You can find the link in the description for up to date, price in real time. Alright let’s get started so, as you can see, humidity a3x is a compact slender phone when compared to the Uintah, jigs or xiaomi and it’s all about holding them in your hands. This is a key comparison. This is how they feel when you’re holding them. In your hand, it’s elegant and minimalize it to be more accurate, the phone dimension, one hundred forty seven point: two millimeter length. Seventy point: two millimeter with an eight point: seven millimeter thick the build material, metal frame and glass case body weighing about 156 grams. The interface June on a SIM card slot and micro SD card slot for up to 256 gigabytes for extending the storage microUSB port for charging, an audio jack for earphones power, button and volume button. The phone runs on the latest Android 10 stock featuring 5.7 inch. Touchscreen display with a resolution of 1512 by 720 pixels. This is the only one downside of the phone but other than that that’s. Just the numbers. The screen goes very bright and you still can enjoy watching videos or playing some games from the Google Play Store under the hood is a quad core MediaTek M 267 61 CPU, along with power idea, GP 3 gigabytes of RAM and 16 gigabytes of internal storage. It’S. Not height up, but for the price, this one deserve your attention. As for the camera, the humidity comes with a dual 16 plus 5 megapixels lens teaching, a single LED, flash and autofocus a front facing camera 13 megapixels featuring with a I faced ID recognition and beauty mode 3300 milliamp better, with quick charging support, fingerprint unlock face ID Unlock a bottom speaker to the right of the microUSB port.

The speaker is loud enough at max volume without any distortion, however, there’s some certain lack of bass and treble and that’s all for today’s video. If you have any suggestions, comments, questions about the phone itself, please do not hesitate to write the comment and that’s all.