Why? I real me probably launched the real me x2 with snap again 730 G processor, at the pressure of 17 thousand rupees right away. I can’t even think of a single device which will offer you exact same specifications at the price, top let’s, say: 20 thousand rupees renomii, K 20 is there, but it comes with snap again 730 processor, and there is the price difference of three thousand rupees once again And I’m very excited to see the pricing of red Mikael 30 because will show me match the pricing of real me x2, that is 70 thousand rupees or they’ll have to launch it at 18 thousand to be spliced, actin string, Chinese pricing or freedom. Ek 30 is close to Indian pricing of real me x2 without further delay. Let’S get started with my full review of the real me x2. First of all, let’s talk about the box contents. You get a phone normal manuals, charger and charger is something which is special, which I am NOT going to throw for sure. It’S a 30 watt book 3.0 charger. It is fantastic, it can get your device from 0 to literally 90 in just one single are and fully charged it in one out 10 minutes or 15 minutes, depending on when you start charging the device. If you start at let’s say 20 25, you can get 200 percent in just matter of minutes. It is very fast at the pressure of 17 thousand rupees.

Once again, no other company is offering 30. What fast charging support 5 volts and 6 amperes. You can use the wall charger, which is present on one plus 70 or 72, which cost you 38000 bit sometimes 50000 rupees as well. The real me is doing some great work by bringing those book charges at such a cheap rate. Next up I’m, going to talk about the cameras for cameras in the back 64 megapixel rear camera sensor and 32 megapixel front camera sensor. The numbers are big, but let me tell you when it comes to the camera quality it’s great there as well. Just look at the pictures I mean I was surprised. I thought maybe that camera won’t be that great, even the camera. Software is very well optimized and the camera clicks fantastic pictures when it comes to comparison with redmi k20 here as well. The real me x2 performs very good. There is a price difference of 3000 rupees, but after that, will me extra performs better in many scenarios like in this picture, the shadows have more details with real me, x2 as compared to red Mackay 20, and this happens multiple times with multiple scenarios. May it comes to camera performance, I would say it’s very close to each other, but to real me, x2 performance tiny bit better in most of the scenarios, not this there facing camera, but even in front facing camera. The device performs fantastic. These are some of the sample shots.

He is electronic image. Stabilization is present for rear camera on the real me x2, as well as front camera, meaning if you decide to block with real me, x2 that’s, totally doable and when it comes to camera. As I said, as you saw the pictures, those are just fantastic, really me extras. Camera setup is no brainer it’s fantastic, not just that with Google camera you can get even better pictures and that’s another point at the preston of seventeen thousand rupees. This is probably the best camera oriented phone that you can buy in the market right now now it’s towards the build quality, and you look Steven if I hold the real me x3 in my hand, right now, you won’t be able to differentiate between real me, XT And real me: x2, because it’s real me X, X, T X, 2 X 2. Pro our device is a real me: 500 real me, 5, the LBC 2 sub. All those devices look so close to each other. I mean this work. I understand for camera. Setup is good and all macro lens clicks good picture as well, but the looks are exactly similar. It is difficult for even me to differentiate between one real me device from another real me device really must have been like if we tend broke, don’t fix it broke. That’S why the design is same when it comes to fingerprint and finger prints that you get on the back panel is it’s irritating use the core which is provided in the box.

I cleaned the device just ten minutes ago and, as you can see, if I keep the device like this, there are already finger prints that you can see and when it comes to fingerprint sensor, it’s fantastic. It unlocks the device, almost 99.99 percent of the times and it’s extremely fast AMOLED screen is present over here and I’m, not screen quality. Super AMOLED screen to be precise, it’s great viewing angles, are fantastic, deep, blacks, obviously it’s an AMOLED screen at the pressure of 17 thousand rupees. This is probably one of the best they’re panels in a smartphone, except for Samsung M series of devices, which also have great back panels when it comes to face unlock feature. Once again, it works fantastic. I have kept it to swipe to opens because it unlocked so fast that I’ll just look at it and I’ll unlock it, see USB type c port headphone jack. Everything is your speaker. Quality is also very good. Headphones equality is good, USB type c port a. Finally, I mean there really is not launching devices with micro USB port now the sort – something which is a little bit tricky – to explain right now that software colorized 6.1 is present here. Color OS 7 captain vrj a future man right now. The software doesn’t feel very well optimized for the device, and this is very rare – to find in real me or of Poe devices, considering really xt x. X2. Pro all these devices are extremely well optimized.

You do not see any type of lag in those similar to many of the redmi series devices like redmi note, 8, pro RK 20, but who’s the real me x2. I found that the UI was, I mean, not lagging, but sometimes I saw those minor lags or stutter surrender, which is rare to see any really device, not that even in my pops, you know, while gameplay performance video, which will be little the high button over your. I did see minor framedrops random frame, drops, which it did not happen with the real me x2, which comes with snap again 712, but they’d happen with real me x2, which comes with one powerful processor, which is natural and 70 30g and that’s, where I think software Optimization is not at its best as of shooting this video. I hope real me fixes this as soon as possible, or with at least color OS 7 update it’s, not something which you need to worry about like are. You saw the real me x2 lune. Dynein is not nothing like that. It’S that couple of times in four to five hours of users, you’ll notice that are introduced, a UI which I am not used to on real me devices, at least so when it comes to software optimization, I would say real me needs to work on that color Os, I mean you know my opinion if you are expecting colorize for ELB devices to be very close to stock Android.

I don’t think that’s gon na happen anytime soon, yamazaki icon circle say squaring a square circle, o genki or notification, shade mate and curling and that’s. It rest all the things will remain similar to color rose. I don’t hate color OS, but it takes a little bit of time to get used to color OS as well and earlier I used to say that there are no ads in color OS, not anymore. Real me has decided to show ads in their devices similar to me UI. So now me UI acts are equal to color OS ads earlier. It was like me why, with ads real me colorways, but without ads it was yeah. Now both are equal. Now. I definitely remember mother, said saying that we do not sell ads. We sell phones, I tweeted about this as well, so some boy they are sub Boogedy Boogedy and the King gave me three. Let me send out the press release and they also made some statement saying you can disable the recommendation option and it will disable all that nothing like that is going to happen. It will disable recommended ads. I don’t know from where, but if you still see ads in your downloads application, then you will have to disable those manually by going into the download application cast setting so it’s, basically exactly same UI ad copy and pasted into color OS exact same lick. Guy below be overall, I would say I was happy with the real me x2.

When it comes to battery life. Charging time is fantastic battery life. Once again, you can easily get food to payaso screen on time with moderate to heavy usage. Pubsey gameplay you can watch the detailed video which is linked in the I button over your caller ID once again was good. Your SIM card is supported. Your og durability is no brainer for the snap again 730 g5g support is not there just in case. If you are wondering 4G plus is also supported on the DL me x2, and I guessed as much it for my review of the real me x2 great display, quality, fantastic camera setup, great charging, setup and 30 watt charger is pre included in the box itself, even Though software is not very well optimized once it becomes optimize, the performance is just going to be bonkers. On this device, babcha can be. Performance is still a little bit finicky. I expect them to fix it in upcoming software updates. If your budget is seventeen thousand rupees, then real me x2 is a very easy recommendation from my side. Should you get it or read me rotate and reel me XD? I would say yes, but remember that you are going to get 64 GB internal storage variant only at the price tag of 17 thousand rupees, whereas you we get 128gb variants of both. Those devices do keep this in mind. If you are fine with that, then go with the real me x2.

If you are planning to buy the ready, Mackay 24 GB with 64 GB internal storage variant at the price of 20 thousand rupees. Consider being me, x2 8 GB, plus 128 GB, higher storage and higher lamp capacity, that’s fantastic, who doesn’t like if you enjoyed it, give this video a thumbs up subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already and press the bell icon so that you will get notified Next time I upload a video like this one, so yeah. Thank us.