So we see what’s inside this actual box and then afterwards, I’m gon na take a look at the g2 and how I think I could use it in my workflow when I’m doing YouTube, videos and things like that, but before we get started, definitely hit that subscribe. Button, because that does help me get in products like these, and I really want to grow the channel so anyway, let’s get on to the inbox all right on to unboxing. So this is the shoulder paw g2 mobile video grip on the side. Here it has a little bit of ways you can actually use the grip and then on the back. It also shows you how that use it so opening up the box so just slide the box out. Here we got another box here, it’s a black one and then opening up that we have a user manual, and so this just gives us a little bit of information on how to use the product. So they have steps on how to do it and they show you different ways that you can set it up and then some main features so that’s pretty cool, and then they give you a card. They have a club that you can join at shoulder, pull comm dock, slash Club, and then it comes with a 2 year, limited warranty, which is nice, but here it is here’s the product and so the it’s made from like a fiberglass polymer material.

The hard plastic is our fiberglass, and then it has like a rubberized grip handle and it’s built to be either held as far as like doing it, horizontal or vertical, so, depending on how you want to do it and then for the phone. So I have an iPhone here and so here’s the camera, and so what I’m gon na do is I’m, just gon na hook it up to this it’s really easy to do you just move it put your camera in and then slide it so that the button Is exposed here if you need to use the button at all and that’s pretty much it on the front there’s a little lock unlocked so to lock it you just press up, and you hear that little click that means the phone’s locked in so it shouldn’t move Anywhere and you’re good to go now. One thing when I was playing around with this is: I did notice if you have big fingers, there’s, not a lot of room in between the handle and and this so for me it works fine. But if you have big hands, then you, you might have some issues here, but a lot of times people are going to have this mounted on a tripod or something like that: they’re not really going to be handheld as much so you have a quarter twenty here. So if I wanted to do it vertical, I have my quarter twenty, that I could put it into a tripod and also have a quarter twenty here for doing landscape, which is nice, and then it has six cold shoes.

So we have three here and then two on the top and then one over here on the side, so, for instance, and it seems to stand fine right now. I don’t have a heavy lens on my phone. If I had one it might not stand there, but I easily mount a microphone so let’s say I wanted to mount it over here on the side or something like that. That’S super easy and then this particular microphone will hook into my iPhones, lightning, port and so there so now I have a rig already set up with a microphone pretty cool and it looks pretty professional and it was super easy to set up. If I want to take my phone off real, quick, it’s, really easy, all I have to do is just push down that unlocks it, and then I could just put it on the table and take the phone out doesn’t get much easier than that. So it’s a pretty interesting product. I think I could actually use it, especially when I’m doing testing on microphones and testing different microphones. I could have multiple microphones on here all plugged into my phone one at a time of course, and test how the microphones sound like right now: I’m talking through a shure mb, 88 plus microphone, but here’s. I have the rode videomicro that i wanted to test between the two, so this rigs gon na. Allow me to do that, which is pretty cool anyway, that’s it for the unboxing, pretty straightforward, okay, so we’re done with the unboxing, and so this is my setup right now that I have – and so I just put a tripod on the bottom, which works out pretty Good and then it’s easy to move it around.

If I need to move it around and then for a microphone, I probably use the shirt MV 88, so I have two cold shoes on the top and then one over the side also have a quarter. Twenty on the side – and then I have another cold shoe over here, if I needed to and then the other two cold shoes are sort of covered up by the phone, so I probably can’t use those. So probably I would put the microphone up here and since it’s so close to the phone, and then I just plug it into the Lightning port of the phone, and I think that looks pretty good holding it pretty comfortable. I can do it, use it as a selfie mode or if I want to just do plain, video mode interview or something like that on the side. Here I could also, if I was interviewing people and I had my lab set up. I could have my receiver in here and then I could probably even probably even have like a video or audio recorder at the top and then maybe something on the side here. But all in all, it’s really cool. The other neat thing is, if I want to do like microphone test since I do a lot of product reviews being able to test different microphones is sort of neat, so here’s my rode videomicro, and so I could compare the shirt and the micro using a phone.

If I wanted to, I really like it, the only negative I can see with this is again. If you have big finger, a big thumb, the the gap here might not be enough space to hold it comfortably, but other than that, I really don’t see any issues in the price point: it’s 69 or roughly 70, which isn’t a bad price. Considering you got all these different ways that you can hook things up versus just a regular iPhone holder so anyway that’s it for the review thanks. So much watching definitely hit the subscribe button, because that does help me get in products like these again.