The gimbal is very lightweight, as it is made of plastic and weighs only about 440 grams. Although it is made of plastic, the build quality is impressive and very well made. There is also my career’s beak able to charge your phone from the gimbal you can see. The gimbal is a 3 axis gimbal that offers 320 degrees rolling and tilting angle and 300 degree penny angle. On the gimbal. There is a knob to move the gimbal. We have the button to turn the gimbal on and off. There is also button for changing between different modes and another button for zoomin and zoom out on the side. There is a microUSB port for charging the gimbal, then at the bottom there is another USB, a port to charge your smartphone and a screw hole to mount. The gimbal on tripod, the Sena PRC 11 gimbal, is a feature pack 3 axis gimbal that is powered by Zion with Zed Y app. You can connect the gimbal to your phone, the gimbal adorns, very simplistic design. You can use smartphone within 6 inches and 200 grams. However, I was able to mount my samsung galaxy s 10 foam on the skimble without any issues. My phone is six point four inch in length and on the gimbal there is a screw to increase the length of the arm for different sizes of phones. There is another screw on the phone holder to adjust the position of your phone either to portrait or landscape mode.

Once you attach your phone to the gimbal and turn it on the gimbal automatically adjusts itself to the weight of your smartphone on the smartphone holder, there’s. A rubber on the base so that the smartphone gets grip and stays where you put it and in the sidearm there are another piece of rubber so that your phone doesn’t hit the arm in any way. Thus it appear. C11 comes with various modes, such as the lock mode following mode, POV mode and full following mode. Additionally, when you connect your smartphone with z.y app, you will also get more functions and features like panorama. Slow motion time lapse, motion time lapse among few other through the zy app you can set your subject to be followed and the gimbal will automatically follow the subject. As the subject moves around with the buttons on the gimbal, you can also zoom in or zoom out with this feature, you can easily create the vertical effect by zooming out, while getting closer to the subject from your smartphone. That is pretty nifty feature isn’t it for taking videos and pictures. You may use the native camera app for your smartphone. However, that will give you a limited accessibility to the gimbal and you need to control the gimbal with the buttons for tracking and keeping your frame within the shot, while zooming in or else will not be accessible with the zy app you’ll get full access to the All the new features of the gimbal now let’s see the gimbal in action.

So from our test you can see the gimbal is very capable and can keep up your videos buttery smooth. Even if you are running on uneven surface, this gimbal is equipped with a large 4000 mAh battery capacity. This enables the device to run for up to 11 hours, allowing you to keep up all of your moments in the video with this massive battery unit. You can also charge your smartphone to keep it running for longer time, allowing you to shoot for even longer period. The scene appear. C11 is a very compact, lightweight and simplistic gimbal. That comes in only for 89. Its object tracking is pretty nifty and great. If you’re a person who loves to go, live on social media or a travel blogger, then skimble can help you a lot since you can go live from your smartphone, while keeping the phone on portrait mode and keeping your life steady, while keeping you on the frame. The city pure c11, is almost a carbon copy to the Zion Smoot queue. Not only both of them looks the same, but also they offer similar features as well. It’S, almost like the scene appear just selling the leftover smooth, cue gimbal, after renaming them as in Pierre c11. Besides, the smooth cue was released over two years ago and you can still find it at around 99, while the latest, the smooth cue, is only 1′ dollars and much more compact than the city PRC 11th.

There are other, more capable gimble’s available on the market, just like the feiyutech, g6 plus or the newly announced g6 max. Both gimbals will cost you more than or close to 250, almost 200 more than the city Pierre c11. However, both gimble’s offer more features and supports a wide variety of smartphones, action, cameras and even mirrorless cameras. So even at that price they are offering a great value. So if you only want a simple ready on the go gimbal that is not only portable but also lightweight, then the scene appear c11 can be a great choice for you at 89. Let us know your thoughts and what topic you want us to make videos on.