3, the Andre de la nokia phone with Android one made for those on a tight budget or wonderful, pure Android experience. This phone was launched about a month ago and I got to spend a week with it. What is up guys easy here – and this is my honest review of the nokia 2.3 – please be sure – to click on that subscribe button and turn on post notifications for more awesome content. First, a classic unboxing all of Nokia’s devices come in the same familiar box. The box has a summary of the key specifications listed a 6.2 inch HD plus Intel display 13 megapixel to our rear camera and a 5 megapixel selfie camera 4000. Millions for high battery 2 gigabytes of RAM and t2 gigs of storage also face unlock inside the box. You have a compact and nice looking Nokia 2.3. This is supposedly the charcoal color, but it looks more great to me or is this charcoal? I don’t know what you guys think other items in the box are the sim ejector tool, a user guide in two different languages and product information manual. It CPU protective casing, a charging, brick, no fast charging, a micro, USB, cable and a pair of earphones. We have a few buttons and parts on the device at the bottom. There is a microUSB port, a noise, cancelling microphone and a speaker grille. The left side has this dual nano SIM card tray with support for SD card up to 400 gigs and also a dedicated Google Assistant button at the top we have just the headphone jack and on the right side we have the volume, rocker keys and the power Key so powering up and setting up the device was the unknown part.

I suggest, if you want to quickly get into your device, you do it without an internet connection. It had a software update which made the setup process quite lengthy after successfully installing the updates. I finally got into the device there. It is takk naked Android in all its glory. The nokia 2.3 is an upgrade to the nokia 2.2, both on the Android one program currently running under 9 and scheduled for Android 10 update in the first quarter of 2020. It’S. A nice looking device with a 6.2 inch, HD Plus display, apart from the lack of fingerprint scanner. The nokia 2.3, has a compact design made of plastic, but it feels really durable. The plastic material on the back does not scratch easily, and it has a patterned finish, which makes it really easy to grip. The display on the Nokia 2.3 doesn’t feel, like your average LCD display, though it’s 720p, the colors pop and using this for media consumption is sure to satisfy the user. The nokia 2.3 has a lips to wake feature, so you can see your notifications on the lock screen as soon as you pick up the device. The haptic feedback on the nokia 2.3 works really well actually two points of annoyance when enabled the device vibrates randomly while in hand, particularly when you have unread notifications, I had to disable mine for convenience. The gastrin navigation system took me some time to get used to and for some reason, the setting to change it to a simpler one is missing on the nokia 2.

3. Let me know if you see it in yours. It is no news that stock Android is optimized to give a Swift user experience on the nokia 2.3 apps walk fine for the most part, but takes a few seconds to launch which makes the device feel slow. I guess you can’t complain due to its price points, but I’ll go ahead and complain anyway. It could have been better. Multitasking is fine, a split screen, multitasking works, fine and you can also resize the window to any size. You want, unlike some devices. I know it supposedly has a dark theme, but it is a system wide and it’s only affects the notification panel. Pretty much useless to me. I tried a few games within Nokia. 2.3 shadowfied 3 didn’t work smoothly. It was really like in the nokia 2.3 I’m. Not very playable I’m, not sure why, though I thought mine was fine without any lag or stutter, and so did pop G mobile. You can’t expect a given performance here, though the four thousand millions we have are shown. The Nokia 2.3 does last more than 24 hours on a full charge and charging from 0 to 100 takes about 2 hours and 40 minutes Nokia boost of the AI capabilities of this camera and compared to the devices are tested in this price range. It actually does pretty well, it doesn’t struggle with exposure, and it takes the same photos with good dynamic range portrait. Shots are just ok, not perfect, with edge detection, but just ok.

So what is my verdict on the Nokia 2.3? This handful good enough for those on the tight budgets stock Android with guaranteed software updates, but a bit laggy seus its stock Android and expect you to perform significantly better than other phones in this price range in terms of speed. But it just became laggy after installing. A lot more applications, maybe my expectations are just too high. So what do you think about this device? I’Ll be in the comment section to answer any questions. If you find this video helpful, do give it a thumbs up and share.