This is Kevin here coming at you with a front facing video test from this really awesome gimbal from Zion, so you can use the gimbal with the front facing camera, which is really awesome, so it keeps it very steady and stable. So it’s great for vlogging, if you want a really smooth picture Music, hi everyone – this is Kevin here and in this video we’re gon na, be taking a look at the Zune smooth q2 now I’d, like to thank per gear for sending this out to me per Here is an online store dedicated to video making gear so whether you’re looking for a gimbal or any other type of video making accessory they pretty much. Have you covered so take a look at their website at pur gear comm to see everything that they have to offer. They have fantastic competitive prices over there and then, of course, you can also buy the zine smooth q2 at their store. So I appreciate them sending this out to me and I hope to collaborate with them more in the future. So this is my first smartphone gimbal that I’ve ever gotten or used and Xion is actually a really well known brand within the filmmaking world. So them and a couple of other brands essentially controlled the entire gimbal market. But here is the box that it comes in and then in the box we have the gimbal itself, which I ever hear, which I’ll show you in a second we’ve, a braided lanyard and we have a USBC cable for charging the device.

And then, finally, we have a quick start guide and a service card now on ziens youtube channel the action of a lot of really awesome content specifically related to this device, so that you can learn about all the various features. So here is the gimbal itself. Now it’s kind of difficult to hold when it’s not turned on, so I will power it on right now. So I have this paired up right now, with my iPhone 11, you can use it with pretty much any smartphone what’s cool is. Is that the smartphone mount that comes with the product actually opens up very large, so we can accommodate pretty much any smartphone and even smartphones with cases on so once you mount your device into the mount itself it slides on, and then you lock it into place. Now there are some calibration functions which Xion goes over on their YouTube channel, but for me right out of the box, the device was good and ready to go, but it does feature there II, simplistic design, but despite its simplistic design, this device has a lot features. So the first thing is, is that you can pair this with your device via bluetooth and then, by doing that, you can actually take photos and then also record video using the recording button on the unit itself. You can download the Z play application for additional features. Now, on the device itself, you can see that there are four main settings: pan follow, lock, full, follow and point a View mode so for pan follow, which you can see it’s in that mode right now.

Essentially, I can pan back and forth, and the device will accommodate that pan. So we’ll turn on a horizontal axis, but it will not move on a vertical axis at all. Now, if I want to there’s also the joystick here – and I can tilt that joystick to make some adjustments here, but then, if I want to adjust things to a different angle, I can move the device further down the next setting. It says L and that is lock so tap on the joystick to move over to the next setting, so right now, it’s on lock, so it’s locked into this specific frame. So it doesn’t matter where I move the gimbal it’s going to remain locked in on a single object. Next, we have full follow so with full, follow. You have some flexibility to where you can move around and it allows for following in all directions at one direction. At a time, and then next we have point of view mode so move over to there and essentially that’s more of a free for all. You can move the camera around pretty wildly and then eventually the gimbal itself will catch up to you. But it’s gon na be one continuous, smooth motion and then, if you tap on the joystick one more time, it puts you in for text mode, which is really cool, because you can essentially spin around and get some interesting shots that you can’t get in any of The other modes, but for me personally, the pan follow, has been most useful to me now.

One of my concerns at first was whether or not I’d be able to use the wide angle camera with the device, so you can see without putting it in the special wide angle mode. If I move over to the wide angle camera, you can actually see part of the gimbal in the frame and that’s, of course, a huge issue. However, the union does have a trick up their sleeve. So if you’re in full follow or point of view, and then you double tap on the record button, it will put you into the angle mode so now I’m over in this wide angle mode, and you can see that I have to hold it a different angle. Here, but you now are able to take wide angle, videos and the actual gimbal itself is not in the way, so that’s really cool and really helpful. I know that with the iPhone 11, for example, the wide angle mode does not have the same level of stabilization as the standard camera, so that’s, certainly one situation where this device can come in handy. So if you do want leave it just like this and take a time lapse, video, then you definitely have that ability to do so and that’s another really awesome feature as well as this device, but basically on the bottom of the actual union itself. There is a microUSB port and essentially, if you get the right cable, you can actually plug in your phone into the actual gimbal itself and use it as a charger for your device.

Now the actual gimbal is gon na get you 16 hours of battery life, so it does feature pretty beefy battery inside. So now that I’m, showing you all the major details about this product and by the way I do recommend going over to the Zion youtube channel, because they do get really deep into this. This device has a lot of different features and it certainly doesn’t appear so at first, but before buying this, I think you definitely are gon na want to think about whether or not you genuinely need this product so it’s, certainly nice being able to take smooth video. Just like I showed you at the beginning of this video. However, I did bring this product with me to the Consumer Electronics Show, because I thought it would help me with making video there, and I know this is a very compact, a gimbal, but realistically I really didn’t end up using it there much there’s just too much Of an extra effort to pull the skin below out of my bag, connect the camera and then begin recording. So I ended up not really using it at the show now I’m, not saying that there aren’t genuine situations where you need a gimbal. Of course, if you want to take great looking and smooth be rolled and go ahead, but in a real life situation for me, where I wanted to use it at that show, it was just a lot easier just to pull the phone out of my pocket and To begin recording the video, the camera feature is good enough built in stabilization to where it didn’t really make sense to spend an extra minute and a half or so to set this all up to get the shots that I needed.

So I just think you should think about that before considering buying this product now, I’m, certainly planning on keeping forever. This will be an excellent addition to my gear collection and for certain situations where it is appropriate. I will continue using the product I’m, just saying that realistically having to carry this around if you’re, vlogging or doing anything else, is almost more of a nuisance than it’s worth now. There’S, no doubt, though, that when you do pair up your smartphone with this device, you’re getting unbeatable video stabilization and it really is a small package overall compared to other gimbals that are out there. So this product certainly has a lot going for it. And if you are looking for a smartphone, specific gimbal, this is certainly an excellent option. So, if you’re looking to buy it, take a look at the link in the video description to check it out over at pur here, but again, thank you per gear for sending this out to me. It’S been a pleasure to use, I think, it’s a really high quality product and I’m looking forward to using it in situations where it makes sense in the future, but thanks everyone for watching.