Six point: five mini drop display, but you drop in on the skin of the not Jerry yeah, not and Snapdragon 665 one – and I weighed another, pin ultra: why do i they were an alley: camera designer? Okay? Okay, the on boxes on the left I dunno cup, okay, let’s, get started Music once again welcome back already saying you got a doubt in the look at the London box says: oka, okay, it pulled on box. I don’t need another 64gb Romana and comes with 4gb RAM it in the price away from the 8999 even a purchase, say the Riggin of the flick Carter leaned on link in our description liquor to come. Okay, I’m, not even dagger than the cat happen to know. Come ready one, two: three: yes, okay box: it totally: yellow color at all: okay, the nominal cute, another intercourse, the paperwork’s, an identity to achieve only a car, a copy, okay phone karna. Can I remember into accessories and the Kenda naka any Karen um, but another is in the USB camera there with Anna charger. One charger in the right II know: Kamala, give it a 5 volt at 2 amps. It means 10 watt and a charger unable to do love a normal charge around fosters are a lot and using the USB cable on the mocha. But I can wear another USB type c on the malasada USB 2.0 cable on ok but jettison okay, okay, Darrell Bock sure, each time you look a at the budget range for new types of cable on usually where are it totally cold? Bluetooth headset in volume, type c, cable.

I convert I’d. You know well, ok: phone, like Attica, isn’t, it design intro layer there in the new content. Oh I’m gon na close to coca anybody’s in a blue variants. Electricity! Cannot you tell the Buddha they very green, very individual, another training, key step Attila, so the fingerprint sensor dioxide, Ileana wear nothing and Tariq coronary, like real made a branding go to the trundle quad camera design and vehicle available as indicative punkin, two megapixel primary shooter room Level eight megapixel or at a super wide angle, lens zoom, ten Damara pixel to the depth sensor, other ones and then two megapixel Oded macro lens around go to the true love it he’s in the front camera with megapixel, darling, awkward angle, a 3.5 mm jack um. Very primary mic: you USB port um speakers, mono, wait another either a splash proof design and I go to the toilet. As company said and topple Nokia angle, Italy. I had blast from the clean look on and right side longer than the power button, where nothing and left side an awkward angle, a very uneven a volume rocker zoom SIM tray in where another symmetric and the pole over the index seemed a the design and awarenes Naca most commonly real may telephone three cars lot on it resume attend the SIM card, remember Ricardo, you say I’m, but another okay, you know other than y’know love it. Okay, that key on is an external looking design, okay and I’m okay voltages in this off Tara.

Mocha Lily we’re another real made a caller os6 on auto color OS six of cap de taper real me. You wave on the trend, a real me XT other will x2 broker K a real me. You a updated into easily their update 1 Attila, maybe in future resolute, real me, you, a update, we’re in the Vedic you stay tuned, for that is in their camera samples level of IDI assembles front cameras, ml’s. Okay, we did have a sauna, my coda conundrum, so we just keep busier the Kanaka isn’t it is Plano. Conning is 6.5 inch. Retina LCD display full HD Allah, HD Plus this plan. It means 720 pixel on a red another. He camera assembles. Okay, you video to our son Ian, go to Kundu other Walternate isn’t, a description. A Google Drive alaki, not downloadable, link go to Canada, milky pictures, okay, downloaded a self id quality checks are younger than anything they processor apt, Pernille le then a processor is another snapdragon. 665, I wan na go to theta love it okay to Dakota on the Rinella processes. Onion is in the video resolution, wait until 1080 pixel of mother well tonight for km 720 unaware another FPS fix at Anna. It means 30 FPS le fixer on that. Could change a Methuselah? Is it a more japan, iran, my expert time lapse, slow mo nightscape other than a mac throwing? Could you wait until he? We did have our number not a lot in his samples over to come.

So you can sample, say like that. Other house, I remember isn’t, it said things of mocha Colorado us I don’t read any movement. Okay, same real me, XD adult in a real mean I’m, a fiber cocky toward Allah other than the same, very user experience on any key didn’t get to eat. All of it, okay, real me, you a update in and say quiz a little a real me Eckstein, okay, one that turned a navigator. They I wouldn’t know where we do say. You know that you come then, okay, the day about till section on the boy. How come Italy, where another color OS 6 on, as I said before, Android UI sham wait: another 9.0. It means lolipop another and out of 64 JB 51.6 GB onyx free internal memory get another okay in them. Okay, camera samples like Erica in the end a primary to try other the 12 megapixel back cam are accounted at the telluric Richard Sam blonde, head um same camera at a turtle or a picture. Sam belong, isn’t, okay, LAN, link description, Lakota can under the weight downloaded you the check, a on the Donna econ of the 8 megapixel wide angle lens on, and this other lens 230 load on your different single, wide angle. Akana. Here a picture portrait model editor to her picture on, compare to price picture quality; okay on means for eight double nine; sorry triple: 9; okay, okay for the price, the front selfie shooter, sample sauna; okay at the efficient camera called okay; okay on either a night by The indoor camera similar any media, assembler Kirkham, the real me 5i.

You had a front camera on it and Mike you real me five everyday than you say anything. I check one two, three one, two, three, the following along as a real me five. I would a back camera Ayanna and Michael so Mike in of the several mirror my camera, so Sound Check one two, three one: two: three: Music: Music, okay, guys that’s all about real me fire right now, water line it up a little camera for nothing. Good budget range in opening Lee nan prefer Zia. Read me right, not a ton other the 10000 I wear another, it means thousand extra would gain dear, but it’s. Fine camera prefers a young angle now that we know Tate and camera eruption and another thing look camera important cell angle. I prefer real me fire other the best budget, 109000 anuria, very, very poor m8. Oh Neela that’s, all guys we disturb ontology yeah.