Pier c11 smartphone Kimbo in the packaging came with this Kimbo a user guide and also a micro, USB cable for charging did not come with any carrying bag or a carrying case. Let me show us some pages of the user manual. If you want to read any part, more detail just feel free to pause it’s in both languages, Chinese and English. This is currently soda Amazon for about 89 setup. Here did provide this unit for review. I’Ve been using this for quite a few weeks now, I’ll demonstrate it shortly, here’s the operation instructions. This part is perhaps the most important page here, because on the device itself there isn’t really much in terms of labels and what the buttons do, but even if I do not have the manual, if I must figure it out, I just trial and error. Here are some more of the specs here and here’s the warranty information, the metal finish, is like a hammer, metal type of finish. This also supports different sized smartphones. So to balance it out this little knob over here, I have here an iPhone XS max. So once I loosen that, I can expand it and tie it back up and the smartphone rests here as well: it’s rubber, lined inserts or silicone rubber type of inserts, so I’m going to scratch. The smartphone my smartphone has a case on it and even with the case, it still works. Now. This portal here is spring loaded grip.

Some pretty tight, it’s good thing at grips I’m, pretty tight because only times I’ve used this. It was when I’m outdoors, with the kids like right now, usually I’m jogging behind them. Their app is zy play it’s free in an iOS, App Store or the Google Play Store before his I can connect to. It got first turn the device on press the power button for about three seconds or so, and the item automatically centers itself. So now back in the app I’m gon na. Do we just hit connect calendar right away, connect using bluetooth, okay enter now, options for shooting this photo pan video, and if I want just the settings, I can in there app by default it’s according to video at 720, but I changed it to 1080, even though The 14 W sound like it’s, straightforward zoom in zoom out it’s, actually multifunction so I’m, with zoom in here I’m tapped downward, see how it will be a little bit more and more I’m tapping up. This looks getting wider or more. What I found is, if I hold it let’s, say pressing down for about two seconds or so now it’s a selfie type mode. If I press up two seconds switch to different type of video mode, the thumb stick allows me to make minor adjustments I’m pointing downward going back up. If I tap the mode button once it’s the pan follow lock mode. If I press it twice, this is basically get a point of view, whoever I’m trying to shoot and move in that direction, either up down left right.

However, I wanted my triple press it. It will just be centered a stabilizer earlier. I mentioned that with my larger smartphone. Well loosen this part over here and expand this just in case it was only two left: it’s not expanded. I was using my Samsung S, my Samsung smartphone before so now. More of the weight is towards the left of the screen over here. I’Ma show what happens when I power it up and that’s what try to Center just trying to Center what I can’t there’s, not too heavy on this side. If that happens, it’s not because the item is broke or anything, it just means I need to adjust this over here, loosen it expand in order to right turn in the back up now, when I start up there’s a center by itself, if it was heavy on This side, it may true over here little if you using like a case that’s heavier on the front like, for example, one of those specialized cases that has the lens attachments you might want to take those off, but it’s really trial and error, see if it works With this gimbal go Katherine Music, it’s, not me here, oh boy, I don’t know, but all this running back and forth, making daddy winded the camera from the back. This is my Sony. Rx100 version 5. It has buildings day mr. ization, and that is enabled, but even with enabled Zoe doesn’t do as good of a job as that you see national gimbal for my Sony camera, but that weighs more than a pound.

If I were to compare video image stabilization between the iPhone Sony, this only our a wins, but the iPhone would descend up here, see 11. This combination is far superior I’m, always going to have my phone with me and carrying just 11 it’s a lot easier than carry an iPhone. My Sony camera and my gimbal for Sony camera yeah. Now the grip over here um. We need to do something about it. Perhaps add some stored texture because uh pretty smooth, even though it looks like hammered metal, the texture itself is the touch of it – is pretty smooth holding this for exterior time. Just get tiring. We need to think of something perhaps add like ridges over here just so. I can grip onto it easier. The micro USB charging port is right over here, it’s great that they also added a USB type, a port right on the bottom of here that way take apart my smart phone at the same time as I’m operating this item, the barreleye for this I have not Had to charge it from dead, I’ve used it to three days: I’m, not shooting like constantly 24 hours. But if I shoot like three hours a day, I still have enough charge. It’S rated for 12 hours of battery use yeah essentially charge it every night, where every other night I’m always good to go it’s great, that they put a tripod thread on the bottom of here. It would have been even greater if they put one here too.

This is useful if I want to use my smartphone as like a action camera telothane just like. Why do my GoPro this cost about 89 99 off Amazon? They did provide this unit for review. This is a extremely affordable, smartphone, gimbal and it’s got essentially all the main options. I want great image: stabilization, no noise for the motors excellent battery life. You can charge it using a standard, microUSB cable. As for the cons kind of wish that there was a tripod thread on this side over here, the the turn feature it doesn’t turn 360 other way more, like just almost 360 and almost 360 version I mentioned. That is because there is not a mode for selfie for selfie. I can use their smartphone app, then change it between the back camera and the front camera. But if I want to use the back camera in terms of a selfie, this is higher image quality. I can’t do that with this device, unless I hold it this way, another column will be the grip over here, it’s, pretty smooth after extended period of use, it does add more fatigue to my hand over here. I don’t need to think of something overall, I do like this great value and I would recommend it well, thanks watching this video even guys have any questions.