10 e, so let’s see what we get when we buy one when it’s come to the screen. So do we here have a 5.8 inch screen that has good call us and brightness. You don’t have that screen that melts over the side, but that has never been one of my favorites. So it’s almost like a plus here, it’s, not a bigger screen out there, but if you have smaller hands like me, so can the size on the phone be quite nice as it fits well in your hand with a smaller size. So would you think that everything is easy to access, but that’s, not the case here? You do not have the fingerprint we know in the screen here. We have a fingerprint reader on the right side and for me who is left handed, is this not the best placement? I used to think that Sonya place their fingerprint reading badly, but here is it even worse. Here is another top right corner, so it impossible to reach even with your bright answer. Is it difficult to reach if you don’t, move the phone but it’s fast and also work as a power button? You can also turn on finger gestures here, so you can swipe to open and close the notification panel, and I must say this works really good. So not everything is bad here. If you can reach it to power the phone so do we here, have it 3100 milliamp battery? Yes, that’s, not the biggest battery out there today, but with a smaller screen and Bluetooth 4.

0. So then we don’t have things that drain less battery so to power. The phones to do. We here have enough for our daily consumption. If you like to power your battery wirelessly, so do we here have fast wireless charging 2.0. So your foster can charge your battery but that’s. Not all you almost can’t share power with the other devices with power share, then you just put your device on the back of the phone and elected a Samsung active watch it’s, not the fastest wireless charging, but it’s nice to have when your device is running low. On power, if you like to see a review of the active watched you that is coming soon so don’t forget to subscribe, when we are watching videos on YouTube or play music. So do we here have speakers that deliver a well balanced own, but that’s? Not all we also have them more or less extinguish Porter the 3.5 millimeter Alex out ports, so you still can use your old headphones here. There are mixed feelings about the Bigsby button, some like it and some like it less for me as Bigsby not worked as good as Google assistant, at least not yet, but they are working on it, but the cool thing now is it now. Can you change the big stream button to open other programs, for instance, if you use Twitter a lot so can you set the button to open Twitter when you press it, you can also activate Bigsby commands, but there would it be interesting to hear what you think About the big speed and the Bigsby button so comment below when it comes to the camera, so they were here on the screen.

Have that pan short for the front camera? That is a 10 megapixel camera on the back. So do we have one 12 megapixel camera and one 16 megapixel camera so compared to the s10? So do we not have that zoom lens, but I don’t use that soon. As that often the important thing here is. You have a super wide angle lens, as some of you know, so it is my favorite lens and must have on smartphones. Today, Samsung is known for having good cameras, and here is not an exception, and the pictures are sharp and has a good call us. Maybe can I feel that they are literally as sharp on the wide angle lens given when it comes to the selfie camera? So does this camera deliver quite good pictures, something that impressed me is when we come to video, not just a quality, but the image stabilization. This is really good, and probably one of the best out there today, something that’s also impressing me is when we come to the soft room, it’s fast and it’s, easy to access everything, so it’s easy to understand. Why so many love something when it comes to the camera? We didn’t take a look at the hardware. Firstly, we have a snapdragon, 850 5 amp, 6 gigabyte of ram and that’s, not too bad. We also have a 128 gigabyte of internal storage, if you like, so can we also add 512 gigabytes with a micro SD card, so also do we have a phone with good specifications, so yes, it’s a pretty good phone.

Even if I wish that that fingerprint winner was placed a little bit better, but I don’t understa do we have a phone that that’s pretty good and have most things that you want all from a great camera to wireless charging and ip68 water protection and so on. If you look at the price there is this 650 right now, when I’m doing it this video, but I drop a link to updated prices below. So when you look at the price and what you get so, can this be a quite good deal and if you like, the video so give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe.