5 inch AMOLED. No notch display 8 gigabytes of RAM and a triple camera setup on the rear. I’Ve had quite a bit of time to play with this device and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it for the most part, the Opera no 2 is uninterrupted. 6.5 inch. Amoled panel is exactly heard sense. I absolutely love them and being a mid range, smartphone I’m glad that Oppo hasn’t opted to drop down the resolution to say 720p. You also get a beautiful design with a gorgeous blue shimmer on the back when it hits the light. So that, sadly, covered up by the Prettyman faux leather case that you get in the box: it’s, not the highest of quality, but it’ll do the job. You even get a headphone jack, along with a USB C charging port in display a fingerprint scanner and a front facing pop up camera. On the performance front, the G in the Snapdragon 730 G stands for gaming and comes with a better graphics processing unit than the regular 730, along with some other gaming oriented optimizations as well. This one is fantastic for gaming we’re in handling pretty much any modern day. Title you can throw them from Call of Duty Mobile’s, even 3d s emulation the reno two fared pretty. Well, all things considered a pet Call of Duty with the settings maxed out an animal crossing new leaf around pretty well as well: Music, Music Music. As for the battery life, son charging, the Oppo Reno to has a 20 watt fast charger in the box, which gets it from 0 to 50.

In just half an hour. The battery life is pretty stellar and will get you through the day pretty easily. I consider my smartphone usage, pretty heavy. A typical days used for me consists of Facebook snapchat and a lot of photo taken. Speaking of photos, the camera, isn’t half bad either it’s 5050 as to the quality of the photo that you’ll take. But I found it to be pretty decent overall it’s, no slouch that’s for sure, Music, Music, there’s, even a super, steady mode which impressively manages to stabilize video under even the most extreme conditions by testing Hugh doesn’t. Exactly put it through its paces. You can see just how good of a job it does. My one big issue with the Reno is color OS, though I think pretty much everyone knew. That would be the case. It looks ugly lacks features and on the Reno doesn’t even get many updates. My unit is still on the August 5th security patch, for example, it deviates far from stock Android and while it sometimes has good ideas, I’d much prefer it closer to stock Android experience. I don’t really like color us at all, but it does appear that hope was taking feedback as we got a sneak preview of color OS 7 on the XDA portal and it looks a whole lot better than it. Doesn’T at the Opera. Reno is a solid, mid range smartphone another starting for us, a 499 you’re on Europe. It may well be worth picking up.