it’s mali, 400 MP for the coins and stuff like that, that it might be something better, we’ll get this Peck’s in a second. I just want to run a virus scan. Just to make sure of anything, you guys have suggested a versed a couple of times, so that is what I shall use. Okay, I found one risk advanced web Shielders off, ignore okay, it’s fine, I assume it’s fine, I don’t imagine an actual branded device per se. Putting malware and stuff like that on here also, I wish had can’t help it. I don’t there’s any point of running malwarebytes or anything like that. I completely trust this fahren, I think it’s perfectly safe tears. Let me go ahead and load up Geekbench, cpu z and all that sort of stuff, and then conclude this video, because my god it’s gone on so long. Okay, so Geekbench is loaded up, but it says the model is a wee tech, so I don’t know what to call this thing now. Anyways, the OS is Android 9 and we do get the true clusters of four cores resulting in our octa core processor. So let’s go ahead and run the benchmark and see what comes up okay and the test results are in 774 for the single core and 3058 for the multi core score, which is actually not that bad at all and says here: we’ve got 4 gigs of ram Other bodies in a 959 and then we have all the other information here which I’m sure you guys only care about, just that so I’m, pretty happy with that.

I also completely forgot to mention as well battery life. It does not support quick charge, but it does kind of charge a bit faster using a 5 volt, 2 amp charger. You can probably get about 30 in about half hour 40 minutes depending I’ll also have to do a standby test, and let you guys know how that was as well. If this does have the ’00 milliamp hour battery in it – which I assume it would have, then it should last yeah at least a day, easy, alright, well let’s go ahead and just open up the system apps and see what we can find here. This shouldn’t take too long, but I just want to check it just in case we have the we tech, we cattell we’re cattell c. Seventeen ok NT 67 63, which is what we were promised. Molly g71 is the GPU 720 mi 1560 display rear. Camera is five point three megapixels, but it says 13. Hmm, the IMEI is the RAM 4 gig with 1.6 available 64 gigs of storage. See. If you eight cores now said, multi touch test. Five point: multi touch: okay, that’s, all right, so rear camera is five point three megapixel and the front. One is four point: nine megapixels it’s a bit confusing, but okay, Android nine, with the SDK version of twenty eight, which I believe is all correct and we have a bunch of sensors that are supported, which is a bit of a first considering that the other clone Phones just have like exhilarate, ah and a light sensor and like that’s it okay and opening up cpu z, and it says here that we have the cortex a53 at three gigahertz with a cause: the device everything there.

Four gigs of ram 64 gigs of storage, new battery doesn’t say what it’s listed at, but once we tear it down I’m sure we will see thermal there’s a good idea of what the thermals are it’s, not too hot it’s warm. So there might be some sort of thermal cooling going on inside of here, but we will have to see and all these sensors here which are supported, unlike the clones that I’ve said so many times already, it’s, just so strange having a phone that actually has what It promises and opening up CPU system info, which usually tells us everything. It basically says what we need to see: c17 Pro MT, 6. 7. 63. 8 cores, remembering 64 gig Ram is 4 gig. Now here it says 5.6 inches for the screen when it should be a six point. Three five inch screen but that’s. Ok, the screen resolution is a little bit off. It’S fine it’ll be fine. The battery is well that’s. That’S usual the two million nine hundred and forty six thousand milliamp hour battery. That is loaded in this thing. This is just something with this app. It just shows random capacities when it wants to yeah, so be it in CPU system info it’s. This back resolution of the camera is 13 megapixels, and the front line is five, so I do assume that that’s what it’ll be, but it doesn’t tell me the other cameras that are installed so I’m, really hoping that they are actually physically installed in this device.

But once we get to the teardown, we will finally see if that is true or not from the camera performance. I would say it is a 13 megapixel sensor for the rear and a five megapixel one at the front. Maybe there’ll be a little code printed on the flex ribbon on the camera, so I’ll be able to Google out and see what’s going on early in the video. I did that hole wasn’t too short. If this is jewel, forgery stand by and it certainly is. It is jewel, forge a stand by and I’ve called each of the Sims and it picks up straight away. So that is extremely good. Some phones out there just have 4G and then the other Sinister’s 2g. But this one is a true 4G stand by. So, if that’s, what you’re looking for this has it before we get to the teardown? Give you a bit of a mini conclusion: I’m, just gon na say: it’s good there’s no lag here place, games, camera call. It is pretty good! No bloatware running Android nine. Four gigs of RAM 64 gigs of storage, a pretty clear screen blind hole display with the cool hey the wallpapers are low. Man are worth it it’s worth it just there to get a Monsters. Inc wallpaper with googly eyes, come on. Oh big, hero, 6 it’s up to you or whatever you want to choose overall I’m, very impressed with the device at a hundred us at 160 us becomes a little bit.

You can buy some other devices. That may be a little bit better if this is on sale grab it. While you can, I think, if you’re looking for a decent budget phone, otherwise let’s see what’s going on inside the device and then conclude this video cuz gone on far too long. I still need to put credit on this sim I’ll. Do it one day, all right, operation time now? This is kind of why I wanted to use a mouse map, because I can sort of have everything here and have everything organized and I don’t know it just looks nicer in my opinion, maybe keep the mouse pad for the tear downs and then everything else just Pure good ol old school desk because I think that’s what everyone is used to now looking around the device, there is no signs of screws or anything like that. So I assume that we just pop the back off and that’s it. Okay, all right opening up the back cover proximity sensor is still touched, so we’ll have to get that off. Once it’s popped off, we get a good look at what it is. There just sits on top of the frame. We also get some contacts for the antenna bands that are built into the plastic case of the device. I’M, not sure, they’d help a tremendous amount but they’re there. Now the buttons did just fall out of the phone, and these are just plastic little buttons, but they’re not going to fall out on their own they’re, quite secure in the device.

Having a look at the fingerprint sensor, it’s just a little ring around it and then there’s our actual sensor, but the battery itself. The model is s 70 pro, but it does say there that it is a ’00 milliamp hour battery day produced is November, 2019 uses original other qualified charge and in a place in high temperature, yada yada yada does take up most of the frame of the phone. There is a bit of a gap here that they could have put something in, but it’s actually stuck down, and I believe that this is a full tab and that it certainly is a pull tab which makes the battery removal nice and easy. Because I think it’s not soldered that’d be a first and popping off the bottom speaker cover. We can see that a pretty average sized speaker it’s nothing special, as I said during the review, the quality of this isn’t the best. But you know what, for the price point is it’s definitely acceptable and the bottom PCB here you can see the type c USB port, as well as the microphone. Some contacts that connect with the antenna bands on the back, the coin style vibration motor, as well as a flex ribbon, which leads directly up through the top of the motherboard. As we see there just runs straight up to the top of the motherboard underneath there. So I’ll have to open up this next and see what we can find about the cameras and opening up the top plastic.

Will there you go and there we have our look at our Tribble camera setup we’ll get to that in a second, because the battery is serviceable and you can remove it. It is not soldered down to place which make repairs for this device quite possible. I don’t know where you’d get replacement parts from probably from we could tell who could tell, however, probably get the replacement parts from them popping off a little fingerprint sensor there a little bit of a code on there. If anyone wants to google that feel free, but this seems to work quite well and there’s no issues with that taking closer look, we have the front earpiece here which comes through that little speaker grille. Just there. We also have the front camera and all that sort of stuff, but we’re gon na do I’m gon na pull the motherboard out and I’m gon na take a closer look at it. Taking the motherboard out of the device we do have a sticker. Just there see if I can make anything out of it, though our suspects are I’m gon na absolutely say that the specs listed on the website are exactly what you were going to get and when a smartphone cuts corners, you expected to cut a lot of corners, But they’ve actually put a metal frame inside of the phone for a rigidity and B to sort of help with some sort of thermal dissipation, because it doesn’t quite touch the LCD, because is the AA Sudheer right here kind of these little foam pads just sit up.

So it’s not directly transferring the heat there. Everything is a really good solution actually compared to like the executed device, where the chipset was just plopped right on top of the LCD. They could just start burning through the LCD over time if it gets really really hot, but no, it looks quite clean in here. I wish that there was some sort of thermal compound, or something like that added in here just in case, but you can just add it yourself if you wanted to, because you’ve got the lack of em all tape just here and then these little foam pads. Just here, alright let’s have a look at the cameras and put this thing back together, setting the front camera off. We can see that this is truly a little guy. This is a 5 megapixel, little guy and obviously no optical image stabilization during the camera tests. I could see that the AIS works quite well, so the software that implements that is fairly good, but yeah that’s a little little little Thai guy. But it needs to be small because I just dropped it because it needs to be small as possible to minimize the hole that’s, all the LCD you can see just there the hole that’s cut out and there it is from the other side as well. Finally, moving on to the triple camera setup here, so here we have our main one here, which doesn’t have any oh is it is just a is, is completely stuck in place.

Then we have our supposedly this one’s the depth of field, and this one’s ultra wide. They sort of look exactly the same and there’s two little guys just say: yeah the lenses do kind of look the same. The only codes that I could see and says 1933. Are there and, oh my god, what does it say there? Well, they obviously serve some sort of purpose but I’m, just not sure how to properly test this. So if anyone can, let me know down in the comments how exactly I might be able to test the functionality of these two instead of what I’ve just seen in the camera, software built onto the phone that’d be great, because I really don’t know the purpose of This one the ultra wide one, if it’s just for extra effects or something like that I’m, not too sure, but to have the triple cameras. Actually, there is a big thing: that’s a big step up, even though a little tiny, itty, bitty little cameras and our main camera is just Y and our main 13 megapixel beast camera, not sure. If there’s any cards on here other is there we go zhw. Three. Seven: zero five: zero zero through 114, one eight or 14 one nine, so we’ll Google, that just to see if it is a 13 megapixel sensor or not, but ya, know unfortunately, now that the phone is in several pieces, which is a first because usually we don’t Get this far in any of my tear downs because everything soldered the repairability is there if you know it flex, cable or whatever breaks? Or you know the bottom PCB breaks, it’s all replaceable it’s just a matter.

If you can get replacement parts or not. Hopefully you can, with 99 being the asking price at the moment, it’s kind of at the disposable phone. So something does go wrong, just buy another one or something like that. Some probably cost you more to repair it like if the screen breaks or something like that. It’Ll cost you more to repair, then it will to replace it unless this chip screens out there I’m, not so sure, but anyways I’m gon na go ahead and put this all back together and see if it works to a final conclusion and we’ll end. This video, all right and the phone is back together and working as it should be, with no issues whatsoever. I will show you the spec list just here. If you want to have a read of it, just to make sure you know exactly what you are getting with this device and now brings us to the final conclusion with this phone currently at ninety nine USD it’s, a great price, great specs and performance for overall Daily use and games and all that it’s a great performer. The cameras offer great performance as well with a quick shutter speed, as well as some pretty decent photos and also the watermark that does appear on the photos. You can toggle that off in the settings in camera. Basically, a stock version of Android Pi, no bloatware, which is great, the fingerprint and face unlock, are very fast and responsive, especially the fingerprint that’s.

Just almost instant and the face unlock is also almost instant as well. In terms of battery life, I haven’t quite tested fully to give you a proper analysis of how long it’s lasted but I’ll supply sitting with all the other information as well to show you the standby times and all that sort of stuff. And finally, the wallpapers are definitely an awesome addition coming out of the cons. Oh at this price point, the phone is all plastic, but they had to cut corners somewhere, the bezels a bit big, but for the price point once again it doesn’t matter. The loudspeaker is not the greatest one, it does sound quite muffled, but it gets the job done. No headphone jack that’s a bit of a letdown. For me, the USB C port only works at USB 2.0 speeds as well. Doesn’T work at USB 3, not a big deal, anyways most users, probably won’t notice – that anyways and inside the phone. I believe something should be added for heat dissipation as well, some sort of little copper heat sink or a thermal paddle. Something like that just to help with calling just a little bit more and finally, the only other thing that I can think of is that there’s no quick charge. As I said, I got about 30 in about 40 minutes which isn’t too bad. So all in all conclusion wise, I give this phone a definite recommendation. If you can get this at the current 99 price point, it is definitely worth it for a budget phone back up firing.

Anything like that. It’S amazing, with 64 weeks of storage, for use of RAM and with the media, tech CPU as well, it gets the job done, but it’s, no Snapdragon, processor that’s. For sure it is a big wake up call from the clones that I’ve had a look at and how terrible they are compared to this don’t get me wrong. There are some flaws with this device, of course, being cheap or plastic. There are probably some other alternatives out on the market, a little bit more expensive that do have like a metal, construction, etc, etc. But if you’re looking for cheap and you’re looking for feature packed, this is the one right here: can we possibly get a better phone than this for under 100? Us only time will tell I think so, a lot of that being said and done. Let’S go ahead and power off the device and in all its lovely glory, we’ll just do a quick band test on it. Oh that wasn’t good! Oh just the frame the Frank just popped out, that’s, it all still works, so it passes the been test as well. Alright guys well. That finally concludes this almost hour long video of this farm, but I just wanted to make sure that I covered everything I could on this device and it was so good having a look at it and having a play around with it and yeah I’m gon na Use it for a couple of days, just sort of a backup and do the standby tests and stuff and splice it in earlier on to let you guys know if the battery life and stuff, but it seems to be pretty consistent from what I’ve been doing anyways Just playing games and stuff, it seems to hold charge pretty well but, as I said, highly recommended, if you can get other than a non dollar price, the link is in the description below.

If you want to take a look at it and as I said, there is some sort of small commission thing: if you do click it and purchase it, but it’s up to you, you can just go and look it up yourselves, whatever it’s up to you. Like I’m, not too sure of how the affiliate program works – I’m very new to that sort of stuff, so yeah, but feel free to check it out anyways and see if the red color is in stock as well, because the bread would be really cool to look At but anyways thank you so much for watching this long, detailed review and all a lot of people are gon na, say, it’s gone off it’s too long, and I understand that completely. But I wanted to cover every single little topic I could about this device and I think I have, I think, I’ve done they in every detail. The timestamps are in the description below as well as a pin comment, so you can skip through and see what you want to see. I am you know. Your comments are gon na say.