You don’t do the typical swipe up to see your list of apps it’s all located on the final screen. There. You have your widget there, some applications here and on the first page, it actually loads and goes to high smart, and this is where you see screen time, read later news info and whatnot a lot of phone manufacturers like a Seuss and whatnot. They do this as well. If you do swipe up you get into some widgets, you have some. You know time clock, you have some stuff down here: data connectivity, Bluetooth, etc. You do have multiple pages of this widget as well, and you can kind of swipe out of that and just go back to the normal home screen. You can do swipe down from the top and you do get your options. Everything here is changeable. You get brightness as well, you can click this as well. This stays on the screen for most of the home screen. This is your brightness level and your speed change. So this will be the a2 mode, so to speak, so you can turn it to clear mode or you can just basically turn it to fast mode, and this will dictate how fast your device actually moves. Now note, if you are on fast mode or a2 mode, you do see a lot of staining. It is until you go back to clear mode. Does all that staining go away, but the device really slows down a lot when you’re on clear mode and, as you can see, simply swiping a panel takes anywhere from 1 to 2 seconds, and I mean you know in this world of instant gratification.

That is a very long time to just you know: do one input swiping down from the top takes almost three seconds. It is a little bit of a hassle, so as we’ve found during our testing, we just basically kept it on speed mode, because doesn’t really affect the overall look of the screen. That much and it really does speed up the device about three times quicker. They have something I’ve, never seen before on Annie smartphone of, although there haven’t been that many it’s, the e Inc button, it says the physical button on the left side of the phone is the e Inc button in certain scenarios short press, the e Inc button can Provide some quick features: long press can provide voice assistant and you can see you can’t really change anything it’s, just based on the scenario at hand. So you, if you are on the browser and you long press the e Inc button, it will do voice recognition and you can talk to it: an input text and whatnot. You also have screen capture notes, screen refresh, adjust the screen brightness. You can see that it creeps out of the animation there so it’s a little bit off collection articles, music, playback controls, start the application, call recording it’s situational based. So as we thought it was a power button when we first started and saw that the power button was really on the right. This is the e ink button and, as you can press it on certain circumstances scenarios you see that it is trying to input what I said, but, right now it is on Chinese mode, so it’s really just trying to find the right Chinese character.

Based on what I’m saying, and if you click it once you can see the home screen, there is no Inc application associated with pressing it once on the home screen it doesn’t do anything. Manga and PDFs. Look very good on this device with very good navigation it’s. All very quick and speedy. That is, if you have speed mode on. If you do go back to clear mode, it does look fantastic, but everything slows down and blurs and kind of takes a long time to render and it isn’t the best experience. I actually don’t like it at all. The pinch and zoom is absolutely terrible on clear mode, but if you turn that clear mode off, you really do give yourself a good experience and as simple as clicking the little toggle down below, and then everything speeds right up again. Reading is also very comfortable on this, with agloe light and very quick navigation. It also has quick screen input, so you can do things like share, translate, search, Google, look up and whatnot. You can actually translate any language to any language. You see on the drop down and it does it very quickly. You can see we went from English to Korean in a matter of seconds. You actually can do audio read back as well under translation. It triggers the web. For this. It is important to note on this device. There is no speaker per se. None of the sides, none of the back the front.

Nothing has a speaker, there’s, actually, two speaker packs located in the housing right there in the earpiece. A one is for making calls, and one is for your loud speaker, speaker, phone or any sort of multimedia that needs to be played, but there is no actual speaker per se on this device that is kind of separated away from that earpiece location website. Navigation is also very quick with images showing almost instantaneously navigation is flawless. You can see everything just kind of you know, speeds up and renders along we’re just on our basic Wi Fi here, if you click on an app or on our good e reader, App Store, it keeps your zoom level. So you’ll have to keep note of that, and then there you go it just kind of gets right into it. So it is very quick to navigate on this device if you are using it in a real world. Everyday experience. Music, audio actually is not bad for everything coming out of one place and the video plays pretty fluidly. It is one of the better experiences we have seen on e ink it’s, not the best like an onyx device, but it is usable day to day and let’s face it when you are on your smartphone you’re. Looking at Instagram you’re, looking at Facebook, you’re looking at 9gag you’re, looking at memes you’re, looking at things that move videos that you know newscasts and stuff, you need your video to work properly on your mobile device and this one does work.

Alright, the glow light is very good as well, and it is accessible. No, this is not night mode in the sense that you think it is not an actual warm light. It simply just dims it to make it easier on your eyes at night. It only does have the one set of LED colors, so you won’t be able to change between orange the blues and whites or mix them at any rate. So you won’t have any white balance abilities, although you do get Auto, which basically just goes off at the time of day, because there’s no light sensor at the top. A very important facet of smart phones is the camera, and this one’s actually not bad. We recently reviewed the King grill k1 and that camera was terrible. The quality was all right once you exported it, but it was very hard to actually utilize because of the frame rate. This one is actually quite fluid. It takes pictures pretty quick and video is actually not as painful as you’d think it’s fairly fluid, even when actually recording you can stop and just play them back immediately, so it’s actually a pretty good experience. So, overall, you do have a decent level of camera functionality on this device. Despite the fact that is running ink and if you’re thinking you can switch it to clear mode to get a better picture, you actually can’t it’s gone doesn’t, actually allow you to click on clear mode, because it requires you to be on speed mode.

To use this clear mode, just simply wouldn’t have the capabilities of keeping up with the camera there’s. Nothing particularly wrong with the high sense. It is a good device. I mean we are so used to things being very snappy in lightning fast when it comes to smartphones. Jumping from a regular smartphone to this, you are going to notice that things are 10 times slower everything you do takes time. Everything you do is blurry. Nothing really looks good, but in the world of e ink phones you don’t really have a choice. The Hisense a5 is available today, good e reader sells it ships it anywhere in the world. You don’t have another choice. The King, bro doesn’t exist, the NEC smartphone doesn’t really do anything there’s a bunch of other smartphones out there. That is just vaporware and there has no way to actually purchase them. There’S no way to achieve them in any way. The Hisense is available today and it works it doesn’t have Google Play, but it is a smart phone. For all intents and purposes it lasts 10 days. It has a SIM card slot. It works as a smartphone should and it’s running ink for a quick overview of the Hisense a5 smart phone.