First smartphone that comes with an ink display. So if you look on camera, it looks like a typical washed out LCD display. But let me tell you this: this is actually an eating display. So let me just tap on to the settings and show that you can see that there stir refresh free lad as usual. You will find on eating displays. So this is a entry level phone as you can look at it, because this phone is designed to be an e reader. So if you’re a person who doesn’t want to carry a separate ereader and simply wants a smartphone to read, this could pretty well beat your neck smartphone, because an ink display saves a lot of power as compared to your typical LCD or all that display. So this is how the phone looks like it looks pretty basic, simple there’s, a couple of colors: this is one of the I’m holding. This is the blue color model, there’s a single lens camera on the back, and we can aim display you’re, definitely not going to use this to check your social media photos because you can’t even see the colors properly. Here. Let me just go into the camera and to show you so, as you can see on the bear, we are looking at a lot of leaves here. This screen can even project proper, green color because it’s pretty much like a monochrome color like display sort of like the kind of display you would find on the pebble time.

The last time, which is old, which is the first month, was that uses a color hitting display so yeah in terms of specs, the Hisense colorful let’s, just call it that it uses a snapdragon, 430 processor it’s, not the latest entry level processor by Qualcomm, there’s, four Gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes of internal storage, so that’s really sufficient for a typical reading experience. So let me just go to the web browser to show you how it looks like so. I’Ve actually noted our website here. This is how it looks like you can see that it’s pretty good reading experience it doesn’t have the glaring blue light. In fact, you see a typical LCD smartphone. So if you were to actually use this to read on a bed or during the night, this is going to take care of your eyes really well so yeah.