This smartphone aspire brand code. Diggie model number is X 90. We said dual SIM Android smartphone. Now this is this budget price smartphone. You can purchase for less than 50 pound UK currency, affordable and it’s made for anyone. Okay, so I want to go through the features, and I want to tell you, if is worth the price now what you comes with is basically these okay, it comes with a micro, USB charging cable, the mains plug for this, to connect to this user manual and The smartphone itself now this is how it starts up. I want to just skip most of it, so I can just go to the main menu and I can show you feel they’ve go to the setting. They show you a few features, etc, and so before this starts up, let me go for a few other features that this has built in, so it has a built in 3400 mAh battery capacity built into this, giving your long. You know a full day of usage time, and on top of that, it also has dual SIM be win, so it takes nano SIM to nano Sims, and you know, support micro SD memory card as well built to this. Now it really am real. You can see that he has a dog camera, which is a 8 megapixel and a 5 megapixel, and he also has it that would water drop designed with a camera right in the middle, which is a 5 megapixel front camera.

The one thing I like about this is: I got water proof and the water drop design, but then again you can see that you can you see that birds were at the bomb? Is so chunky? Okay, so if that cover, if that was covered up, would’ve been bare but for the price range you know, I can’t really complain much about this. He has a built in 1 gig ram and 16 gb internal memory. Software is android 8.1, with a quad core 1.3 gigahertz processor. The battery life that has blue in it gives you around 240 hours of standby time and 19 hours of core time, so pretty good. So music time would be around at least um 16 hours of 15 hours, but I said full days of usage time, so I see this is something decent and now there’s few downsides about this is that this doesn’t have no and fingerprint unlocking anything buff. For some reason he does have a 3d face unlock, so it does have the advantage, but then again got that disadvantage. We can unlock it with your fingers and he has a flash at the back as well. Also, you can also take this off. So let me just take this off and show you the back of this alright. So when you take this off, you can see the rest. The battery say even say: it’s a 3400 mAh battery capacity and the speakers on the left bottom corner same one: sim 2.

Micro SD memory card goes here, alright, so this is all the features he has built in. He has the screen size of us 6.1 inch full screen. You see here now. One thing I like about this is that it’s very smooth operating smartphone, mostly you can probably download any just about probably one or two apps before it says full memory, but you can also pull micro SD memory card now, let me go to so when you go To settings you got this here, you got AM network and Internet, and here you got a few options, so you cannotice upon airplane mode ago, Wi Fi operating go hotspot here and then you go to the connected devices. You got Bluetooth as well that you can connect here. You go to apps and notifications, they go battery here and it gives you the battery saver or the battery percentage, etc. You go to display here. We can put the brightness level down to save and the battery life that active and brightness you can put that on and you automatically adjust to the Sun basically or their brightness. So if you’re outside and the Sun is out, you will measure go up, go wallpaper. Advanced thing is the auto rotation, etc. It also has the sound here we can put the vibration, etc now storage. This is built in 16, gig 21 percent already used up. Without that you know downloading anything. This is just start up, so you can still probably use a few apps.

Ok, what are two apps probably will take up all the memory but that’s about it. So you can also put a memory card in and put the music and your forward and if you want to the memory card, that’s just the advise and they go in the dealer – speed here as well. And then, if you go down, you go to security and location, so that’s, where you can put this face, unlock you got the screen. Look, we can put patent pain, etc, password no and fingerprinting on this. So you go to users and accounts here. So you go all these features here now. Let me show you of the camera quality and a video of how the quality of the camera is as well. Okay, so let me go to the videos I don’t want video and I took like one picture, so I can show you the quality of the pictures. Alright. So this is the camera picture. It takes it doesn’t capture straightaway, by the way, so in take picture the picture gets delayed by a few seconds before it captures it, and the quality is bad. To be honest, but you know the fact that you got dual camera at the back and gives you you know a camera that can capture pictures is enough, I think, for that pricing and when you go back, let me go to the video so that’s, just a Basic video of donnas or just recording it has the worst he has the worst.

Oh pocus on this video camera is bad. I mean I press record and then, after a few seconds after it’s, tired, focusing before started, recording and it was all blurry. At the same time, so so the camera is bad, to be honest in my opinion, but the fact that it is a smooth operating smile phone it’s, quite chunky. To be honest, I don’t know why he has this extra chunky chunky bit here. For some reason, could it be a little slimmer but that’s how the design is the headphone 3.5 millimeter headphone jack? Is there their volume buttons? Then the power button is on the right side at the bottom.