I could continue on if you go for the Oprah Reno three I’ll be flashing back or that he could fire you guys. The video were in eeeh and bucks 200 per Reno 3, because during that time, in Lena for my oppinion typa, para and buffs are experiencing finito. So without any further talking, let’s go ahead if flash, but nothing guys. Here we go Music Applause Music on to our display. Man at the Opera know three Pro, so this stone has a 6.5 inch AMOLED display with 1080p resolution 402 PPI density and 20 by 9 aspect ratio and aside from that guys, sovereign buttery, smooth them for NATO. Sis, this phone has a 90 Hertz refresh rate and also for me guys to learn a minute, though I think this phone has the best representation on pancho camera. Since Hindi saga, Nutella pay a sober, Malayalam Shah at family time. I am facing pneumonia since, while gaming Hindi Metallica shamanaka pencil so Sabra, opener, okay, Maggie in viewing experience most cell phone network yeah as far as the operating system and hardware performance than acting, Oh Perino, 3 Pro this phone brought in color OS 7 on top of Android 10 and power Darren, Shan and Pinochle latest at bargain and Qualcomm, which is the snapdragon 7 6 5 g, and this is the reason why capable let it shine and 5g network, but right now guys don’t expect no more than 5g networks of phone. No, if you’re gon na use a 4 gina san card, because in deep end, a man telegraph, not a rollout in 5g starting bansa, and also guys, aside from the snapdragon 765, some Mahon open and GPU of Adreno 620 sobre powerful non phonathon like there will me X, 50.

So, right now guys in front of me, I have the pub G and let’s try and see cool McGehee off ebay experience, nothing topical at all. Using the ovary, node 3 grow enemies ahead so far guys so done, smooth liminal guys, as you can see, Sabra often when you McGee experience. You know when it comes to the pub visa for NATO overall, I’m, really happy and satisfied them and some performance when it comes to the chipset and adding over video to each oh and also guys I’m. Also, using this phone playing the Honka impact 3, as well as the mobile legend, so open up in a Mannion again experience score had the wrong game stay in guys and by go cigar smoker seats, a pinochle last partner. I think video, which is the camera performance and acting aubergine o3 Pro Sabine Connery, and you guys now. This phone has a four thousand 25 milli amp hour battery and capable attention and fast charging up to 30 watts by a bull flash charge 4.0 and in 20 minutes guys, Mahua higher than 50 battery life, siphonophore, so further camera performance and at the open window, 3. Pro we have a quadruple camera setup for this phone first. Camera is a forty eight megapixel, with F 1.7 aperture wide camera. Second, one is a 13 megapixel with F 2.4, a preacher telephoto lens. Third cameras is 8 megapixel with F 2.2 aperture ultra wide camera, and the last camera is a 4.

A 2 megapixel, with F 2.4 aperture camera guys and for the selfie earth punch whole camera. Nothing guys. We have a 32 megapixel with F 2.4 aperture wide camera for video recording them on guys same with the real me X, 50. This phone has an ultra steady modes, so so Brendan the Canada when it comes to the stabilization and video cameras upon NATO and for the beat the recording, you know, rear camera and, I think, can actually shoot up to 4k resolution. At 30 frames to 30 frames per second, while you poncho Tamara, and I think guys are in selfie. Camera can actually shoot after 1080p resolution at 63 per second. So when it comes to the camera performance guys, I actually like the rear camera performance sobrams, and then you guys so bringing gun Dan and camera out put you in dynamic range in sharpness them photo is really there I’m Angela feeling like that guy’s is the selfie Camera but I don’t mind assists abandoned italica when it comes to the rear, camera performance so block; okay, okay, especially the night shot and the ultra white camera shot so Bronk and done and performance no Perino Music. Before I proceed to final vertical Paris or open Reno 3 Pro, if you are interested to buy this phone and or any other phones like the real me X, 55 G read me K, 35 G or 4G or any other phones. You can actually visit some gadget.

I’Ll be leaving the FB page, a description box, guys Parimal ameyoko sonia still appear in contact in and also you can actually visit their physical stores, the farmers classical bow. So if you guys are interested to buy a new one, then you can actually contact them and inquire con available. You open Reno 3 process for Anila, so for my final verdict, guys overall I’m really happy and satisfies a performance than open. You know, 3 Pro. My only complaint and again I think, allah miyan upon a maggie income – pink, oh it’s, your internal membrane, you guys so Bram Baba for me, because I really prefer 256 gigabyte, Komal anima microSD not available, but overall guys I’m really happy and satisfied, especially Sakura guys. So brandon denim color little guys, sunrise red so brandon, the very rainbow effect in colouring on pole and sovereignly pc guys to think that this phone has a 4025 milliamp hour of battery and 6.5 you’ll displaying a guys so brown compact and very sleek men design yeah At so Branca a little guys, this phone has a 700 or 171 grams in a week the so bring the unafonica guy is sobrang than that and it, as mentioned a while ago, this phone has the best representation and Panchal camera, so so Brandon that aghanim viewing Experience experience most of all Neto Sakuni booster on your own leave it go and unboxing for the OPA Reno 3. Pro. Please don’t forget to like this video guys share to your friends, FB page and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and tap the bell icon.

Para McNulty fighter your tomorrow feature unboxing video co. Once again guys. This is wax from wax attack.