This is how it looks and you still have access to all the necessary equipment that you need to use and then you’d install the actual folder holder who fit the majority of the modern phones. Right now I have LGG right here. It doesn’t have a protective case. It fits really good here, so if you need to take it off, you just pull up and the spring go pull these arms down. It does turn sideways to a certain angle, but unfortunately it won’t hold the phone as well as vertical position. We also have galaxy s 9, which is slightly bigger and have a case on it and, as you can see, it fits nicely as well. You can adjust it the way you want. I know there are a lot of holders like that on the market, but the cool thing about this one is that, because you can sort of integrate it into your vehicle and for people, for example, who don’t have a navigation system in the vehicle? This can be really important. The holder is placed very conveniently because normally you see them stuck on the windshield somewhere, but in this case it’s out of your line of sight, and you can still see it clearly and you still have access to all the necessary equipment. Also, there is a opening fool. The charger which you use from here so again, it’s a nice product to have, in our opinion, I’ll leave the link in the description.

So you can guys take a look at it yourself. Also, the holder actually comes is an air freshener, which you can place right here.