Have you noticed our mobile phone prices have been increasing, getting higher and higher each year. So what happens when you buy a mobile phone that cost less than one hundred and twenty dollars? Well, luckily, enough I’ve been asked to review the X go team 830, which costs 118 and is a make 30 that does have the Google Play Store on before we go any further make sure to hit the subscribe button and the Bell button. So you don’t miss out on any of my future videos and now let’s take a look at this smart phone Music. The 6.2 inch screen has a resolution of 540 by 1140 there’s, a USB C port at the bottom for charging there’s 32 gig on board and that’s expandable to 64 gig it’s light weights in the hand it is very plasticky, so while it looks quite premium, it Doesn’T feel too premium feels very plastic II. What should expect at this price? It’S rocky, an android version, name at the time of review and overall it’s, a pretty decent experience. It can play basic games pretty well. Actually, I was quite surprised how well it played these. The speakers on this aren’t great they’ll do the job, but you probably better off with some headphones they’re, not the best speakers I’ve tried and for simple games like this. You don’t have a problem. I found, though, that when you move away from this kind of vertical scrolling games and to something with a bit more oomph in it that it does struggle a bit, so in this racing game the menu was quite laggy.

The game is actually playable. It does load up and play, but it is noticeable the the frame rates aren’t as good as high end mobiles, but you can get by on it. This isn’t going to be a phone for people who want to play a lot of games, though now you may have noticed at the start. What looked like four cameras around the back? This is actually a bit of a trick and on the manufacturers website, there’s only one camera at the back and the rest are listed as accessories that rear camera is an 8 megapixel camera there’s a front facing five megapixel camera and it’s. Just ok, I mean it struggles with focus. The claws are a little bit washed out, so there’s a photo from the oneplus 6 at the bottom right and again the bottom left. You can see the greens aren’t very green. So again, this is just ok in terms of cameras, the video quality as well just ok. This is actually very similar to some footage. I was looking at recently from a Sony K 800 which, if you remember that that’s from about 10 years ago, so the quality video wises is pretty poor by today’s standards. So here we’re recording on the front facing camera and the colors on the screen. Look a little bit washed out it’s, also a little bit laggy when I’m moving around. But what does the actual image? Look like you hear it is full screen.

Is this acceptable when you consider that this is a very low cost mobile phone? So I think, for the price you getting a pretty decent mobile phone, all things considered, it looks pretty good. It’S got a very similar styling to the loss of the top end phone. So at first glance, you wouldn’t necessarily think that this was a very low end budget mobile. Of course, the camera isn’t it’s going to be anywhere near as good as those top headphones that’s. The component that costs a lot of money. But if you know someone or you are yourself so on who just wants a basic phone talk text bit of Internet and a few apps there’s, absolutely nothing wrong with this phone. If you want to learn more about this, I will put a link in the description below thanks for watching.