You probably know about this Chinese brand because we often make videos about the new devices from Alcatel as a new smartphone is called Alcatel. Why 1000? You will be surprised, but as this is a rugged film yeah, it doesn’t look like a rugged film, but it is waterproof and dustproof. Also, the film is ultra budget under 100, so let’s start with unboxing and then look at design main specifications and features as usual. We will have a separate video about performance, camera and battery of this film. The links to all these videos will be in description. Don’T forget to hit the like button and subscribe to our Channel dear brothers. Click. The other smartphones of this Chinese manufacturer, olga del y 1000, comes in a simple white box. On the back. You can read main specifications inside the box. There is a mobile device with silicon protective case user manual, 5 watts, power, adapter and a micro, USB cable that’s. All, as I already said, I’ll get my 1000 doesn’t look like rugged film. The Chinese company says that it is a sinister rugged phone on the market. The sickness is only eleven point. Two millimeters. However, I cannot say that the phone is compact yeah. It has a 60 inch display, which is not very big for 2020, but there are six bezels around the screen. It is very unusual to see so big bezels around the display, especially on the top and bottom infinite penny.

However, don’t forget that it is ultra budget film okey del Y 1000 has water drop notch above the display, but I didn’t see any point in a to the front camera with feet in the top bezel don’t. You think so. The rear panel is made of a made plastic. As you can see. I have a blue color, but also you can choose from black pues violet, pink and red. There is a dual camera fingerprint reader, flashlight, a speaker on the rear panel. The volume rocker and power button is on the right side for the slot for dual seem at micro, SD cards, Nissan zolab, falconer, wife, 1000, half 3.5 Mille meters out a check at the top and type C port at the bottom. I like the way the smartphone feels in my hand it doesn’t slide and it is comfortable in the cab. Actually, the back panel looks more like a protective case. That’S very interesting talking about display pocket, ly. 1000 has six point. Eight inch diagonal and HD plus resolution 700 MIDI by 15, 60 pixels in general, as the display is good. It has good colors and the viewing angles. As for HD resolution, I think it is a key for budget film. You probably not even notice HD resolution until you compare results with HD and foolishly resolution. Do you remember that we are talking about Ultra budget smartphone under 100 Balki del Y 1000 has entry level performance. It is powered by MediaTek, empty 65, 80 P processor.

Also, it has 2 gigs of RAM and 32 gigs of internal memory is a video with performance test of al qaeda wife. 1000 will be in common days, but right now I can say that performance is very low. It is even noticeable on user interface. The result in and today is only 22000 points. Alcatel y 1000 has dual camera on the back, it megapixels and 2 megapixels, but I think that the second sensor is fake. I will check it and publish video with camera test in a few days. The front camera is 5 megapixels, as I already said, Alcatel while 1000 is the Sinister rugged town in 2020, as you understand, as a manufacturer has reduced the sickness of smartphone by reducing the battery capacity, the phone has only 3600 emma battery. I think the battery life will be shirt. In addition, the smartphone supports only five watts charging, so it will charge for a long time. We will check it out and post a video with a battery test. The link to the video will be in description hope. You know why 1000 has speaker on the rear panel. They have nothing to say about it, because the sound is typical for budget film, just listen to audio sample chill my Sakura HC Music, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, poki del Y 1000 has a hybrid slot. A dual sim and microSD have over the phone supports. Only Tucci and a 3G networks, people not use 4G network, and I am NOT even talking about 5g, it wasn’t books and and first review of Olga del y 1000.

The price of this pen is 90 on LX press. As you understand, the main feature of this film is waterproof and thus in case the manufacturer says that it is the thinnest rugged film. However, the battery is quite small. Well performance is slow. Also, we need to check the cameras before the conclusion.