Now the main thing that stands out with this smartphone is that it has a brilliant price tag, something below 50 pound UK currency 4d, simple smartphone, decent size, smartphone build quality is perfect, has few good features and brilliant battery life. Okay, so let me start with what it comes with now. He comes with a case because you wouldn’t really find this case, and if you search all nice and it’s a gnashed empty PU case flexible, you wouldn’t and you protect your phone until there. It comes with a screen protector, that’s on as well, which you wouldn’t also find online that’s. Why they’ve, given you one and comes on micro, USB charging, cable and the mains plug and a user manual here now this smartphone? What I love about this is, I got the aluminium design for the pricing in brilliant the fact I got an aluminium design on the side, plastic back, which is also removable. So let me remove this and as soon as you remove this, you got the battery here which can be removed. I don’t think you would really find a replacement one if your fan on, if you search online by, if you contact the company, they might give you a replacement. It takes a nano sim which can put two nano Sims in or you can pour nano SIM and a micro SD memory card. It also has a draw I’m camera there with a flashlight. The speakers on the bottom left corner here.

So let me just close this and I can go through what kind of features he has. Okay, now, on the right side, he has their volume buttons and it has the power button on the top. Here has the micro USB charging port and he also takes a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack other than that he doesn’t really have any figures at the front. He has the camera as well, and so the first thing I want to start off with is that I’m gon na switch this on. When I switch this on, I will be going through the cameras, so take want to take few pictures with this camera and I’ll show you the quality of it. I will also do a recording video recording and also talk through it, and you will hear the sound quality of that video on top of them. I would like to go through the battery life now. The battery life of this is 3000 mAh battery capacity, giving you around 250 hours of standby time 23 hours of music time lever. Now is a talk time and 6 hours, video time so that’s pretty good for a budget price smartphone. Okay, the downside is that does have no fingerprint ID and it’s, not waterproof. The rear camera it has built in is a mere pixel and a 5 megapixel front. Camera is a 5 megapixel. It has a built in quad core processor, with a 1 gig ram and a gig internal memory, which is very poor because you download one app like whatsapp and will take up all the memory, and on top of that, you can also expand it up to 64.

Gig and takes a nano sim, so let’s go through some features. So one thing I love about this is that it’s very smooth that’s, because this is a startup there’s, no apps downloaded if you download a few apps in my stuff slowing down even more now. This sayings and the sayings you go, the network, which is going to be like the Wi Fi, the hot spoor, etc. Then you got the connected devices. We can connect the Bluetooth, you grab the notification, the battery is here there, you can put power a battery, saver, etc, and then you go display here where you have the brightness level, the adaptive brightness and their auto rotation, except for display size. And then you go to sound here where you can put the vibration on change the ringtone, etc. Then this is the main base. Storage, so let’s see how much storage this left now this is without downloading any apps or anything it’s already taken off a 5 of the internal memory. Now you’re left with the rest of it download one or two apps. It will take up all the memory or take a few pictures. It will take up the memories or that way, and usually, if there’s any, if there’s any kind of a system update. You pick up memory that way as well and, to be honest, we need get brand new phone like this and you go to system updates. There will always be update, stay or if you go look into Play Store, there will be updates for certain apps.

Anyone remain key, take up memory that way as well so be a man. So we got a very low memory for that pricing if you were 16 gig already been ok, it’s too bad, but ok now let’s the security and location. Now you got that you can put the password pin swipe pattern, except on there that’s it it doesn’t really have no fingerprint I’m. Looking anything glad, I got me: son look that’s free, good that’s, one of the features that budget price smartphone her, but no fingerprint on. Look so that’s so weird you should have had the fingerprint unlocked and if the face unlock would have been even better now I got ta use an accounts, their accessibility, the date gesture motion which you go telephony motion and which is turn to silence and go system Motion t point: adjust volume, double tap to lock and go up with more somato sensory, which you got the launcher and the camera the gallery and unlock. So you go various ways to unlock here and you’ve used a few different options. There go background. Auto clean memory is also: if you go there, you can get prey. You can own that anymore for mac, you start cleaning the background say key saving you more memory, so you can download things and stuff like that and if there’s something that’s taking up a little memory that would clean you up as well. You go to Google and the system there, so that’s all the features.

Let me show you the videos and the pictures of him. Ok, ok! So let me show you the picture first. So you know the quality is not perfect. It takes a while to focus and we take a picture. It said it’s gon na that was three second or four second delay before it catches it so it’s, not a straight away: capture that’s how the quality is I’ve, also done a video, so you can see the videos okay, more perfect. Let me rotate it, so you can see it rotated, alright. So the video wasn’t that bad okay best because it was in proper lighting when there’s no lying it doesn’t, have it doesn’t, commonly capture any videos or pictures in low light. Okay, but for budget price, you got an amazing, build quality, it comes with a case screen protector and everything most of the things. The only downside with this one is the memory. The memory of a gig memory is very poor: 1 gig ram it wouldn’t. Really. You know it can’t be much for playing certain games. You would really slow your phone down, ok, but for a budget price I do highly recommend it. Ok, so thank you for watching my video.